Flashback Album of the Week: “Van Halen”- Van Halen

From The Villanovan: If there is any album you should have when stranded on an island, it has to be Van Halen's self-titled debut. These guys invented the idea of "rocking-out," and on their debut, Van Halen unleashes the supernatural guitarist virtuoso that is Eddie Van Halen to the world. In Van Halen's early days, Eddie would play his guitar solos with his back facing … [Read more...]

Eddie Van Halen and Chris Angel


From: Eddie Van Halen's Myspace page: October 29, 2009 Took a short break and went to Vegas with Janie, Wolfie and Olivia. Hung out and relaxed, saw three Cirque shows, shopped, checked out the town and had a good time all around. Back home now and busy planning Janie's birthday and working on some stuff in the studio. Life is good and I am happy and … [Read more...]

Sammy Hagar’s 2009 Birthday Bash!

Mike, Sam, Emeril & Matt Sorum - 2009 Bash

Welcome to the Van Halen News Desk's "Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash" recap, which features setlists of all 5 of the wild concerts during the bash, videos of Chickenfoot's soundcheck at the Cantina, and newly imported Cabo Wabo merchandise. Enjoy! First, here's what Sammy Hagar had to say after the bash: "Wow....I am sitting on the beach trying to remember how all this … [Read more...]

“Unchained” from French TV ’81

Believe it or not, someone actually uploaded a Van Halen video to YouTube today that almost no one has ever seen since it only once... on French TV, back in 1981! Until today, this lip-sync Van Halen footage has barely circulated among bootleg collectors. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Guitar Hero: Van Halen Video Sample and Review


Here's a sample video of someone playing "Unchained": Here's a review from Blast Magazine: By Stephen Greenwell Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review 8.7 out of 10 - Superb Hey, don’t walk, “jump” and buy Guitar Hero: Van Halen!  Ha ha ha!  Man, I’m so witty – Around the Blast offices, if we had such a thing that I hung around, they would say I’m the funniest guy in there.  … [Read more...]

The Night I Got Kissed by a Rock Star (Chickenfoot concert review)

From illoluv.com: Of all the concerts I’ve been to in my life, this one comes out at NUMBER ONE. The music was, of course, so FREKKIN’ awesome, but this one gets pushed to the top for “the incident” and what was to follow. sidenote: Make sure to read Daniel’s post too! He talks more about the music and has all the pictures we took PLUS the vids! Let me first say lay down … [Read more...]

Chickenfoot’s Deluxe Limited Edition DVD/CD coming Nov. 1st!


Chickenfoot is releasing a special Deluxe Limited Edition Chickenfoot DVD/CD for just the price of a normal CD...an INCREDIBLE value for a CD with a bonus track and a DVD with a ton of behind the scenes, studio & concert footage! The release date is November 1st. CD: Includes all 12 tracks (including "Bitten By The Wolf", which is not on the regular CD) Bonus DVD: … [Read more...]

Chickenfoot on Jimmy Kimmel Friday Nov 6 – Sign up for tickets!

Chickenfoot will be performing two songs on the Jimmy Kimmel Show! The live taping will be on Thursday, Nov 5th in LA, and the airdate is Friday Nov 6th, so put it in your calendar and program your DVRs! For more info on the show, visit Jimmy Kimmel Live. If you'll be in Los Angeles that day, you can sign up for tickets right now, as this is sure to be a sold out … [Read more...]

Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review


From GameDaily.com: By: Robert Workman Although the soundtrack will make you "Jump" for joy, Guitar Hero Van Halen doesn't have enough extra features. There's no shortage of quality music games from Activision this holiday season. The wonderful Guitar Hero 5 is currently on store shelves, and in early November, you can snag Band Hero, complete with several … [Read more...]

Hagar and Chickenfoot to play Las Vegas Dec 4th & 5th


Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas and Chickenfoot are gearing up for a real rock 'n' roll weekend in a few weeks! The new Cabo Wabo Cantina opens soon - right on The Strip in Las Vegas! And Sammy & Chickenfoot will be there to rock out the Grand Opening! Friday, December 4th: Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas will be there for the Grand Opening Tickets will be first come first … [Read more...]