Hurtsmile video premiere / Gary Cherone on “Eddie Trunk Rocks!” radio show

The brand new video for Hurtsmile’s “Just War Theory” is premiering today and can be viewed below.

Hurtsmile is frontman extraordinaire Gary Cherone’s (Extreme/ex-Van Halen) latest project and features Cherone collaborating with his brother, guitarist Mark Cherone. The Boston Globe referred to “Just War Theory” as a “revved-up rocker(s)” and the video is an equally-dynamic performance take on the song. “Just War Theory” has already received rock radio airplay in markets such as Boston, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Madison, New Jersey and more. Gary Cherone will appear live tonight on the nationally-syndicated “Eddie Trunk Rocks!” radio show.

Hurtsmile’s self-titled debut was just released in North America via Frontiers Records and has been winning over the press and fans alike. The Boston Herald said of the album, “the results are great”, while Colossal Pop referred to the album as “a rock solid album”; Metal Assault avowed, “With an entertaining debut that excellently portrays a plethora of musical styles executed with aplomb by four seasoned musicians, Hurtsmile is here to stay.”  Chock-full of swaggering guitars, soaring vocals and eclecticism, HURTSMILE is a conceptually-cohesive album examining the nature of man and the human heart, with an added focus on the current state of world affairs and political commentary.

Hurtsmile will perform at this year’s M3 Festival at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on Saturday, May 14th.  Hurtsmile is Gary Cherone (vocals), Mark Cherone (guitars), Joe Pessia (bass, mandolin) and Dana Spellman (drums, percussion).

To read what Gary Cherone had to say about the new video, visit Noisecreep. Noisecreep is AOL Music’s destination for all things hard rock and heavy metal. Launched in 2009, the site covers everything from news, video and song premieres, and exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in rock music today.

  • johnny

    Not too shabby….

  • 51504VH

    The music was bad ass! IMO the chorus sounded too 80s and his voice gets too high like Sammy’s. I wouldn’t buy that song but I wouldn’t change the station if it came on the radio.

    Congrats to Gary and Hurtsmile.

  • Terry

    Cool song

  • ben

    not bad.

  • Ianoffogus

    Good stuff! I like Gary and his intelligent lyrics. Too bad the majority of rock fans are too stupid to “get it”.

  • swizzle

    Like it!

  • Eric

    My fav. song on the new album. Gary is second to none IMO.

  • scottt

    Sounds like Bob Dylan goes metal.

  • tazmonger99

    Not bad, in the beginning of the song, Gary sounded like a cross of Bob Dylan and Johnny Rotten though. It got better as it went along. Interested enough to hear the rest of the songs.

  • phillster


  • Jacob

    This is a Van Halen page…no? ,how does a vocalist who recorded one album with the band, have it fail miserably as was the tour, even rate having a new band mentioned that he is part of. Cherone whilst an awesome vocalist, should not be discusssed on here…he has his own band webiste

  • ringostore

    Better than CF.

  • VH2008


    VHND since 1996 has focused on all past and present members of VH. They wrote about Roth and Hagar often when they were out of the band, then they covered all 3 former singers when VH had no singer. They always cover all 7 people who’ve been in VH.

    If you don’t like a story, no big deal, skip it.

  • jim

    Gary and his “intelligent lyrics”. Too bad he is in a rock band and not a poet. Intelligent lyrics are about as usefull to a rock band as a top quitarist is to a teenage pop band.

  • Tom

    Gary still gets coverage here because he was in VH from 97-99.People may not have liked what he did with VH,but he never said a bad word about Dave or Sam,was willing to sing ANY VH song from any album,and to this day has not said a bad word about any VH member.He keeps his dirt in the garbage where it belongs.This man truly is the the classiest member in VH,past or present.

  • karloff

    i agree this is a VH webiste

  • michael c.

    Well said, VH2008. This site was intended to keep us informed of all VH members, past and present. Regardless of the length of their tenure or what some people may think of them. I love all of the updates.


    SO when is Hurtsmile, ChickenFoot and Van Halen going on tour together?

  • mrc

    Loved it until Nuno didn’t show up for the guitar solo.

  • Top Jimmy

    Yes this is a Van Halen site – but unless VHND wants to only post stories every 5 years they better cover all past and present members of VH. I like the Hurtsmile album, I like Chickenfoot and I know I will love a new VH album if it ever happens.

