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Van Halen is taking a break after wrapping up their 2012-2013 A Different Kind of Truth Tour. Despite lots of rumors, there is no solid evidence that suggests they will be touring and/or releasing anything in 2015. Time will tell.

Current members of the band are: Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, & Wolfgang Van Halen.

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Video: Billy Idol Covers Van Halen Classics


Below are 3 videos of Billy Idol (with guitarist Steve Stevens) covering Van Halen. Two performances of “Jump,” and one of “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.” How do you think he did? “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” performed by Billy Idol with ‘THE BIG BALL STARS’ @ Club Vodka, Hollywood, Ca 3/29/2009. The photos below are from when […]

This ‘Panama’/’Beat it’ Mashup is a Real Thriller! (Video)


Okay, so we all know that whilst producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller album in 1983, Michael’s producer, Quincy Jones called up the hottest guitarist on the planet—Eddie Van Halen—and had a conversation that led to Eddie playing the immortal guitar solo on “Beat It.” But what if it was the other way round? Imagine if—while David Lee Roth was […]

EVH iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Cases now available


“I like the way the STRIPES run up the back of your iPhone!” Van Halen iPhone 6 & 6 Plus cases have just arrived and make perfect Christmas gifts! (Also available for 4S, 5/5S & Galaxy S4). View all EVH Phone Cases HERE. iPad cases are also available:

Exclusive: David Lee Roth Throws Us a Bone


Fans have been looking for clues about Van Halen’s future that might be hidden inside David Lee Roth’s zany new holiday video. Could there really be hidden clues? We asked Diamond Dave… and he answered! He sent the Van Halen News Desk the following message… “Yes, there are hidden messages in the video. The Kon-Tiki […]

Rick Nielsen on Van Halen: ‘Everybody Loves Eddie’


Pictured here are Eddie Van Halen with Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen backstage at the CaliFFornia World Music Festival, held April 7th and 8th, 1979. Rick Nielsen gave two great quotes about Van Halen: “Van Halen is the musical equivalent of the yearly Harley festival in Sturgis. Loud, proud, and always a crowd.” “Eddie’s creativity, his […]

Take a Van Halen Book Tour with Zloz (Video) 


Watch the author of our two favorite Van Halen books give you a virtual book tour! Legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower has published two hardcover coffee table photo books on Van Halen (Van Halen: A Visual History, 1978-1984 & Eddie Van Halen) both of which are absolute must-have items for fans. Even if you own both books, […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Eddie with Voyager Guitar


Eddie Van Halen pictured backstage with his first Voyager (aka ” Star”) guitar. This one came into Ed’s possession in late ’79 or early ’80. He put a old Danelectro neck on it—an early Floyd Rose prototype—and rocked the world. (Incidentally, the first guitar that he gave to Dweezil Zappa back in ’82 was this body type and was white […]

Van Halen “Running With The Devil” (Smooth Jazz Version)

Van Halen "Running With The Devil" (Smooth Jazz Version)

We here at the VHND simply cannot imagine a world without Van Halen, but entering the realm of fantasy for a moment, perhaps we could briefly entertain the notion of a Bizarro World version of the band – you know, one where instead of unleashing unparalleled blistering rock on an unsuspecting public, the alternate universe Van […]

Sexy Video for Van Halen’s “Beautiful Girls” (Fan-Made)

Sexy Video for Van Halen’s “Beautiful Girls” (Fan-Made)

Escape the winter blues for a bit watching this fan-made video for “Beautiful Girls,” one of the 10 absolutely perfect tracks from Van Halen II! Shop EVH Sneakers for Christmas

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth From Van Halen

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth From Van Halen

CIA agents reportedly seeded false information in Rolling Stone and other media outlets to convince the public that Roth was toppled solely by his bandmates in a bloodless revolt. Another gem from The Onion: LANGLEY, VA—Shedding new light on a tumultuous period of upheaval that dominated international headlines nearly 30 years ago, the U.S. government […]

Van Halen T-Shirt Gift Guide!

Van _Halen_Shirt_Gift_Guide_640x333_Red

There’s practically nothing more in style right now than wearing your favorite vintage rock band T-shirt and a good old pair of jeans. Rock ’n’ roll T-shirts are our culture—as American as apple pie. And the better the group, the better the tee! The logo that started it all! Wave the flag to Van Halen’s […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Sammy’s Wedding


On this day in 1995 (Nov. 29th), Sammy Hagar wed longtime girlfriend, Kari Karte. Here’a s couple exclusive photos from the wedding dinner. Photos courtesy of Darrell Degroff. “All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many are never-seen-before exclusives. Tune in every weekend for […]