Many Van Halen videos pulled from Youtube

Van HalenMany Van Halen fans have noticed within the last month that their favorite Youtube videos promoting the band have been removed from Youtube. The decision to remove them was not made by Van Halen, but by Time Warner, as negotiations between the company and Youtube broke down.

It would appear the issue stems from a conflict between Warner Brothers (VH’s former record company) and Youtube with regard to compensation of Warner Brothers artists. Negotiations between the two parties have broken down, leading to the muting or outright removal of videos representing Warner Brothers acts.

An angry Neil Young lashed out at the situation, mentioning on his blog, “YouTube was in its fledgling stages when Warner made an early deal to work with them. Today, other labels have made more lucrative deals for their artists at YouTube.”  This statement was countered by YouTube spokesman Chris Dale, who responded “We have deals with all of the other major record labels and with musicians, songwriters, and other independent creative producers. It is the record labels’ responsibility to represent and pay their artists.”

Yet there indeed may be more to this story that meets the eye. An article surfaced this month announcing that Adobe Systems, makers of Flash and video tools for the internet, has entered into a partnership with Time Warner. The agreement essentially provides the services by Adobe for three of Warner’s properties including Warner Bros. Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting System, and Home Box office.

As such, the removal of videos from Youtube may not have been ordered by Warner Brothers over the issue of artist’s rights, yet merely as a preemptive measure in securing the material for it’s own use. Stay tuned.

  • Big Al

    I’m sure Ed will get the BLAME! Even though all 3 versions of Van Halen (Dave, Sam and Gary) videos have been pulled.

  • Big J

    Well for all the people griping about Chickenfoot news, there you go with some Van Halen news

  • Trip

    No new stuff, and now no old stuff… great.
    Such is the frustrated life of a VH fan.

  • Top Jimmy

    this is all eddie’s fault. đŸ™‚

  • phil

    yep let’s blame eddie dave or sammy since it’s always one of them that gets the blame…

  • Rodney

    Good news!!! Instead of VH giving stuff to the fans…..they are taking more away from them. LMAO
    I just hope they take down that horrible porno music ed wrote. Good riddance……
    Welcome Chickenfooot……about time we get treated to some new music

  • http://www.myspace.comchrisharley Chris Van Harley

    I think VH should stick it to the man by releasing the 1981 Oakland show, last year’s tour and the 2004 tour in a deluxe DVD and or Blu Ray set.

    TAKE THAT YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now where the hell is that styrofoam chimp I was just playing with!

  • Erico Salutti

    Many of my videos had pulled down. No words…

  • BuckWayne2u

    The greedy pencil-neck assholes at Warner Bros. forget that the exposure leads to more ‘album’ sales for whatever group is exposed. The suits have stepped on their own nutsacks on this one! My household won’t be purchasing any new Warner Bros. products at this point. We’ll get our goodies from the resale shops where Warner Executives won’t get a dime! And…looking forward the next Van Halen album from a different label!

  • Jor-L5150

    yeah , WB sure doesnt want all that FREE advertising fromwhen fanboys post clips that promote recording artists !

  • EVHfan5150

    As of late, I have been getting my Van Halen video fix from myspace video.

  • Erick

    That’s sad.

    Allright; CLASSIC VAN HALEN ROCKS !!!!

  • metsfever

    this really blows however for those who want to watch classic Van Halen videos just go to and they have 23 videos.

  • Garrett

    what about all those great chickenfoot videos? ;P

  • Brian

    Don’t tell the suits, but I just watched Dance the Night Away and Unchained on YouTube

  • iwannaberr

    WTF! I thought this was the Van Halen News Desk. Why is this shit on here? Warner Brothers use to be with Van Halen but now they aren’t. This is not relevant. Come on VHND!?

  • F’nRockstar

    Of course it’s relevant. Thousands of people watched those videos and now they can’t.

  • Karl

    Are you for real! How is it not relevant that VH vids have been pulled?

  • Kross

    Wow, maybe VH should have these videos on their own web site.

  • Erick

    Hey Iwannabeer, take it easy. What I’ve learned last month is that it’s not just Van Halen on this news desk. If sam is on here then why not WB, they are a part of VH history too. That’s just fine. No problem.

    Enough said, I’m gonna plug in my guitar and play along with Hear about it later. Cheers!

  • JT

    This is frustrating! WHY does my favorite band have to be Van Halen?

  • Al

    That sucks! Youtube is how I become introduced to the old Van Halen stuff and made me a real Van Halen fan … the first time I saw “You Really Got Me”, I was totally blown away and it made me look for more of their stuff. I now have all their CDs. Looks like I’ll be checking out Myspace for old videos and of course looking forward to checking out new Chickenfoot stuff …

    Keep smiling!

  • Rocko

    Warner Music are such Pigs, it’s not just the Van Halen Vids that are pulled but many other Warner Artists. Ed’s not to blame, Warner Sucks. Van Halen should find another label.

