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The former Van Halen frontman is about to release his latest solo album titled "Sammy Hagar & Friends". The album features a number of other popular musicians including Michael Anthony. He is also embarking on his "Four Decades of Rock Tour" throughout the end of 2013. Michael Anthony is also set to appear on several of those tour dates. Sammy is also planning to tour in support of his album in 2014. His band Chickenfoot is also set to start writing songs for their third album at the end of this year.

This Day in 1978: Van Halen Supposedly Parachutes Into Anaheim Stadium & Eddie Meets Sammy Hagar!


(UPDATE: Short Video added, above). On this day in 1978, (Sept 23rd), Van Halen stole the show at the huge outdoor concert of 56,000 at California’s Anaheim Stadium by hiring look-a-likes to parachute from an airplane into the stadium. It was also the day that Eddie met future Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar. It was a brilliant stunt […]

This Day in 1985: Eddie Van Halen First Performs with Sammy Hagar at Farm Aid


  Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen appeared at the first production of this now-annual event on September 22, 1985, at Champaign, Illinois’ Memorial Stadium. The concert raised approximately $9 million for America’s farmers. They performed one song together – a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll,” backed by Hagar’s solo band. After the Zeppelin cover, […]

Sammy Hagar: “I would be in Van Halen if we could get along” (Video)


Even though Sammy Hagar hasn’t been in Van Halen since their 2004 tour in support of The Best Of Both Worlds greatest hits package, the obligatory “Van Halen” questions came up in two recent interviews of his. Both interviews were conducted last month during the Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp, which was held inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in […]

This Day in 1986: Van Halen’s First Concert With Sammy Hagar


28 Years ago Today: Van Halen performed their very first concert with Sammy Hagar as frontman. Here’s the little-known story about that concert and the days that led up to it. (Including some exclusive quotes from Sammy Hagar). As the first scheduled concert with their new frontman drew near, Van Halen’s new album wasn’t even finished […]

Van Halen Videos with New Commentary By Sammy Hagar


This new TV special features Sammy Hagar and Van Halen director Andy Morahan giving commentary on classic Van Halen music videos. This is the Van Halen episode of the UK TV show, “Video Killed the Radio Star”, which aired Dec. 12th, 2012. Videos featured: Finish What Ya Started Feels So Good When It’s Love Poundcake Right Now Amsterdam

Sammy VS Dave Poll! (And VHND’s Facebook Page News)


We’re finally doing it! The Van Halen News Desk’s official SAMMY VS DAVE poll! Tell the world if you prefer one singer over the other, or if you like both Van Halen singers equally. In order to promote our Facebook page, this poll is exclusive to our Facebook page. You can ‘Like” our page below, and […]

Happy Birthday, Sammy Hagar!


The Red Rocker turns 65 today. Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Sammy Hagar and ‘That Metal Show’ Hosts Chose Their ‘Top 5 Roth-Era Van Halen Songs’


Sammy Hagar co-hosted That Metal Show this week, where the four hosts tried to choose the top five best David Lee Roth-era Van Halen songs. Trunk called the task “Impossible because the first four albums, top to bottom, were amazing.” Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson primarily chose deep tracks, while Hagar argued more for […]

New Proshot Footage: Van Halen’s First Unplugged Performance – Shoreline Amphitheater, 1993


Newly surfaced professionally shot footage of Neil Young’s 1993 Bridge School Benefit concert  has surfaced via the website Wolfgang’s Vault. The video clip consists of Eddie Van Halen playing “Spanish Fly” and then Eddie and Sammy Hagar performing “Best Of Both Worlds.” Click here to watch the video on Wolfgang’s Vault. Here’s the recap from […]

Midnight Phil’s “Chickenfoot III” Album Review Video


Midnight Phil reviews Chickenfoot’s second album, “Chickenfoot III”. You can also watch his  “A Different Kind of Truth” Album Review Video and  his Van Halen Retrospective Video.

Sammy Hagar: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird “A Must-Read for Redheads”

Here’s something different! There’s a newly released book which Sammy Hagar calls “A MUST-READ for Redheads.”

“DANCE OF THE ELECTRIC HUMMINGBIRD: An Ordinary Woman’s Accidental Journey to Enlightenment, the Supernatural, and Rock Star Sammy Hagar” by Pat Walker. The original cover artwork is by Aaron Hagar.

“Pat Walker takes to heart the same type of messages I try to relate through my music and my life—go out and seek your dreams, don’t ever give up, celebrate your life and every part of who you are. I know Pat’s journey of mystical transformations will inspire you. Enjoy the journey.”


Wandering into a bar in Mexico with her husband, Pat Walker is hoping to enjoy a rock concert by a

Sammy Hagar Debuts “Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum”

Sammy Hagar Debuts his Maui RumHagar was at the Hard Rock Honolulu last week, promoting his new spirit, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum, distilled on Maui. It is currently available for sale only in Hawaii, but Hagar plans to expand distribution to the rest of the U.S. starting in Spring 2012. Also, he says, plans are in the works to create a pineapple-infused rum and an aged dark rum.

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