Chickenfoot IV Due in the Fall

The Toronto Sun and have updates on the Chickenfoot record.


Sammy Hagar on Chickenfoot IV

Sammy Hagar has revealed the silly title of the second Chickenfoot album which he is currently recording with Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, solo guitarist Joe Satriani, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith.

“I’m going to get in trouble with my brothers in the Foot for saying this but I’m giving this out,” said Hager during his so-called “celebrity chat” at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on Saturday afternoon.

“We’re calling our second record, we’re calling it Chickenfoot IV (Four).

That’s how silly we are. It’s the working title but I guarantee it’ll stick.

We were all like, ‘What are we going to call second record? Well, Chickenfoot II (Two).’ And we’re going, ‘We can’t call it Chickenfoot II, that’s too obvious.” And pretty soon Chad Smith, I’m sure was the guy, he’s going, ‘Let’s call it Chickenfoot IV.” And we all cracked up and said, ‘Right on, that’s it.’ And we haven’t talked about it since.”

Hagar also said they’ve got a 3D video recorded from the studio sessions and and a 3D album cover and are hoping to have it out before the end of the year, but the group is is currently without a record deal after a one-of deal with Best Buy for their 2009 self-titled album.

Earlier, when asked by interviewer Tommy Nast, who is the best lead guitarist he ever played with was, Hagar didn’t hestiate.

“Joe Satriani – the guy is a genuis,” said Hagar. “Eddie (Van Halen)’s fantastic. It’s not like Eddie’s not good. Eddie’s unbelievable and a great innovator and all that but Joe he plays perfect everytime.”

Still, Hagar didn’t have a first good impression of Satriani when he asked him to play Montrose’s Rock Candy with him at legendary promoter Bill Graham’s funeral in 1991 “He said, ‘I don’t play other people’s songs.’ I thought, ‘What an uppity pr–k.’ But we became friends after awhile.”


Chickenfoot Wrapping Up 12 ‘Wonderful New Songs,’ Due in Fall

Sammy Hagar has confirmed that the new Chickenfoot album is just about done and should be out in the fall.

The band is comprised of Hagar on lead vocals, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith on drums, guitarist Joe Satriani, and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. The band has been recording with Mike Fraser, a Canadian producer, engineer, and mixer whose C.V. includes AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Satriani.

“We’re doing a new album right now and it’s fantastic,” Hagar told Noisecreep. “Chickenfoot’s just such a great band. Chickenfoot is so much like when I joined Van Halen originally, the ‘5150’ years (1986). We do everything so fast.”

Just prior to leaving on his book tour to promote his new autobiography, ‘Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,’ Hagar said that Fraser had been at his home studio in California all week to record his background vocals.

“I have a studio. When the Foot’s in there, I call it The Foot Locker; when my band’s in there, I call it Red Rocker Recording. It’s going great. We have 12 wonderful new songs and I’m doing vocals and Joe’s doing overdubs. We’ve got all the basic tracks.”

Among the song titles are ‘No Change,’ ‘Who’s Next’ and ‘Astral Years,’ Hagar revealed. There’s also a track called ‘I Ain’t Got You, I Got The Two By Blues.’ “It’s not a comical record, but we’re having so much fun, it will make you laugh,” said Hagar. “That’s how much fun we have when we play.”

“Chickenfoot is the most musical band. If Joe says, ‘I got this idea,’ and he starts playing guitar, Chad starts playing drums, Mike starts on bass, and I start singing. Within two hours, we have a song. It’s not like we slave; it’s not like we argue. It’s so simple. There is no torture involved.”

He says everyone is getting busy now, including Smith who is going out on tour with the Chili Peppers. “We’re going to try and get it out before the fall. We’re not looking to do a tour this summer or anything like that. We’re going to wait until the album comes out and see if Chad’s gonna be available.”

Chickenfoot’s self-titled debut album, co-produced with Andy Johns (Joe Satriani, L.A. Guns, Van Halen), came out in 2009 and went gold in the U.S. and Canada.

  • EJ


    I just spent 3 hours in Barnes & Nobles reading Sam’s book for free. He must not have liked it when Alex became sober as well. I think Sammy likes them both “wasted” because he feels more in control.

    He actually says in his book (go read it folks) he thought Alex was not as good a drummer when he became sober. Says he was more simplified and did not do the “crazy” drum patterns he did when he was driniking. What? go back and read old interviews. If any of you subscribed to The Inside magazine, Sammy says several times how much better of a drummer Alex got when he sobered up. I was at the Balance tour and Sammy couldn’t get over how good Alex’s drum solo was.

    You really have to wonder if Sammy has all of his facts straight or if he is just looking for a good opportunity to slam the Van Halen brothers. And make a lot of money revealing more Van Halen “dirt”.

    If Eddie wants to stay sober (and hopefully he is) for the long haul, I would not consider reuniting with Sammy.

  • http://VHND HIKER MAN


  • Panama Red

    Hey freddiegirl, I know what you mean about being down and out and then having music lift you up and help get you out of your funk. Life can be really fu**ing tough sometimes. When you were having those rough times recently and feeling so shitty, I’m really glad you were given something to smile about. 🙂 Serendipity, seriously I’ve had moments like that too. Sometimes things happen that seem like they’re more than just coincidence, you know what I mean?
    By the way, I like reading your posts because you are honest about being a bigger CVH / Dave fan but you still keep an open mind and you remain objective and fair about everything. There’s nothing wrong with liking one era of VH over the next. It’s all good and I get that those early albums were something for the history books.
    For a good while those four guys gelled together perfectly, I mean PERFECTLY.
    You know what’s kind of weird? I have been a fan of VH for a long time and I know this is going to sound like a cliche, but those CVH albums actually really do keep getting better and better. It probably helps a little bit that it seems like almost everything else seems to be getting a little worse and worse 😀 but still, those first half dozen albums truly are classic!
    There are few things cooler in this world than Dave’s whiskey soaked voice next to a blusey riff by EVH, then you got Mike and Alex too! Holy Shit…F**k your problems, let those Fu**ing problems slip away for a while…I think I just talked myself into listening to Women and Children First for the gazillionth time.
    later freddiegirl.

  • Tom

    Both are incredible guitar players.But the fact is,Eddie influenced Joe.Joe has even said the Ed “has the best right hand in the business,has drop dead timing and tone for days”.Satriani is much more educated and puts more thought into his playing and parts,where as Eddie writes a basic structure then improvises.That is why Ed is a legend up there with Les Paul and Hendrix.Joe is more of a follower,just playing different styles and incorporating ideas from others,where as Eddie took those ideas and expanded on them and keeps creating,both musically and with his guitars and amps.The new music we hear from Van Halen will be different and show that Ed still has ideas and the chops.It seems he has conquered his demons and is ready to put his band in the #1 spot again.there has always been tremendous talent in VH,but like Led Zeppelin,its one mans risks that made them the biggest band in the world.In VH ,that man is Edward.His songs,guitar playing,and overall genius made them what they are.Without those elements,Dave would never have stood out as a singer or showman,Al would be an incredible drummer but never stand among the Bonhams and Moons,and Mikey just an average bass player and backup singer.Edward Van Halen is more than one in a million.Like Hendrix,he is once in a lifetime

  • freddiegirl

    I like reading your posts too, Panama Red.. 🙂 And WACF is amazing; it just might be my fav Dave-era cd! Although it’s hard to choose. That’s what good music can do; it can lift your spirits and heal your soul. It’s interesting how good music is timeless. I was just thinking that….I’ve mentioned that I don’t care for the Hagar-era ‘Dreams’ but it came on last night as I was driving and seriously….compared to most of the crap that’s out there today it sounds like Mozart. Seriously. The musicianship on that song is phenomenal is it is on all VH tunes.

    Tom…Yes..I agree 100%. Ed is a once in a lifetime player.

  • RobCT

    Good news! Any new music by a “real rock band” is good news, whether it’s VH or CF. You can’t compare guitarists. We all speak the language, just different dialects! I think Sam is just enjoying his working relationship with Joe very much and is gushing about it! Again, bring on the new music!

    P.S. I am way better than Satriani anyday! 😉

  • Panama Red

    Hey freddiegirl, Different day, different mood, same incessant mind. LOL

    JP said “Am I the only one sick of all things Chickenfoot?”
    Herb said “Easy solution. Don’t check in here.”
    What happened to logic? I’m glad Herb is here to be a reminder of such things. I also liked your analogy about Starbucks, thanks for injecting some common sense, sometimes it’s really needed.

    hawk51 said “I will be laughing my ass off when the Van Halen album is released and all this chickencrapp will be irrelevent.”
    How does one band releasing material make a totally different band irrelevant?! That doesn’t even make sense. If you’ve turned music into a competition in your mind, that’s your deal. Not reality. I think you should take Melton’s suggestion – “Go outside and play.”
    You know, it’s possible to be a fan of VH without sounding like a buzz kill at the same time.

    Jack N Sam said “This band is not worth commenting on IMO so I just stay out of it.”
    Good idea, your passive-aggressiveness not withstanding.

    @ Ken – Great post, why does rational thinking seem to be a rarity?

    @ bbl70 – apparently that was just a rumor about OU812 being a jab at DLR’s Eat’Em and Smile. There is an interview where Sammy said he saw “OU812” on a truck and thought it was kind of funny at the time. Also OU812 appears on the license plate in a Cheech and Chong movie Before the VH album was released. OU812 was also seen written on the wall during an episode of the 70’s sitcom “Taxi”
    Synchronicity? IDK. Some of this info is on wikipedia. I read the interview with Sammy somewhere else, can’t remember where. I’m sure anyone could find it if they did a search.

    What’s with this B.S. that =VH= OZ MAN and some others are saying about Sammy conflicting his words about who is the best guitar player, drummer, or whatever? Every thread, EVERY thread you guys try to grasp at anything so you can rag on Sammy. Seriously, ya’ll’s pent up frustrations and bitterness is extremely evident when you complain and state such petty shit about Hagar. You would be happier if you just let it go and stick with enjoying CVH and respecting the fact that a lot of other people dig Van Hagar, Chickenfoot, Montrose etc. Just let it go and have a good time.

    I’m pretty sure whoever is in Sammy’s current band he’s gonna think that they are “the best.” That’s what happens when you’re digging on your band and are really happy with making music and benefitting from the creative process with your other band mates. Sometimes people (like Sammy) feed off of and exchange positive vibes from the current situation. That’s normal human behavior. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Sammy say Eddie is the best, then later Joe. Same thing about Alex, then David Lauser, maybe even Chad too, I can’t remember. He probably genuinely feels that way during these specific moments in time. I’m glad he doesn’t have a PR person telling him what to say.
    But maybe Sammy should be more mindful when giving his answers to (what I think) are dumb questions like “Who is better?” A more appropriate question would be “What are some of the differences between having Satch as a lead guitar player as opposed to EVH and vice versa?” And if he is asked “Who is better?” Maybe he could answer with, “Well I can’t really say one is necessarily ‘better’ but I can tell you what’s great about both of ‘em and some of the differences in what makes them tick and how they play.”

    But I’m glad he’s not a scripted kind of person, he’s the real deal. He speaks from the heart and says what’s on his mind. If sometimes he contradicts his words, that only means he’s human. I bet everyone with a pulse has done it as well. The difference is, most people don’t have others scrutinizing and picking apart every syllable to every word they say, like some people here do.
    Eddie and Al have done the same thing with their words. When Sammy joined VH, Eddie said he felt free and that there weren’t limits anymore, that he could do whatever he wanted. Well Dave’s back, does Ed want to feel limited again? Dave also stated in his book (I think that’s where I read it) that Eddie said Dave couldn’t sing anymore when they reunited briefly in ‘96. Well that was 14 years ago and Dave’s back in the band. I don’t think Dave had a vocal chord replacement or anything. And of course there was Eddie with the musical soul mate thing regarding Cherone. And Alex also said in an interview,(I saw on youtube), that Gary being in the band is the last change EVER. No More Changes, this is it!
    Umm no…it’s just words guys, that’s all they are. It’s called being in the moment. I agree that it’s kind of annoying when people contradict themselves but I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point, we’re all human. And in these cases it’s pretty inconsequential anyway. chill…smoke a bowl, take a shot, get laid, listen to VH. HAVE FUN!

  • Eric

    I Love all things Van Halen

    I loved Van Hagar

    I really like a lot of Sammy’s solo stuff

    I HATE Chickenfoot. Some of the most unimaginative, basic, boring, no feeling rock n roll to come out in a long time by such talented members. Not much better then Poison or Warrent.

    I wanted to like it. Listened to it many times. just could not get over songs like “Oh Yeah” Really??? All the years in the biz and the best you can come up with is “Oh Yeah”? I can hear Poison Now.

  • Dooley

    Eric, if it’s the chorus lyrics that bother you, as some others have criticized, the verses have good lyrics. And the song itself ain’t a heavyweight, but it ain’t bad either.
    Still, we all like and dislike differently. Kinda like assholes, we all have one.

  • Rack of What?

    Poor, poor, little Van Halen/Roth-only fans……Poor poor little people forcing themselves to read about Chickenfoot. They hate Sammy, hate Joe, and now, hate Michael.

    Must be rough.

    Eric: Go ahead and Jump. Go ahead Jump. Get it and Jump. Might as well Jump. Wow!

    What great lyrics

  • 51504VH

    @Rack of What…it’s called being “selective” it’s pretty sad that you like “everything” that they do…but I guess that “fan” does stand for “fanatic”.

    and as far as “Jump” goes…everyone knows that Dave “hated” that song and was against it being on the album.

  • Eric

    Dooley – It’s not just the lyrics. It’s the whole song – the whole Album. There are two songs on the album that are not bad IMO but thats it. The rest of the album is just a bunch of 80’s rip off tunes. Just not a good effort by these guys.

  • 51504VH

    @Panama Red…You didn’t go to the ’07-’08 tour because MA wasn’t there???…lol…sittin at home pouting over MA when you could have been watchin Dave and Ed playing together for the first time in 22 years…wow!

    MA is a bass player!!! he was dead wait…he didn’t write music or lyrics (Nicki Sixx) is a bass player worth pouting about.

    It says a lot when a 16 year old kid can replace you…lol.

  • Dooley

    Eric, it’s OK, I don’t expect you to agree with me, but…

    I only think there’s 3 bad songs, Avenida Revolucion, Soap on a Rope, and Get It Up. And the lyrics of Oh Yeah ain’t bad in the verses, about adult challenges, ethics, etc.

