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Exclusive: David Lee Roth Throws Us a Bone

Fans have been looking for clues about Van Halen’s future that might be hidden inside David Lee Roth’s zany new holiday video. Could there really be hidden clues? We asked Diamond Dave… and he answered! He sent the Van Halen News Desk the following message… “Yes, there are hidden messages in the video. The Kon-Tiki […]


Rick Nielsen on Van Halen: ‘Everybody Loves Eddie’

Pictured here are Eddie Van Halen with Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen backstage at the CaliFFornia World Music Festival, held April 7th and 8th, 1979. Rick Nielsen gave two great quotes about Van Halen: “Van Halen is the musical equivalent of the yearly Harley festival in Sturgis. Loud, proud, and always a crowd.” “Eddie’s creativity, his […]


New DLR Song/Video: ‘Talkin’ Christmas Blues!’

Happy Holidays from Diamond Dave’s Tiki Bunker! Straight from Diamond Dave’s Tiki Bunker! Van Halen’s frontman delivers up some festive cheer in a new song titled “Talkin’ Christmas Blues” — just in time for the Holidays! The Great Rothzonian posted a new video to ‘The Roth Show’s’ YouTube Channel today. The two minute-song features acoustic […]


Take a Van Halen Book Tour with Zloz (Video) 

Watch the author of our two favorite Van Halen books give you a virtual book tour! Legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower has published two hardcover coffee table photo books on Van Halen (Van Halen: A Visual History, 1978-1984 & Eddie Van Halen) both of which are absolute must-have items for fans. Even if you own both books, […]


“Dime was an original, he deserves the original” —Eddie Van Halen on Dimebag Darrell

Ten years ago today, the great “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was tragically shot dead onstage while performing on Dec. 8th, 2004 with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. This is the story of why Dimebag’s last words were “Van Halen!”, and he was buried with the guitar that inspired him most — Eddie Van Halen’s yellow […]


VHND’s All Access Photo: Eddie with Voyager Guitar

Eddie Van Halen pictured backstage with his first Voyager (aka ” Star”) guitar. This one came into Ed’s possession in late ’79 or early ’80. He put a old Danelectro neck on it—an early Floyd Rose prototype—and rocked the world. (Incidentally, the first guitar that he gave to Dweezil Zappa back in ’82 was this body type and was white […]

Van Halen "Running With The Devil" (Smooth Jazz Version)

Van Halen “Running With The Devil” (Smooth Jazz Version)

We here at the VHND simply cannot imagine a world without Van Halen, but entering the realm of fantasy for a moment, perhaps we could briefly entertain the notion of a Bizarro World version of the band – you know, one where instead of unleashing unparalleled blistering rock on an unsuspecting public, the alternate universe Van […]

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