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VHND’s All Access Photo: The Beach Boys

Do you recognize the famous musician hanging out with David Lee Roth in this rare photo taken after an appearance on the David Brenner radio talk show in August, 1985? Of course, that’s the late, great, Carl Wilson from the Beach Boys. Even back when Roth was in his first band, Red Ball Jet, he […]

Eddie Van Halen Visits Howie Weinberg Mastering Studio

Eddie Van Halen Visits Howie Weinberg Mastering Studio

Eddie Van Halen dropped by the Howie Weinberg Mastering Studio this week. Howie mastered Van Halen’s last album, A Different Kind of Truth. Hopefully Ed didn’t drop by to simply say hi—could this visit have something to do with the mysterious Van Halen “project” that we reported on earlier this year?! The above photo is from […]

Photos: Van Halen at the Houston Music Hall—July 12, 1979

Photos: Van Halen at the Houston Music Hall—July 12, 1979

Some fantastic Van Halen photos from 35 years ago today! Van Halen’s performance at the Houston Music Hall in Texas is captured in these photos by Rockin’ Houston. Setlist: Light Up the Sky Drum Solo Somebody Get Me a Doctor Runnin’ With the Devil Dance the Night Away Beautiful Girls On Fire Bass Solo You’re […]

Keyboard track from The Wild Life!

Eddie Van Halen’s “Fashion Dynasty” Instrumental from ‘The Wild Life’ Film Score

More music from The Wild Life! Here’s “Fashion Dynasty”— a keyboard track from the 1984 movie The Wild Life. Eddie wrote the entire musical score for the movie, playing guitar along with his electronic drum machine. The director wanted this background music to be used during the scene at the Fashion Dynasty store in the mall. More exclusive tracks […]


A Bourbon Street Adventure with Van Halen

Journalist Steven Rosen shares his tale of his wild weekend attending the ’85 NAMM show with Eddie Van Halen. This is the full, unedited version of that adventure (only right here!)—from issue #9 of The Inside magazine. The weekend begins on a deceptively subdued note, but this would change.  The alarm clock performs its mechanical duty, […]


Eddie & Janie on the set of The Bridge

Eddie & Janie Van Halen having fun on the set of The Bridge yesterday. Unfortunately, the were arrested by Mexican police and thrown in jail. Hopefully they’ll be “Unchained” before too long!


Rocco’s Discovery of Van Halen

From Amps and Green Screens: Hey guys, this is Rocco. Damian was kind enough to let me put something up here that is my very first attempt at writing. Next to my wife and family, Van Halen is what makes me happy. So I decided to put something out into the universe about it. I […]

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