David Lee Roth’s Tokyo Hi-Power Style Radio Show

Diamond Dave took over the airwaves the other night in Tokyo. Listen to it below!

David Lee Roth doesn’t sit still. Hes’ always busy, and lately he’s cooking a lot of rice in Japan. He’s been busy with his martial arts training. When Eddie Van Halen got sick last Summer, Dave sent him some well wishes from Japan. Around that time, he helped put together a Van Halen Japanese TV special. Not too long ago he showed off his new Tattoo from Japan. He’s also been spotted  in a tiny little yakitori shop in Tokyo, and even made a Roth Show episode about Rikidozan, a sumo wrestler who turned to professional wrestling, and in doing so became a national hero to Japan.

Recently, he has been renting recording studio space in Japan and having fun speaking Japanese. Just a couple weeks ago, he thought it would be fun to put on his own radio show, entirely for fun. ‘Tokyo Hi-Power Style’ is Diamond Dave’s new radio show, and we dig it! Today Dave put a clip of it on his website. We’re unsure if we’ll get to hear more.

It’s pretty interesting in that it’s American music with him saying stuff in English and Japanese and a female translator trying her best to keep up with him. Dave is very “DAVE” and will keep you listening and laughing for the entire 42 minutes. By the way, the lady translating has been DLR’s personal translator for the last few months.

The music is funk, R&B, soul, and dance. If you’re one of those people that only likes hard rock, you might want to just focus on Dave’s comments! But if you enjoy other genres of music, you will probably appreciate the whole thing. It’s a fun show!

Listen to the show here.