Van Halen Signs With Interscope Records

VHND has been hearing some solid info from our trusted sources, and it’s all wonderful news!

Van Halen has recently signed with Interscope Records (not Columbia Records as rumors stated). The album is 100% done and in the can, and fans will have it in their hands early next year. The release date is set in stone and is top secret, but will be announced very soon.

In fact, the Grammys are hinting strongly that Van Halen will make their announcement at the Grammy Nominations Concert held in Los Angeles on November 30th. Fans will be able to watch the announcement live on CBS.


    You guys put WAY too much focus on the charts as being the indicator of whether an album is good or not.

    Van Halen wont fare much better in today’s musical landscape.

  • http://None Dirty Duck


    I beg to differ….

  • Phillster

    I second beg to differ that…lol