    “When I was a young man, I slept around
    When I turned 30, I TRIED to settle down
    To be your teacher preacher healer that’s the truth
    I’m prayin’ on my knees my soul is waterproof…”

    And on your other point…CF is a rip-off of the 80’s tunes? Nah, that’d be the Nickleback, etc. These guys are better than that. But anyway, rock on, whatever you like.

  • Sparks on the Horizon!!

    I have to say, as much as I’m not a huge Hagar lyric enthusiast, the biggest problem with Foot is Joe’s follow-what-I’m-writin’-on the-chalkboard style of music writing. It’s stale and telegraphed like a boxer that gets his ass kicked. I honestly think Sam adds life to flat songs like Get It Up and Turnin’ Left. As much as Satch and Vai pray to their Hendix shrines each and every night, they perpetually lack the magic of a one Mr. Edward Van Halen. Now if only they’d shit or get off the pot with this new recording!!!

  • smax

    pssst…if it sounds good to you, it is good!

  • Panama Red

    @51504VH – I didn’t talk about the reunion tours on this thread but whatever, if you wanna bring it up here, I don’t care. Although I’m not sure what you are envisioning my life being like but I don’t recall sitting at home and pouting during the reunion tours.
    It was a personal decision to not go to those shows based on principle. Was it the right decision? For me, yeah. Did I miss out on some cool shows? Probably, but that’s beside the point. I still don’t regret personally boycotting those reunions but I also don’t think it was wrong for anyone else to go see those shows either. It’s a personal choice, that’s all. Will I someday regret skipping those shows? Maybe.

    I’m not disillusioned – I’m only one fan, nobody in VH noticed I wasn’t there, it didn’t make a difference, other than to Me. I have been a longtime (and at one time Fanatical) VH fan. But I do have my own mind, principles, thoughts and opinions. If you think that was a dumb thing for me to do, go ahead and think it. In the meantime I’m gonna try and go have a good time tonight (without pouting LOL)
    As far as saying Mike is dead weight, well…making a statement like that makes me not take much of anything you say too seriously. I’m too worn out with the negative bullshit here to describe to you why Mike was important to the band and why he should’ve been considered an integral part of the reunions. If you don’t already know, then I probably shouldn’t mess with talking to you about it anyways. You don’t seem very willing to consider other people’s viewpoints, so why bother? One thing though, if he was dead weight, like you say, why did they pipe in his backing vocals on the VH/Roth reunion tour? I’ve heard a lot of different people say they heard his vocals at those shows.

    Nikki Sixx, better or more valuable than Mike? Or in your words, worth pouting about. That’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it. I’d take Mike ANY day over Sixx. That’s how I feel, you feel differently, no pouting necessary.
    Motley Crue was one of the first hard rock/metal bands that I really got into during the 80’s but I think Mike has more to offer in a band. He may not be a songwriter but I think he’s more versatile as a bassist and his backing vocals and harmonies are some of the best.

    As far as you saying :
    “It says a lot when a 16 year old kid can replace you…lol”

    It does say a lot to me. The fact that Mike – a founding, longtime loyal member of the band and fan favorite was unceremoniously fired so Eddie could put his 16 year old kid in his spot. That does say a lot to me, indeed. It obviously says a lot to both of us, just in entirely different ways.
    I could go on more about Mike and that whole situation, but why bother? I’ve already talked about it in great lengths in other posts in the past and like I said, it doesn’t seem like you’re interested in opening your mind to anyone else’s point of view anyway.
    Judging by the content of some of your posts, I honestly don’t even really want to bother with you anymore, right now. I don’t mean to sound condescending, I’m just getting tired of the negativity from guys like you. It’s kind of a waste of time to converse with people who have such biased and obstinate mentalities. I mean, I come here because of my passion and love for one of the greatest rock and roll party bands EVER. But what’s kind of ironic to me is there are a substantial amount of buzz killing, Debbie-downer, negative mind-sets wandering around this place. It honestly baffles me, it really does. It’s such the opposite vibe and feeling that listening to Van Halen gives me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m Mr. Sunshine or some shit like that. I can be very negative, and angry at all kinds of shit but when I listen to music, Van Halen in particular, or come to this site and shoot the shit with other fans, it’s one of the things I do to take a break and temporarily get away from the day to day negativity life has to offer. That’s why I’m usually in a good mood when I come here.
    I don’t mind having a disagreement or debate with someone, as long as everyone tries to keep an open mind, otherwise it’s completely unproductive and a useless time killer. And I don’t mind killing time but when I do it, I like it to be as fun as possible.

  • 51504VH

    @Panama Red…Nicki Sixx puts out music. I can’t believe that anyone would prefer MA over NS but everyone has their own opinion.

    as far as me being “negative” and “small minded”…because I don’t like everything Van Halen does??? I like camaro’s but do I have to like all of them???

    I have said several times that I think that SH is a talented musician…his music just doesn’t do anything for me…and it never has. I don’t hate him or dislike his music because he replaced DLR.

    I play the guitar and write songs and most of my friends do too but there are some that I won’t jam with because I don’t like there musical taste and or style…does that make me “negative” and “small minded”? Music is very personal to me…if I don’t feel it I don’t waste a lot of time on it.

    I don’t care about Van Halen of the past, I just care about the Van Halen thats in the studio hard at work on some new material as we speak…Thats why I come on to the VHND.

    VHI, VHII, WACF, and FW, are the only VH albums I listen to and they have kept me happy for 30+ years. When I listen to Motley Crue, I only listen to “Too Fast For Love” and “Shout at The Devil”…the others just don’t do much for me.

    I understand that are taste are different but I still enjoy reading your comments.

    FYI…I appreciate and respect SH as a musician way more than I appreciate and respect MA…he’s just an good bass player.

    If you owned a company and had someone running it for you, you wouldn’t replace that person with your “flesh and blood son” once he was able to step up and run it? EVH doesn’t owe MA anything.

  • Bluesbro

    I would not hold my breath for a Sammy / VH reunion … or a MA / VH reunion for that matter. Both of them are in a much better, healthier situation now. I will admit that I am looking forward to comparing the VH CF albums. And maybe even moreso the comparisons of a live show. You can’t fake enthusiasm and love of what you’re doing. I know CF has that, but I really wonder if VH can ever recapture the magic.

    It has been SO long, with SO much drama … and their musical lynch pin abused himself so badly that he resembled the walking dead. As everyone here does, I hope they can find the magic just one more time.

  • Dooley

    51504VH: your comment

    “If you owned a company and had someone running it for you, you wouldn’t replace that person with your “flesh and blood son” once he was able to step up and run it?”

    Well, it’s a band, not really a company in the traditional sense. But to address your hypothetical…

    I wouldn’t. I’d give “junior” a chance to earn it, but I wouldn’t dump a long-term concientious employee to make room for him. That’s nepotism, and that’s not a good way to run a company.

  • Panama Red

    @ 51504VH – I don’t remember calling you small-minded but maybe I did in another post, I can’t remember. I have a really shitty memory sometimes. But I try to be careful when it comes to putting labels on people, especially over the internet because I think it usually comes across as lame…it’s too easy. That’s just my opinion but the words I use to express myself depend a lot on my mood. I try to be mindful of my words but my mood changes frequently and if I have a buzz things may also change. Maybe I thought a certain comment was small-minded, that doesn’t necessarily mean I think a person as a whole is small minded, but whatever. I definitely think you post some negative-minded shit though, to say the least, but that’s your choice. Anyone can say anything that pops in their mind, it’s their decision. It’s just that your voice might be heard better and you might be taken more seriously or be given more credibility with your opinions if you still continued to come across as passionate but weeded out some of the negativity. You can state your message or argument without using so many insults and shit, but that’s entirely up to you.
    You have your own thoughts and intentions, I’m not trying to tell anybody to not be the person they are, it’s just my two cents. Maybe you don’t give a shit about that stuff or how you come across. I don’t have the audacity to declare myself righteous and say that everyone should follow suit. Everyone should act how they wanna act. All I’m trying to say is, this is a site about a rock and roll band, you’d think it would be more lighthearted and fun for everyone. Kind of like a celebration more than a place to get into a squabble. Thoughtlessness and mindless insults irk me and rub me wrong but I also have the ability to ignore and disregard those things which I do sometimes, probably not enough though.
    Whatever, it can be interesting, that’s for sure.

    You said – “as far as me being ‘negative’ and ‘small minded’…because I don’t like everything Van Halen does??? I like camaro’s but do I have to like all of them???”

    I’m absolutely positive I’ve never considered anyone small-minded because they didn’t dig certain Van Halen songs. I’ve never had a problem with someone’s different musical preferences, that’s never the issue here. It’s the crazy-ass comments and insults that some people use here to describe their disliking for Sammy, VanHagar, Chickenfoot, etc. that bugs me and others. You can passionately express your liking for VH without alienating yourself or others by coming across so angry or overly negative and opinionated. That’s all.

    Like you, I stopped listening to Motley Crue’s stuff after their first few albums so I know what it’s like to lose interest in a band’s new material and only have a passion for a certain era. Same goes for Metallica, I fucking love the early stuff, can’t stand the later stuff. But I don’t feel it’s necessary to talk shit about the newer Metallica or Crue stuff all the time either. I appreciate the early stuff and usually ignore the rest, that’s usually good enough for me.

    You said
    “Music is very personal to me…if I don’t feel it I don’t waste a lot of time on it.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    As far as you saying – “ If you owned a company and had someone running it for you, you wouldn’t replace that person with your ‘flesh and blood son’ once he was able to step up and run it? EVH doesn’t owe MA anything.”