  • wooten

    I love VH III (and the tour), so it didn’t fail for me.

  • Ally

    I thought Sex Pistols too! I’m still curious enough to go and have another listen and see what else they have to offer.

  • SteveCV

    Great rock music doesn’t have to continually rotate about parties and girls, but in many cases develops intelligent and deeper lyrics as well. There’s no contradiction and enough bands to prove it. Heck, even the DLR-era showed some signs of ‘non-party’ lyrics inside VH – and we all still find that pretty cool, don’t we?

    Don’t see it happening, but a Hurstmile/Extreme – Chickenfoot – VH tour… man, that would be a blast. The best of two, no, three, or four(?) worlds!

  • jb


  • jb

    These are the Gary vocals that should have been on VH111

  • johnny

    If this website only talked about Ed and camp it would be pretty boring…

  • eric

    yes indeed, SEX PISTOLS

  • pushtoshove

    Good vid…great news…..The style isn’t anything but a good,no,great song….all you ‘labelers’ are just armchair critics who are bitter and stuck in the past….As Alex once said…’A song is a song is a song’……no wonder Rock is dead…all you posers killed it….Probably the same guys i see at rock concerts who instead of having a great time are standing there with their arms folded across their chests with a bitter critical look on their faces….drop the remote and get up and dance,This Is Rock And roll.

  • Geraint

    Hurtsmile is a terrible band name. I like the music, but not so impressed with Gary. I liked Van Gary, but his lyrics and sub Johnny Rotten delivery on this aren’t that great. Oh well.

  • evhua

    nice song ! I’ll buy the record !

    My fav song from Gary is “Left for dead”

    ( originally written for Van Halen 3 )


  • Gary4life

    Gary is amazing. He was the best lead singer for Van Halen and the best ever!!!

  • Mark Stone

    Bought the CD last week (20 Feb 2011)–FANTASTIC, definately worth buying: thought provoking lyrics with well develpoed guitar riffs, excellent bass support and driving percussion. It is well worth the Jackson.

  • http://none Growapair.

    Everybody forgets….Balance was awful.The tour for that was as exciting as the dow jones report,and the 2004 tour was only a pinch more exciting than the Balance tour.Without a new band at all times,Sammy is about as exciting as a company meeting.Even Vh could only make him seem worth it for so long.Gary delivered as far as singing the old songs goes and that makes him honorable mention in my book.

  • Foot


    The name fits you well. Balance was Eddie at his best. The EBMM and EVH’s tone were remarkable and historic. Gary as an honorable mention? You really don’t know, or understand, the history of VH.

    I just bought me some Hurtsmile as well…

  • pushtoshove

    ” All we are saying…..Give Rock that’s not nostalgic a chance!!!”,,,,,,Thats right…..time to look to the future not the pasture…

  • Matt

    I just don’t like Cherone’s voice on this track. He has a way of not blending with the music and standing out. Whoever said it was better than Chickenfoot is smoking something. The foot’s first cd was ok. But it sounds like ’1984′ compared to this track. He should stick to Extreme.

  • shawn

    agreed with the johnny rotten thing. sounds a LOT like SP/early PIL.

    and i agree this is a horrid band name.

    kind of a stooges/MC5 vibe on the guitar in places.

  • T-Con

    “Fire in the Hole” was THE best VH song in the last 20 years. Rip-roaring guitar and astounding vocals by Gary. Keep us posted on Gary’s latest, he will always be a VH-brother. Great, great singer.


    I don’t care for this song and I find Gary’s stage persona to be completely irriating.
    And I agree the singing gets to Hagar like in the chorus, and the affectation he is using on the verses is not helping.

  • Towers McQuestion

    Yep, sounds very Sex Pistols, and that’s a good thing. Gary always had an amazing voice and huge talent.

  • Towers McQuestion

    DBDLIVES says:
    FEBRUARY 25TH, 2011 AT 7:09 PM
    SO when is Hurtsmile, ChickenFoot and Van Halen going on tour together?


    Now THAT is a tour I wanna see! I would pay mucho bucks for that!

  • Just so you know

    The name Hurtsmile came from the Cherone brothers as kids. Someone would get hurt and try not to cry and they’d point that one out with “Hurtsmile!”. Gary explained it is what people do all the time-smile through the pain.