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Eddie’s Still Got His Jumpsuit

So cool to see Eddie Van Halen still has his pink jumpsuit from the 1980 Invasion tour, and that it still fits! Wonder what other classic stage clothes he still has…


Photos: Opening Night of Van Halen’s 1984 Tour

On this day in 1984, Van Halen kicked off their legendary 1984 world tour! It was a sold out crowd of 11,628 people who got to witness Van Halen’s first show of the massive tour. Shown here are photos from this night—Jan. 18th, 1984— at the Jacksonville Coliseum in Jacksonville, FL. All of these live shots debuting are from Tim Mccrum, […]


EVH Stripe Series Star Guitar Coming Soon!

Here’s the info on the newest EVH Stripe Series guitar to be released soon from EVH Gear. (Release date to be announced). EVH Stripe Series Star Model, Rosewood Fingerboard, Black and White Stripes With its distinctive body shape and black and white gloss “1980 Invasion” graphic finish, the EVH Star model is without question one […]

Van Halen All Access Photo: Eddie in Japan, 1979

Van Halen All Access Photo: “Drinks are on Me!”

“This gig sure pays better than going around painting addresses on curbs! I think I could get used to this crazy rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle after all.” Eddie Van Halen rakes it in during Van Halen’s 1979 Japan tour. All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at VHND.com. Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, […]


Bob Rock & Jason Becker on David Lee Roth’s ‘A Little Ain’t Enough’

David Lee Roth’s third full-length studio album, A Little Ain’t Enough, was released on this date in 1991 (Jan. 15th), and went gold soon after it’s release. On its 24th anniversary, we’re featuring a new interview with producer Bob Rock, and new and old insights from guitarist Jason Becker. A Little Ain’t Enough producer, Bob Rock, […]


8-Year-Old Drummer Tackles Van Halen’s ’5150′!

8-year-old drumming sensation Avery Molek returns with an outstanding version of Van Halen’s “5150.” One look at the video and you will clearly see that the Van Halen force is strong with this one. In addition to playing along perfectly with the beat, Avery can seen smiling exuberantly as he lip syncs to the words […]


The Ultimate David Lee Roth Karate Kick Compilation

“The kicks, the kicks, and nothing but the kicks…” David Lee Roth put his best foot forward (again and again and again) when he Tweeted this video – so let’s all brace ourselves and click Play!

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