Excerpt from Edward Van Halen: A Definitive Biography

. Here’s a 4-page excerpt from the new book on Eddie Van Halen entitled, Edward Van Halen: A Definitive Biography. CHAPTER 14 Public Relations The Diver Down tour, nicknamed the “Hide Your Sheep Tour,” was the biggest tour of its kind to date with over 170 tons of equipment required to put on the stage […]

Videos: Creation of the EVH Brand & EVH 5150 III Design

Guitar Player magazine meets with the EVH design and support team: Keith Chapman, Chip Ellis, Chris

Make It A Striped Christmas

EVH Shoes for Christmas

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EVH Factory Tour

Guitar Player magazine’s Matt Blackett takes a tour of the EVH factory and takes a look at what goes into creating an EVH guitar.

Hitler Reacts to an Eddie Van Halen Guitar Challenge

Watch Hitler’s reaction when challenged to a guitar battle by none other than the guitar hero himself, Eddie Van Halen! Let’s see if Hitler can stand up to the challenge…

How to Fake it Like Eddie Van Halen: Symmetrical Scales

From Gibson.com:

Symmetrical scales are one of the most fun – and easiest to wrap your head around – ways of making harmonically interesting music without having to spend 10 years at music school (although if you can afford to spend 10 years at music school, please do, then tell me all about it so I may live vicariously though you, ’cos that sounds rad!). Two very well known exponents of the symmetrical scale are Eddie Van Halen and Dimebag Darrell. Darrell was quite open about borrowing the idea from Eddie, whose most famous example of the technique can be heard on his solo to “Ice Cream Man” from Van Halen’s self-titled debut. Eddie’s “Ice Cream Man” solo starts in the key of the song but quickly evolves into a bizarre, out-there-sounding tumble through cascading note flurries.

So what is a symmetrical scale, and how does it help you to rock? Well, it’s simply a “fake” scale made up

Rolling Stone’s New “100 Greatest Guitarists” List: Eddie Van Halen

There’s nothing like a good list to spark a little debate and controversy among rock fans. Last week, Rolling Stone unveiled their newest 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list. How did they decide the list? They “assembled a panel of top guitarists and other experts to rank their favorites and explain what separates the […]

“Edward Van Halen: A Definitive Biography” Now In Stock & Shipping

A new, incredible Van Halen book has just been released and is now in stock & shipping at VanHalenStore.com – Edward Van Halen: A Definitive Biography. This is it! The definitive and very detailed biography of the most famous and influential living guitarist. VanHalenStore.com proclaims this book to be one of the few MUST-HAVE books […]

Van Halen Hoodies & Beanies

Keep Warm & Look Cool in Van Halen Hoodies & Beanies! Van Halen Winter Gear is in such demand that Van halen Store has created a new apparel category, Hoodies & Beanies. Frankenstein Guitar w/ Stars Zip Hoodie $59.95  sizes M, L, XL, XXL Women’s Vintage Eagle Hoodie $55  sizes S, M, L Vintage Eagle […]

Photo Gallery: Eddie Van Halen Guitar World Covers Throughout the Years

From Guitar World: We recently asked you to guess which artist has made the most Guitar World cover appearances. You guessed Jimi Hendrix — but the correct answer is none other than Eddie Van Halen. Since 1981, Van Halen’s likeness has appeared on the cover of Guitar World 26 times. That beats runner-up Jimmy Page […]

Gear Spotlight: EVH Gear

From Guitar World:

Recently, Chris Cannella from Fender stopped by Guitar World HQ to demonstrate some of the gems from Fender’s EVH line.

In the following video, Chris gives us the low down on the new 5150 III 50-watt head.

Click READ THE REST below to view videos of showing off the features of a variety of EVH Wolfgang models, including the Special, Special Hardtail, Hardtail and Custom models.

New Eddie Van Halen Thermal

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