Audio from 1974: Earliest circulated recording of Eddie Van Halen playing guitar

This is the earliest know recording of Eddie Van Halen playing guitar. He is basically noodling and working out ideas. Recorded at home (in his parent’s house) in 1974, when he was only 19 years old! The genesis of “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” and other great ideas. The guitar playing ends at 7:16, and […]

30 Classics from the Legendary Guitar God Guitar Tablature book

A new Van Halen guitar tablature book has just been released – 30 Classics from the Legendary Guitar God Price: $24.95 This book contains authentic TAB transcriptions of Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar work. Titles: Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love And the Cradle Will Rock . . . Atomic Punk Beautiful Girls Cathedral Dance the Night […]

Van Halen – Hot or Not?

File this under “Humor” (Or Attempted Humor, at least): A bloodthirsty roasted turkey, Turk, and mild-mannered midwestern man, Jim, comprise an unlikely duo. Episode 5 – Van Halen.

Happy Birthday, Eddie Van Halen: Wake-Up Video

From MTV: Band names are difficult. Some of them are naturally iconic and sound instantly classic, like U2, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. Others sound legendary only because the bands transcended them (yesterday, Chris Jericho pointed out that Audioslave really doesn’t work without those particular band members, and is there really a sillier band name […]

Happy Birthday, Eddie

Today, January 26, 2010, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen celebrates his 55th birthday. We thank him and the band for all the wonderful music they’ve given us (over 100 songs!) and for touring the world no less than 14 times to play it for us. Here’s a soundboard recording of Eddie, Alex & Michael jamming. This […]

Cabo Wabo Cantina’s 20th Anniversary Party (April 2010)


Sammy Hagar posted the following message today. The PHOTO & VIDEOS are from the Grand Opening of the Cabo Wabo Cantina in 1990. Cantina Anniversary!! Redheads, Sure, I love my birthday, and you know I love the Birthday Bash, but this year let’s celebrate the Cantina’s birthday! That’s right, twenty years of the Cabo Wabo […]

VH reference on No Reservations

There was a unexpected Van Halen reference on a recent episode of No Reservations. In 1989, Panama’s military dictator, Manuel Noriega, fled from US troops during the US’s invasion of Panama. A manhunt ensued. Eventually he was discovered hiding inside the Vatican embassy in Panama, and U.S. troops set up a perimeter outside the building. […]

The Top 10 Classic Albums That Accidentally Ruined Music

From Over the years, a select number of albums have changed music forever. These are the albums that affected listeners worldwide and completely flipped the game upside down. On the other hand, some of these same legendary works also unknowingly helped create some of the worst musical blunders we wish we could all forget. […]

Chickenfoot update: More new album talk / soundboard recordings / new tablature book

Some good news for ‘Foot fans today! SECOND ALBUM MENTION: First, at the 2010 NAMM show last weekend, Michael Anthony confirmed that Chickenfoot will indeed record another album: SOUNDBOARD GEMS: Here are two very special SOUNDBOARD recordings that most ‘Foot fans have never heard – Chickenfoot covering “Going Down” and “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” Soundboard recordings […]

Eddie Van Halen at NAMM; New EVH products coming in 2010


Eddie at NAMM, Jan. 14th 2010, with Scott Ian from Anthrax: From EVH Now Offering Wolfgang Pickups & Low-Friction Pots, Plus New Finishes Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2010) — EVH is proud to introduce a pair of new products for 2010 and new finish options for the Wolfgang guitar model. New this year are […]

DJ condemned for playing Van Halen’s “Jump” as woman leaps from bridge


From A Radio DJ has been condemned by mental health charities after he played the song “Jump” as police were trying to talk down a suicidal woman from a motorway bridge. Steve Penk received a request from a listener for the hit Van Halen track after four lanes of the M60 were closed while […]

Paiste and Alex Van Halen team up to create Big Ride

Paiste 2002 Alex Van Halen 'Reverend Al's Big Ride' - 24" Ride Cymbal

PAISTE PRESS RELEASE: The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the 2010 Winter NAMM Show introduction of the 2002 24″ Big Ride. This special Ride was created by Paiste’s Sound Development team in collaboration with Alex Van Halen, who has inspired drummers over the world for more than two decades with his unique and instantly […]