Photos: David Lee Roth in Japan

David Lee Roth was spotted yesterday in a tiny little yakitori shop in Tokyo. These two photos were posted on the facebook page of local resident, Reiko Okuno.

[Rough translation of captions]:

Photo 1: Ta~da! ! ! ! ! ! ! Diamond Dave, vocalist of of Van Halen, and “Jump” ~ David Lee Roth’s Yo~o ? ? ? ? I was so happy afterwards as I got to hear an a cappella song, and got to eat yakitori with Jack Daniels.?

Photo 2: A two-shot treasure with David Lee Roth of Van Halen.

3 hours of talking, I got a hug and a signature! I was surprised he was so active and sexy… he didn’t seem to be a 58-year-old. I look forward to the reunion in Tokyo Dome live that has been postponed to next year! ! !

Congrats to Reiko for her chance encounter with the one who many call “The Most Interesting Man In The World.”

Thanks to ‘mrchristopher’ on for sharing his Facebook find!