Tom Morello: It Doesn’t Get Better Than Early Van Halen


tom morelloTom Morello (guitarist for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave) contributed to the hardcover photo book, Van Halen, by Neil Zlozower. The Van Halen News Desk has the exclusive on how highly he regards Van Halen:

“When I first heard ‘Runnin’ with the Devil‘ on the radio, I was stunned and found myself dizzy, walking through my high school hallways thinking, “What was THAT?!”

“Eddie Van Halen was so innovative and kicked so much ass, and David Lee Roth was for a time indisputably the Greatest Man in America.

“If aliens came down and challenged us to a Battle of the Bands to decide the fate of Planet Earth, I would feel very confident putting early Van Halen forward as our champion.”

— Tom Morello

Both Tom Morello and Eddie Van Halen appeared as guests on LL Cool J’s new album, Authentic.