In A Simple Rhyme

“In A Simple Rhyme” is the 9th and final track on Women and Children First.

Eddie played a 12-string Rickenbacker electric for this song. Originally, Eddie had more of an acoustic intro for this song, but changed it because he felt the band might be labeled as trying to sound like Led Zeppelin.

The song was on the band’s Warner Brothers Demo. The lyrics are sung a bit differently and an extra verse is present on the demo.

The song was played often in the backyard party days. The first known recorded version of this song appeared on the Cherokee Demo that is believed to have been recorded at Cherokee Studios in Chatsworth, CA, and was then titled simply “Simple Rhyme.”


The song and album ends with a brief instrumental piece entitled “Growth“, which begins at 4:19. Click here to read more about the hidden track.

David Lee Roth’s hand-written lyrics: