Eddie Van Halen On ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’: “We Recorded Demos For 35 Songs”


Guitar World’s new Van Halen cover story is a must read. Their interview with Eddie is definitely one of the best interviews he has given in the last 20 years. The following is an excerpt from the interview. Photos by Matt Bruck. Guitar World got the chance to spend several days on the road with the Van Halen, […]

Why Eddie Van Halen Donated 75 Guitars


Earlier this year, Eddie Van Halen donated 75 guitars to The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, single-handedly putting the foundation on the world’s radar once again. Freelance writer Alison Richter interviewed Felice Mancini, the executive director of The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. In this interview, Mrs. Mancini explains the history of The Foundation, describes the hard work that they […]

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Van Halen Interviews, Part 6 (Video)


The sixth and latest in a series of “interview” videos from Van Halen features Ed, Al and Dave sittin’ around, shootin’ the shit. Off the cuff and no editing. These guys have a LOT of amazing shared history together. Enjoy!

Eddie Van Halen: “I See Us Doing This For A Long, Long Time”


The new issue of Guitar World magazine has a cover story featuring Edward & Wolfgang Van Halen. In Eddie’s interview Edward seems happier than he’s ever been in his life and he speaks of a very bright future for Van Halen. “We truly are a band; it’s not just a one-off thing. I don’t want […]

Video: Eddie and Wolfgang at 5150


CNN caught up with Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen at home in their infamous 5150 recording studio while on a two day break in Los Angeles. First, they talk about their decision, after completing 50 shows, to postpone most of the Summer dates on Van Halen’s current tour. They insist there are no tensions within the […]

Eddie & Wolfgang Van Halen To Appear On CNN This Friday

Eddie Van Halen, right, says about his son, Wolfgang, left, "He's 21 years old, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs. What more could I ask for?" The father and son pair talk to USA TODAY about touring together.

Here’s some more info straight from the band… Edward and Wolfgang Van Halen will appear on CNN this Friday, June 15th during Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin in a special Father’s Day story. The story will be run again over the weekend and appear on CNN.com. Check out the video here!

Guitar World’s Upcoming Van Halen Cover Story


Another Van Halen cover story this year! Guitar World’s readers’ longtime favorite guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, will be featured on the upcoming issue of Guitar World magazine. The cover story is “On The Road Again With Edward & Wolfgang Van Halen” with the tagline “I See Us Doing This For A Long, Long, Time!” We’re […]

Van Halen To Tour JAPAN in November! Tour To Extend into 2013!


In a revealing new interview with USA Today, Edward and Wolfgang Van Halen had a lot to say.  Highlights: Van Halen will tour JAPAN In November! Eddie implies that the tour will extend into 2013! The postponed dates were due to scheduling and not band infighting. Eddie And Wolf have some funny and kind remarks […]

Video: Eddie & Wolfgang Van Halen Talk Music


New 4-minute video from USA today featuring Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen talking about playing music together, the best musical advice they ever got, natural musical ability, and AC/DC. This interview was taped a week ago, on June 4th. Enjoy!

Van Halen Interviews, Part 5 (Video)


The fifth and latest in a series of “interview” videos from Van Halen features Ed, Al and Dave sitting on stools around the camera talking about the good old days. This segment, which covers their earliest musical influences, starts off with the guys talking about the first record they ever bought. Enjoy!

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