The Roth Show is David Lee Roth's episodic series where the Van Halen singer discusses all sorts of things, from Van Halen to the interesting pieces of his life. You can watch all episodes of The Roth Show below.

Happy New Year From The Roth Show! (VIDEO)


David Lee Roth just posted a new ‘The Roth Show’ video embedded above. “My name is Dave Roth, and what a long great trip 2014 was …” Set to his unreleased recording of “Mustang Sally,” this fun video has a lot: footage of him in the streets of Tokyo, backstage singing “Happy” with Naturally 7, performing […]

The Roth Show: The Oo-oka River Blues

The Roth Show: The Oo-oka River Blues

The video of “The World’s Most Interesting Man” playing slide guitar with ancient traditional salt shaker(!) and practicing some of his Iaido moves. The music, which could be right at home in a Quentin Tarantino film, features Dave on guitar, and the Kabuki Orchestra performing “The Oo-oka River Blues.” Recorded June 27, 2014, at Onkio Haus in […]

The Roth Show: Ice Cream Man


David Lee Roth and Jeff Falkowski perform an acoustic version of Ice Cream Man at Onkio Haus in Tokyo, Japan.

The Roth Show: David’s Version of “Happy”

David Lee Roth's new studio recording of Pharrell Williams' "Happy"

David Lee Roth explains the process behind his mostly a cappella recording of Pharrell Williams’ Happy which can be heard in this episode of The Roth Show.

Van Halen Working on Mysterious “Project”

Van Halen Working on Mysterious “Project”

David Lee Roth mentions in the new episode of The Roth Show that his band is “Working on a great Van Halen project” but also that he “Can’t announce anything, or I’d have to come find you and swear you to secrecy.” You can watch the episode embedded below. (Though no clues are to be […]

The Roth Show: The New York City Way 2 – Let’s Dance!

New Roth Show!

In episode 2 of the new season, your host, David Lee Roth, reveals more of The New York City Way’s plot with a focus on dancing, The Pill, Soul Train and so much more!

The Roth Show Season Two Premiere: The Roth Show is back!


“Where is David Lee Roth?” He’s back! It’s the premiere of Season Two of  THE ROTH SHOW! This 44-minute episode has blown us away! Our host, David Lee Roth, is entertaining as he discusses “The New York City Way.” His video editor must be exhausted, as she compiled no less than a hundred video/film clips (mostly from […]

The Roth Show Season 2 Promo Videos


Season 2 of The Roth Show is coming! Here’s the two short promo videos that David Lee Roth has released. You can watch all 16 episodes of Season 1 here.

The Roth Show: Episode 16: A Personal History with Professional Wrestling Part 2


In part 2, your host, David Lee Roth, speaks more about professional wrestling. Because of DLR’s summer touring schedule, The Roth Show is taking a bit of a break. We will be back with Season 2 at the end of the Summer. See you then!

The Roth Show, Episode 15: A Personal History with Professional Wrestling (Part 1)


In this episode, your host, David Lee Roth, discusses professional wrestling, as he saw it, when he was growing up.

The Roth Show: Episode 14: Iaido Training


Your host, David Lee Roth, explains about Iaido and also demonstrates some techniques. Iaido is a modern Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard or saya, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. While new students of iaido may start learning with a wooden sword […]

The Making of David Lee Roth’s “The Roth Show”


Examiner.com features an article in which freelance writer Alison Richter interviewed David Lee Roth’s video editor, Shelly Toscano. Some of the DLR & Van Halen content is shown below. For the full interview, visit Examiner.com. Video Editor Shelly toscano on the making of David Lee Roth’s The Roth Show If you’ve spent any amount of time watching The […]