Celebrating the 30th Anniversary Van Halen’s Fair Warning

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Van Halen’s magnum opus, we’re declaring it “Fair Warning Week” at VHND, were we’re featuring a different story about the album every day for the next seven days. Happy Birthday, Fair Warning. On April 29th, 1981, Van Halen unleashed their darkest album. From the opening out-of-this-world sounds of “Mean […]

Rudolph and Michael Schenker on Van Halen

Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions) and brother Michael Schenker (Scorpions, U.F.O., Michael Schenker Group, etc) discuss Van Halen. From the book, Van Halen 101, by Abel Sanchez. Rudolph Schenker I have known Edward since 1979, when Van Halen played in Hamburg while supporting Black Sabbath (a great concert). Klaus and I were sitting in the fourth row, […]

Last Chance for EVH Low Top Sneakers

EVH Signature Sneakers

From VanHalenStore.com: Despite the fact that the EVH Signature Sneaker line is our biggest seller of all time, the EVH Low Tops have been discontinued. Our limited stock is all that’s left. The EVH High Tops are still being made, but our limited supply is all that we’ll have until sometime this summer. So now’s […]

Top Ten Guitar Solos by Eddie Van Halen

From KennerMcquaid.blogspot.com: Eddie Van Halen was exactly what the rock ‘n roll doctor ordered to cure the Saturday Night Fever sweeping the nation during the late Seventies. When Van Halen was unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses in 1978, rock guitar playing was changed overnight.  The threat that rock would become an afterthought in the face […]

Eddie Van Halen Makes a Wild Child Out of Valerie Bertinelli — Twisted Tales

From Spinner.com: Thirty years ago, the hard rock powerhouse known as Van Halen was just coming into its own, and by April of 1981, the original group was already in deep trouble. At the end of the month, Van Halen would release its fourth album, ‘Fair Warning’ and the last track, sung by frontman David […]

EVH® Introduces Wolfgang® USA Custom and Stealth Guitars


EVH introduces two new Wolfgang guitar models, the Wolfgang USA Custom and the Wolfgang Stealth. Both are distinctive variations on the hugely successful original model, the U.S.-made EVH Wolfgang guitar designed by Eddie Van Halen. Perhaps the most uniquely elegant instrument in the Wolfgang series, the Wolfgang USA Custom represents Eddie Van Halen’s personal tribute […]

Van Halen sighting

Janie, Alex and Eddie Van Halen March 2011

Alex, Edward and Janie Van Halen were ambushed by paparrazi when leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles last week. A 10 second video is below.

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks the World – Watch the full movie now

Today Dunlop: released the entire movie, which features Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammett, Slash, and more: Guard House Pictures is proud to announce the release of Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks the World, a definitive documentary that tells the story of the #1-selling effects pedal of all time, from its invention in 1966 through […]

MP Rocks Parliament with Van Halen on Air Guitar

An MP has been caught on camera playing a slimmed down version of air guitar in the House of Commons. Watch Tory MP Graham ‘Axeman’ Evans let loose with a live Eddie Van Halen guitar solo during a speech by Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

“Eruption” Nominated For Best Guitar Solo of All-Time


Guitarist Magazine (UK) has come up with a list of the “Greatest Guitar Solos Of All-Time” and has published a poll on its website. They have polled for a shortlist of 20 guitar solos from which people can vote, and Eddie Van Halen’s revolutionary solo “Eruption” has been nominated. But surprisingly, “Eruption” has only a […]

The 30 Coolest Guitarists Of All Time: Eddie Van Halen


Guitar World magazine’s Sept 2010 issue listed the 30 coolest guitarists of all time, in no particular order. They featured a classic photo by Neil Zlozower of Eddie showing off his rarely seen Snake/Dragon guitar. Here’s what Guitar World said about Eddie: EDDIE VAN HALEN BORN: January 26, 1955 BAND: Van Halen ICONIC GUITAR: Homemade […]

Robbie Krieger from The Doors on Eddie Van Halen

During the 2011 Grammys at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, Foster and Bob The Blade ask Robbie Krieger from The Doors about his favorite guitarists and favorite guitar solos. Ed talk starts at 1:10. Robbie Krieger: “I love ["Eruption"]. I think Van Halen in underrated. He came up with a whole new thing and […]