‘Eat ‘Em and Smile’ Band 30th Anniversary Reunion – Foiled

“Look who showed up for the reunion! Guess I’m singing back ups lol” —Michael Starr Last night (Wednesday, Nov 25th) was to be a very special event at the Ultimate Jam Night at Lucky Strike in Hollywood. It was to be a one-time event — a concert for the 30th Anniversary of the EAT EM’ AND SMILE BAND, […]


Unearthed: Van Halen’s ‘Big Fat Money” Instrumental!

Today marks the first day we’re featuring a never heard Van Halen instrumental! We figure we’ll kick it off by Finishing What We Started with that teaser last week – here’s the FULL version of the awesome Van Halen boogie that became “Big Fat Money” on the Balance album! We’ll release a new instrumental every […]


Rock Your iPhone with the New EVH Stripes Cases!

Show off your stripes with your choice of three iconic EVH graphics! EVH has just released new iPhone cases in the three most popular Eddie Van Halen guitar graphics! The Red/Black/White, White/Black, and Black/Yellow color schemes are available for both sizes of the new iPhones (6/6S, and 6/6S PLUS). New & Improved graphics and casing. […]


EVH 5150 Overdrive Demoed by Pete Thorn (VIDEO)

“One of the questions I’m most frequently asked, says guitarist Pete Thorn, is ‘What kind of pedal should I buy to help me get Eddie Van Halen’s tone?’ Thanks to EVH and MXR, I now have a great answer….get the one that Eddie Van Halen designed!” Peter demos the new EVH 5150 Overdrive, and it’s the best […]

Unearthed: Earliest Known Van Halen Interview (1977)!

‘Van Halen Rising’ Author Discusses Band’s Early Years (Podcast)

There’s a very interesting new interview with Van Halen Rising author Greg Renoff on the Art Howard At Night podcast. It’s a quality, one hour episode on the band’s formative years that’s well worth a listen, whether you’ve read the book or not. About the podcast series: Art Howard at Night is the world’s third most popular […]


VIDEO: Alex Van Halen’s 2015 Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Set

Here’s a special announcement from The Nashville Drummers Jam 7 Alex Van Halen Tribute, coming Dec. 14th. Alex’s drum tech, John Douglas, was asked if he could bring a replica of Alex’s 2015 Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Set to the event. Watch JD’s video above! The Nashville Drummers Jam 7 is a charity event that pulls in top […]


Watch Eddie Van Halen Pick His All-Time Favorite Guitar Riffs

From Billboard: Eddie Van Halen is a guitar virtuoso. In his 2015 Billboard cover story, Van Halen revealed he doesn’t listen to much of any new music. But some classic riffs have certainly shaped him. For Billboard’s Greatest of All-Time interview series, the Van Halen ax man shared his favorite guitar riffs, but not before asking if […]


Unearthed: Van Halen Covers “Some Kind of Wonderful” & “Can’t Get Enough”

The author of Van Halen Rising has unearthed yet another never heard recording! Listen to a very young Van Halen perform a medley of covers — Grand Funk’s “Some Kind of Wonderful” & Bad Company’s “Can’t Get Enough,” live at Pasadena High School on April 25, 1975! Greg Renoff writes, “After hitting the pages of Rolling Stone, it’s been […]