The Truth About The Van Halen “New Album” Rumors


Over the last year, rumors that Van Halen are working on a new album just won’t go away. It seems that every music news website, when mentioning Van Halen, would end their articles with “Van Halen are currently working on a followup to 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth.” Today that rumor went into overdrive, as one website even claimed that "the new Van Halen album is complete … [Read more...]

Announcement: ‘Women And Children First’ Page Now Live!

As we have done for Van Halen's debut album and Van Halen II , VHND is unveiling our NEW PAGE dedicated entirely to Women and Children First. The new page is full of everything there is to know about the album. Features include: the recording of the album,  sales information, photos from the cover shoot, never-seen photos, and more! This is a must-read for any Van Halen … [Read more...]

Celebrating ‘Van Halen II’: Everything You Want To Know About The Album


This week marks the 34th anniversary of Van Halen II, released March 23rd, 1979. As we did last month for their debut album, VHND is celebrating the occasion by unveiling our NEW PAGE dedicated entirely to the second album. This page is full of everything there is to know about the album. Features include: the recording of the album, our review, sales information, photos … [Read more...]

Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Van Halen’s First Album


Today marks the 35th anniversary of Van Halen's first album, Van Halen, released February  10, 1978. VHND is celebrating the occasion with the unveiling of a BRAND NEW PAGE dedicated entirely to the album that changed rock 'n' roll forever. This page is full of everything there is to know about the album. Features include: the recording of the album, sales information, … [Read more...]

Get Your VH Fix on the Go: VHND is Now Mobile!


We are pleased to present to you our new mobile website. From now on, whenever you visit on your phone or mobile device, the easy-to-view mobile version of our site will automatically be displayed. VHND's mobile site optimizes your Van Halen experience for your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other mobile device. All of the text is legible, the sidebar content isn't … [Read more...]

VHND’s Official Rules For Posting Comments


UPDATED 9/21/12 10am MST. Welcome to the Van Halen News Desk - the most popular Van Halen website on the internet. Our Comments section to be a place for our community of passionate Van Halen fans to share lively and spirited debate. We encourage all our readers to get involved and give us their thoughts! In order to keep the exchange civil and to promote intelligent … [Read more...]

Van Halen: A Different Kind Of Truth – The VHND Review


By Geoffrey Bell This Mind-Blowing Collection of Explosive Tunes is a Dream Come True After a career that has been firmly cemented as one of the finest in rock music, it's hard to imagine that Van Halen has anything left to prove. Millions of albums sold, packed arenas, a game-changing guitar player and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame easily adds up to one of … [Read more...]

VHND Under Construction: New Comment System, Layout & More

VHND under construction

To all our devoted VHND readers: This past week has been pretty crazy around here... but that's a good thing. We'd been planning for some time to overhaul the Van Halen News Desk. We'd been working on the back end for nearly a year, but each time we were ready to implement something big, along came some news that made the levels on the "visitor radar" hit off the charts. … [Read more...]

Van Halen News Desk addresses the new album rumors

"We believe big time in publicizing the shit out of 'we ain't talkin'.' First we make goddamn sure that everybody knows we ain't saying anything..." -David Lee Roth, 1997 We at the Van Halen News Desk feel that the majority of fans and even music news websites have misinterpreted Janie Van Halen's recent statement. Many people are reacting as if Janie simply said that Van … [Read more...]

VHND’s exclusive interview with Michael Anthony (Complete)

Michael & Jeff & Beth from

The final two segments are up of our exclusive interview with Michael Anthony, which was conducted in October, 2008. Below are all 8 segments. We hope you enjoy the interview. Part 1, Chickenfoot: Part 2, VH Bootlegs & Unreleased footage: Part 3, Van Halen: Part 4, Van Halen, continued Part 5, The internet, newest VH books, Michael's … [Read more...]

YOUR QUESTIONS for Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony

The Van Halen News Desk will be conducting an exclusive interview with Michael Anthony in the very near future and this is your chance to ask the questions. Feel free to submit your own questions to be used in the interview with the legendary Van Halen bass player! Simply add your question to the Comments section below. We'll pick the best and ask them during the interview. … [Read more...]

VHND Revamped!


The Van Halen News Desk has finally received it's long overdue redesign! The last two years were the biggest years ever in terms of traffic at the VHND, and although we've posted nearly 300 stories or reviews in just the last year and a half, we haven't been too pleased with the site and would have liked to have been able to update it more often. Our new design is much … [Read more...]