Exclusive: Van Halen 1978 World Tour Shirt


Just a heads up to all the VHND regulars... there's a killer new shirt that we think is definitely one of the coolest shirts you can wear to the 2015 tour! Van Halen Store is proud to bring you a an exact replica of the most scarce Van Halen tour shirt ever - their very first one! This limited-edition is a Van Halen Store exclusive. Imagine attending a bachelor party … [Read more...]

More Remasters Now Available


Updated June 30th: Just got these in...newly mastered classic Van Halen! Gearing up to ship them out in time for next Friday's release! Newly mastered versions of Van Halen II, Women and Children First, Fair Warning and Diver Down are now available for pre-order at Van Halen Store. U.S. customers who pre-order receive Free Shipping and are guaranteed to receive them by the … [Read more...]



Enjoy these Exclusive Previews  from Van Halen's TOKYO DOME IN CONCERT! When listening, change the quality setting to 720p. It's still just an MP3, but it will sound better at 720p than at YouTube's default setting of 360p. More of our exclusive previews!: Van Halen is releasing its first-ever live album to feature original singer David Lee Roth. Recorded on June 21, … [Read more...]

Van Halen Confirm Live Album! AUDIO SAMPLES & FREE SHIPPING Pre-Order!


[UPDATED with 2 Audio Tracks] It's official!  VAN HALEN To Release Definitive Live Album TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT Available March 31 on CD, Vinyl and Digital Van Halen's First Six Albums to be Remastered Directly from the Analog Master Recordings and Set for Release in Spring LOS ANGELES – Van Halen will release its first-ever live album to feature original singer … [Read more...]

Van Halen’s Definitive Live Album & Remasters (UPDATED with Ordering Info)


First, we apologize to our loyal readers for not addressing this news until now. Our hands were tied. We've had to sit on this info for a long time, and were counting on being the first music news site with this exciting news, but that's not how it worked out. The news leaked early, and most people have only heard bits and pieces, and there's a lot of confusion out there, … [Read more...]

Take a Van Halen Book Tour with Zloz (Video) 


Watch the author of our two favorite Van Halen books give you a virtual book tour! Legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower has published two hardcover coffee table photo books on Van Halen (Van Halen: A Visual History, 1978-1984 & Eddie Van Halen) both of which are absolute must-have items for fans. Even if you own both books, you’ll love these two videos we made of … [Read more...]

Van Halen T-Shirt Gift Guide!

Van _Halen_Shirt_Gift_Guide_640x333_Red

There's practically nothing more in style right now than wearing your favorite vintage rock band T-shirt and a good old pair of jeans. Rock ’n’ roll T-shirts are our culture—as American as apple pie. And the better the group, the better the tee! The logo that started it all! Wave the flag to Van Halen's earth-shattering debut album! Order one here. Van Halen exploded during … [Read more...]

Eddie Van Halen on How He Created His Signature Sound Using MXR’s Phase 90 and Flanger Pedals

Eddie Van Halen on How He Created His Signature Sound Using MXR's Phase 90 and Flanger Pedals

From GuitarWorld.com: This is an excerpt from the all-new November 2014 issue of Guitar World. For the rest of this story, plus Guitar World's cover feature on Jeff Beck and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, not to mention features on Weezer, George Thorogood, the guitar pick revolution, Nita Strauss and Black Veil Brides, plus gear reviews (Epiphone, Zoom, Gretsch, TC-Helicon, Mesa and … [Read more...]

EVH iPad Hard Shell Cases & iPad / Tablet Soft Cover Now Available


Now you can ROCK your iPad or Tablet with Eddie Van Halen's iconic guitar stripes! There's three EVH Hard Shell Cases: iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad 2/3/4 Generation! There’s also a Zip Soft Cover for Tablets & All iPads! All items are now available at Van Halen Store. And, right out of the starting gate, they are all discounted. Get details or purchase them HERE. … [Read more...]

Lisa Roth on Van Halen, Hawking Heavy Metal CDs for Kids and Red M&Ms

Lisa Roth on Van Halen, hawking heavy metal CDs for kids and red M&Ms

David Lee Roth's sister Lisa Roth is the label VP and executive producer of Rockabye Baby, the company who has released a CD of lullaby versions of Van Halen songs. Daves's sister Lisa just gave a new interview in which she talks about the CD, her brother Dave, and Van Halen, below. (And make sure to check out the video above of Lisa and Dave joking about the CD)! From The … [Read more...]

All-New EVH Sneakers Now Available!

ALL-NEW EVH Sneakers are here!

VanHalenStore.com is proud to offer the ALL NEW line of EVH Brand Signature Striped Sneakers from legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Featuring the iconic Van Halen stripes from Eddie’s guitars. The new High Tops come in all three color schemes: Red with White and Black stripes, modeled after his infamous red, white and black striped Frankenstein guitar, White with … [Read more...]