    No… I mean, not necessarily. Like Dooley mentioned, that’s not exactly a good analogy and Dooley’s explanation was good one. To compare a great, legendary rock band against the dealings of a company are too remote in their similarities to base an analogy on. A company / corporation is a much different entity than a band with four guys who have been playing together for decades, touring the world together, making music together, being almost like brothers.
    Bands are supposed to be based on creating art with music, which is organic and real. Companies are usually just based on turning a profit. No feeling, one-dimensional agenda, nothing real except the bottom line.
    The situation surrounding Mike’s departure was different than owning a company and making room or creating a position for your son to come work along beside you. Plus, with VH you have to take into consideration all the fans that have loyally followed them for so long and the connection they felt with ALL the guys. I know Mike may not mean much to you, you may view him as disposable, but a lot of people grew up with Van Halen and would love to see All four original members back together. The dynamic those four guys had together at one time in the studio and on stage was legendary and pure magic.

    I believe in loyalty, honor, respect and integrity. That sounds kind of trite or pretentious listing them like that but if the guys in VH incorporated at least one or two of those virtues when it came to making major changes in the band, I think the fans would be much more grateful and appreciative, plus things with the actual band members would have gone over more smoothly, I’m sure. All of the crap going on with the backhanded two-faced shit, the brothers doing stuff behind other band members’ backs and crap – that was really shitty and it was a major part of the band’s downfall. I blame Ray Daniels for some of that, but anyway…
    It’s easy for someone like me to kick back and say all that stuff, I wasn’t there. The shit that went down in VH was real life, I’m just typing this shit right now like a glorified blogger.

    “EVH doesn’t owe MA anything”

    Maybe just a little respect, friendship would be cool too.

  • ImTheOne

    Panama Red says: “Maybe just a little respect, friendship would be cool too.”

    And where is the respect and friendship for Ed? As we speak SH is shitting all over him. In every interview he’s belittling him and in his book he is making his most embarrassing moments public. When Sam was abusing VH to promote his side business ventures Mike took Sam’s side instead of Eddie’s and tried to pull off the same (hot sauce). They toured as the “Other Half” (which is basically an insult. Why that name? It couldn’t be Chickenwing or Sam&Mike? They want to perform together, fine, but they need to take a stab at Eddie?). When Ed had a bad time in rehab they pulled off a tasteless farce on TV that hurt the eyes and (ears) of everybody watching.

    What did Eddie do? He kicked them out of VH. After he made them rich, after he split the proceeds of his creativity equally with Mike for centuries! Sam is currently bragging he had to accept a pay cut when he joined VH! Yes maybe he received a pay cut in relative terms, but in absolute terms he was handed a money machine! Anybody here thinks he would have gone on to make 5 number one albums as a solo artist?

    Ed kicked them out because he doesn’t want to play with them any more, he doesn’t want them to be around any more, and he doesn’t want them to capitalize on him any more. I say FAIR ENOUGH!

    What is pissing me off is that if you are a CVH fan supporting Eddie and Dave, you are portrayed as a stupid one sided hater here, whatever your arguments. While the Sam fans can bend the reality and are heralded for it.

    For the record: I also own every Van Haggar album, and I dig some of the songs of the Haggar era, too. But one thing is absolutely clear: It’s a completely different thing from Roth era VH, and it’s not equal in quality. Haggar was never (and will never be) a legit replacement. I don’t blame him, who could have been.

    I like tofu, but I also like a good steak. And I like a good steak better. And I don’t need tofu lovers to come to me and explain to my why tofu is an equally good replacement for meat, even more healthy and bla bla bla. I like it, but it’s not. And it never will be.

  • Panama Red

    @ ImTheOne – Wow, my last little simple remark about Eddie and Mike set you off? Really?
    Well first of all, I was talking solely about Mike and Eddie’s relationship with that last sentence but if you want to change the subject, turn it around and make it about Sammy, then try to make it seem like I’m being unfair or a “stupid one-sided hater” then I guess I’ll bite, WTH. I’m an insomniac and I’m slightly fucked up so I’ll let loose, WTF.

    “And where is the respect and friendship for Ed?”

    Just because you respect someone doesn’t mean you should hold their hand and tell them how great they are all the time. Eddie has said all kinds of negative stuff about Sammy and Dave, but I’m sure he still respects them as musicians. He has shown that in different ways, the most obvious by reuniting with them. The same goes for Sammy and Mike, they know he’s one of the most gifted guitarists ever but that doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t speak their mind and be honest with the experiences they’ve had. If that pisses you off, well that’s how you feel. Nobody is really “wrong” for having their own feelings. But all the guys are big boys and should be able to take care of themselves. If you want to think bad thoughts or talk shit about Sammy or Mike for speaking their mind, knock yourself out. We all have our different perceptions on all different kinds of matters, however I’ll refrain from calling you stupid or an insulting name while sitting behind my computer monitor. That’s not my style. My style is rambling on and on, heh heh.