  • Kayser Sozay

    Hell, if the people who stand to profit from VH exposure are throwing in the towel, what does that say about us VH fans who have been waiting for years for any new music? I hate to say it folks, but I think we can stick a fork in VH – they’re done. Bring on Chickenfoot.

  • pushtoshove

    the vids are still out there……

  • phil

    F#@$! videos anyways the only worthy ones are live concert videos.

  • pete

    i like the idea about putting it on the website,do they know their site sucks?

  • Michael

    So the new Van Halen news we have all been waiting for – there is now LESS old Van Halen…

    Nice work managing to find a way to go backwards.

  • realitycheck

    Warner Bros. has to be one of the worst entertainment companies when it comes to politics & legalism. Even the old Hollywood stars (Lauren Bacall to name one) thought Jack Warner was a jerk because he constantly gave her terrible roles and she took suspension over playing the role (probably at Bogart’s advice). No matter, even Prince rebelled against Warners (remember the “slave” and name change incidents). YouTube is just getting pushed around because Warners isn’t making any money (news flash: there is no money). If Warners wants to make money, start by putting good acts in front of the people again (Hmmm, I dunno – Van Halen, perhaps) and pay them what they’re worth! Artists aren’t servants … they’re a reflection of ourselves and if we care about ourselves we should certainly take care of them.

  • understood

    Kross asks why VH doesn’t post the videos themselves. It’s because they don’t own the master recordings per their contract and they can’t distribute them as they wish. Its a pretty standard clause for an artist on a label (one which Nikki Sixx apparently was able to get out of with Electra and get those master tapes of Crue back into his own hands – if anyone knows how that happened, post it!) When you sign with a label, you sign away your art for the prospect of making money at it. It seems like the artist always loses.

  • Mark Sachs

    We will eventually see another Van Halen album because Eddie will want to make a record with his son. Just like he wanted to tour with Wolfie. It will happen, just not fast enough for any of us!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010 will probably be the year, but I would be extremely surprised if it was this year.

  • Karl

    ^ I don’t believe there’s any gas left in Van Halen but at least you’ve come up with a credible reason as to why Eddie might get off his arse and into the studio. You reason stacks up a little better than “BECAUSE VAN HALEN RULE FOREVER!”

  • Pete

    Unusual situation…essentially videos are just “commercials” that exist to sell music. I’m sure there’s more to this that I don’t see/understand, but it seems like a counter-productive move by WB…

  • pushtoshove

    Corporate stooges to the rescue!!!! Leave it to a bunch of suits to figure this one out,Some little bald guy with an unpronounceable last name probably came up with this one….wait a minute , isn’t ‘Van Halen’ easy to say?

  • http://www.myspace.comchrisharley Chris Harley

    How bout Valerie in that swinsuit eh guys?

  • skutch

    Amen to that!

  • SCAR

    Dude, Valerie is smoking hot now! Videos are cool and a lot of us have them – but what counts is having the MUSIC!!!!!

  • Nat

    Who gives a rip about this stuff? Let’s get back to the Chickenfoot news!

  • Atomic Punk

    Wow. My wife gets People Magazine–just saw the cover. Valerie–wow…EVH must be kickin himself in the ass. As for Chickenfoot….who cares??? Give us vintage Van Halen!!!!

  • pushtoshove

    Nah…Janie’s way hotter…besides Val is a little Crazy…

  • Kenny in Florida

    Yes the videos promote Van Halen and other bands. This is like making a tv station pay to run a deodorant commercial instead of the other way around. Lets not forget. The fans who enjoy the videos and the ones who took the time to post them. Lets not piss off those thousands of people. This is sad. The music industry keeps becoming more and more insane. I wish it would just collapse and make way for the new progressive companies. Oh, and if VH isn’t getting along with Warner, and does not plan on releasing “the new album” on the Warner label, we can just forget about any of the old footage being released on dvd.

  • Erick


  • pete

    more positive news from this band.people continue to bash chickenfoot and saying how the new van halen will kick their ass but i believe they will have too “release” something for that to happen.

  • paul wilkinson

    i knew it was only a matter of time.anything good always gets the stupid greedy bastards not realize that the videos are actually adverts for the music.ive bought many records after discovering them on you tube. up yours w.b. or whoevers decision it was!

  • iwannaberr

    I thought this was the Van Halen News Desk. Why are we talking about Valerie? She use to be with Van Halen but now she’s not. This is not relevant. Come on VHND!?

  • skutch

    Wrong Pete. Van Halen doesn’t need to release anything to kick CF’s ass.

    iwannaberr, you go girl!

  • pete

    so silence is better,gotcha.LOL

  • mjc

    as long a screw you tube leaves the live shit alone,we’ve all seen jump,panama,&teacher a million times over anyway.I think we all have the videos dvd anyway

  • sturodrive

    Hey Warner Bros. If you’re afraid of losing money then put out a dvd of all the classic VH stuff

  • dv82cknft

    thanks sam
    see you on the road

    Vancouver, BC waits