    My thoughts are – if you have had an experience in life you were directly involved in, good or bad, that has affected you in a significant way, you have every right to tell your side of the story. It’s up to you to use your best judgement and how much discretion you want use to protect an innocent bystander or something. But Eddie wasn’t an innocent bystander. Sammy chose to reveal his dark experiences in Van Halen and he had a right to. Was it the right decision or the best idea? I don’t fucking know, that’s up to him to decide. I have mixed feelings about Sammy detailing those things about Eddie in his book. After I got done reading it, I can’t remember a whole lot of good stories he told about him and Ed but the bad stuff sticks out. I don’t know if that’s ‘cause the bad stuff is so memorable because of the shock value or what. But Sammy said he had 9 great years in VH and only one bad year so you’d think there would’ve been more good stories in the book about Eddie and VH. I would have really enjoyed reading more about VH in the book, but I wanted to hear about good stories and fun times in the band. But just because he didn’t go on and on about the good stuff, it’s no reason to hate anyone.

    Just kinda thinking out loud here, but – it might actually benefit Eddie to have his darkest hours documented, as a stark reminder that he almost completely destroyed himself and nearly caused his whole world to implode on top of him, taking him out of the game permanently. I sincerely believe after reading about Ed’s behavior and seeing some video footage from ‘04 that, that really came close to happening.

    You said -“Hagar was never (and will never be) a legit replacement. I don’t blame him, who could have been.”

    Legit replacement?! That statement isn’t true and it’s kind of nonsensical. A lot of different things have proved that Sammy was “legit.” He had a very successful music career years before joining VH. He was legitimately hired by VH and they all had tons of success in all different ways. If you mean Hagar was never (and will never be) a Roth clone, then yes I agree.

    “As we speak SH is shitting all over him. In every interview he’s belittling him and in his book he is making his most embarrassing moments public.”

    I don’t think Sammy is “shitting” on anyone and who are you to decide what Eddie’s most embarrassing moments are?
    Sammy wrote an autobiography and retold some experiences he had with Eddie. When you write a book about your life, the point is to express yourself and the experiences you’ve had. I’m not trying to sound patronizing but shit, all he did was relay his life experiences. It didn’t sound like he was embellishing the stuff about Ed’s condition or behavior. Should Sammy have discussed those times with Ed in his book…well that’s a relative conclusion, isn’t it?. Did he have the right, yes. Should he have done it? Well, he was there so that’s up to him. It doesn’t mean you have to like it, but inserting your own commentary as to what Sammy’s motives are is conjecture, nothing more.
    It sounded like Eddie made it extremely difficult for anyone to stay friends with him back in ‘04. Sammy hasn’t spoken to him since. If anything, I think Eddie is in a position to pick up the phone and give Sammy a call, not the other way around. Sammy is the kind of guy who dishes it out – the good or the bad. He’s genuine, he doesn’t kiss ass, he tells it like it is. Like I said, it was Sammy’s call to share those behind the scenes experiences with Eddie. If you and other people want to hate him for that, go ahead. I bet someday there will be a time where Ed and Sam make amends, probably while some people are still bitching about Sam “trashing” Ed.

    “When Sam was abusing VH to promote his side business ventures Mike took Sam’s side instead of Eddie’s and tried to pull off the same (hot sauce). They toured as the “Other Half” (which is basically an insult. Why that name? It couldn’t be Chickenwing or Sam&Mike? They want to perform together, fine, but they need to take a stab at Eddie?). When Ed had a bad time in rehab they pulled off a tasteless farce on TV that hurt the eyes and (ears) of everybody watching”

    “Abusing Van Halen” Umm WTF! Do you realize people can have more than one interest in life? Are Sammy and Mike supposed to change their identities and remain incognito so that can have a side business without “abusing” VH. C’mon, get real man.
    You don’t mind Sammy and Mike touring together but you find a reason to be offended by the name of their band? WTH!
    As far as them touring as “The Other Half” umm let’s see I guess it was because they Were the Other Half of Van Halen in the not-so-distant past. They didn’t set out to create some entirely different groundbreaking band, all they were wanting to do is what they love, to entertain fans on the road and give them what they want. It wasn’t an “insult” to Van Halen or “taking a stab at Eddie”
    Their name wasn’t “The Better Half.” One of the main reasons to go out on the road in a band like that was to play VH songs so people could still go out and have a good time rocking out to those songs. Sammy and Mike were the closest thing to Van Halen at the time, as we all know Ed and Al had been MIA for a long time. And you imply – that makes Sammy and Mike the bad guys for going out there and waiving the VH flag for the fans and giving them good shows and good times!?? Give me a F**ing break. Oh, I’m sorry it was just the name you had a problem with…geez.

    Lets just say for hypothetical reasons, they did “take a
    stab at Eddie” so Fucking what? They have all spoke their minds about each other in unflattering ways before. Sammy and Mike love the guy, but are they not allowed to have their own minds or say something that goes against EVH’s sensibilities? I love Eddie but out of those three, he was clearly acting like the bigger asshole in the equation for the last several years.

    “What did Eddie do? He kicked them out of VH. After he made them rich, after he split the proceeds of his creativity equally with Mike for centuries!”

    Wow, you certainly have no problem expressing your opinions with conviction, albeit very cynical ones. And I’m the hater? Ha!
    Not that I give a shit about how much money someone makes, cause I don’t, but I’m pretty sure Sammy has been worth more (monetarily speaking) than Ed or Al since he joined VH. Eddie didn’t make Sammy rich, Sammy was already rich. After Sammy joined VH, they all made each other richer by being a great band and selling tons of albums and selling out huge stadiums. Mike got rich by being a cool motherfucking bass player in one of the best rock bands ever. If you want to cynically suggest that Eddie made him rich, go ahead man. But what a shitty way to look at things. Mike pulled his weight consistently throughout his tenure with VH. He never caused a problem, never lost a handle on his ego, he’s an extremely humble and talented guy who they could always count on to be ready for anything.
    And His absence in VH is very noticeable. We are missing out on 1/4 of the original line-up.
    Are Ed and Al the core of VH? YES! Is Mike an important aspect of Van Halen’s sound and stage presence? Fuck Yeah!

    “What is pissing me off is that if you are a CVH fan supporting Eddie and Dave, you are portrayed as a stupid one sided hater here, whatever your arguments. While the Sam fans can bend the reality and are heralded for it.”

    Dude, what the hell are you talking about, and why are you pissed off? I don’t understand half of what you are saying in your post, it’s odd. There is no reason to get pissed off at anything I said, I didn’t make any really bold, outlandish statements. Everything I say here is my honest opinions, I don’t try to bullshit anyone.
    I don’t support ANYONE with blind faith. I always take into consideration what I feel is right and wrong. Just because Eddie is my favorite all-time guitar player doesn’t mean I can’t believe he is wrong about something.
    And you say I’m a one sided hater?!..and stupid too.
    I’m a huge CVH fan but I honestly don’t understand how you perceive me as a one sided hater. That is completely ridiculous to me. Tell me how I’m coming across as a one-sided hater! I always remain objective, open minded and express my admiration for CVH and Van Hagar. I love both eras and can appreciate what they both are and what they both have to offer.

    “I like tofu, but I also like a good steak. And I like a good steak better. And I don’t need tofu lovers to come to me and explain to my why tofu is an equally good replacement for meat, even more healthy and bla bla bla. I like it, but it’s not. And it never will be”

    I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve made this statement now – I don’t EVER try to tell someone that Van Hagar is better than CVH. I don’t even tell anyone that the two eras are equal. That is up to the individual listener/ fan to decide for themselves, if they even have a preference. I don’t now why you perceive my comments as trying to get people to like one more than the other. I am always honest, I don’t have any secret agendas. LOL. I’m just a fan, I respect the fact that we all have different taste in music. I have no idea where you get the idea that I’m one sided or I’m trying to persuade anyone else to feel differently than they already feel about music. That would probably be an impossible task, not that I would ever be interested in doing that anyway. Music is to be enjoyed, it’s nothing to fight over. There are plenty of things to fight over, fighting over personal tastes in music doesn’t interest me, it confuses me.

    Hey, ImTheOne, if you read all of this you deserve a prize for having the capacity to concentrate and decipher fragmented thoughts. Despite our differences I owe you at least a couple of beers, as well as a lot of other guys here who put up with my shenanigans.

  • jeff adams

    Panama, that might have been your longest post ever, and a good one at that. Im The One, I totally dug your post too. Not that anyone gives 2 shits about what I think, but when I post I never bash Sammy, hell I even like a few of his songs. I simlpy LOVE Dave, Ed, Al, and Mike as VAN HALEN. Every song off the first 6 albums is absolute heaven to my listening ears. VH in the 70’s were opening for big named bands and handing there ass to them. Dave, Ed, and the boys were hungry and it showed. Nobody put on a show like VH in the 70’s and early 80’s, it was an epic production. It was cool to read Panama’s rebut to Im The One and then would like to buy him a couple beers, thats rock ‘n’ roll baby. Very cool!

  • Trooper

    Bottom line, Ed needed Sam more than Sam needed Ed. Dave NEEDS Ed and VH more than VH and Ed needs Dave. Mix it all up and what do you get? Two formulas that worked AWESOME for the time and the run that they did. NO one can deny that great music came from both.

    Now what? Lets just Rock and Roll and enjoy what we have before us. Look at the history between these bands and singers, gun slinger’s!

    I will say this, unless Van Halen puts out the CD of thier career Ed will still be the king of strings, BUT the band is going to be the punch line to a long-long glorious yet sometimes sad debate.

    Rock to Love, Love to Rock.


  • BigEm

    Both great guitarists but at least Snatch doesn’t show up drunk at gigs and screw up his playing. I saw VH in 04 and thought Eddie was sloppy. Can’t say that about Joe. I hope Ed gets his act together. He’s extremely talented.