Van Halen at Rock USA (Review, Photos, Setlist)


  Van Halen headlined ROCK USA last night in front of 41,000 rock fans in Wisconsin. Here’s a review and photos from the show! Rock USA: Van Halen Review Oshkosh didn’t seem to miss the Red Rocker on Saturday night as a David Lee Roth-led Van Halen hit the stage at Rock USA. Van Halen […]

Van Halen Rocks the Tokyo Dome! (Videos, Photos, Setlist)


Today, Van Halen played the Tokyo Dome, the second stop on their 2013 Japan Tour. Van Halen rocked the house of 50,000 fans and put on a superb show. The setlist was the same as Tuesday’s show in Nagoya, but they swapped out “Jamie’s Cryin’” for another song from Van Halen, “I’m The One“, which hasn’t […]

More Videos, Photos, Videos & Reviews from Van Halen’s Australia Gig


Here’s two reviews and some of the best photos and videos we can find from Van Halen’s April 20th concert at the Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia. (By the way, many people are wondering why the band wore matching outfits. They were all dressed like the main character from STONE, the classic Australian 70s […]

Full Blast & Top Down: The Making of 1984 (Part 2)


Story by John Scanlan (Author of Van Halen: Exuberant California, Zen Rock’n’Roll) Continued from Part 1. Roth’s return from the Amazon was just in time to prepare for a giant outdoor show Van Halen were co-headlining in San Bernardino County, California. The US festival, styling itself as a latter-day Woodstock, had been named “us” as in ‘we’—not […]

Watch Van Halen’s First Unplugged Performance from This Day in 1993


On this day in 1993, Sammy Hagar and Edward Van Halen performed together at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit concert in California. Professionally shot footage of some the concert recently surfaced via the website Wolfgang’s Vault. The footage isn’t on their website anymore, but fans can watch it in the embed youtube video below. The video clip consists […]

Van Halen Combined Camp and Crunch at the New Orleans Arena


From By music writer Keith Spera Young rockers who sipped warm beer in arena parking lots during Van Halen’s 1980s heyday are now on the far side of 40 and likely to be married, with children. Like its audience, Van Halen has also matured. The tour that concluded at a less-than-full New Orleans Arena on Tuesday […]

Van Halen Houston Concert Review


By Kevin Dodds Sunday night was my third Van Halen concert in five days. There is no point in writing from any other perspective than that – I cannot pretend I didn’t see the Dallas and San Antonio shows and review the Houston show in a bubble. I say that with one big “however,” though… […]

Van Halen San Antonio Concert Review


By Kevin Dodds First off, two things. Number one, this was my second of three VH shows in a row and my second in a 3-day span. So, I had a solid barometer with which to measure the San Antonio show — the ass-kicking Dallas show on 6/20. Number two, this was the first time […]

Van Halen Dallas June 20, 2012 Review


This review is from Van Halen author/fan, Kevin Dodds. The four guys that took the stage in Dallas last night were the supreme machine. My expectations were greatly exceeded. This being the first of three shows I am going to see in a five-day period, I watched this show mostly in awe. I didn’t really […]

Van Halen Destroys Dallas


Here’s a concert review from Van Halen’s show last night in Dallas, Texas. From VHND reader, Billy Beavers. Let’s start with the opening act. Kool & The Gang started off kind of slowly to a half packed American Airlines Center. The musicianship was top notch from the get-go, but the energy from the crowd wasn’t quite there […]

Midnight Phil’s Van Halen Tacoma Concert Review (Video)


Phil, his brother, and a friend caught the Van Halen tour in Tacoma. In the parking lot right after the show, Phil turned on the video camera and they decide to film their review right there on the spot, so that they could best capture their initial thoughts immediately after the concert. Unlike Midnight Phil’s other videos (Van Halen […]

David Lee Roth took it over the top with Van Halen in Phoenix


From AZ Central: David Lee Roth is a lot like Bob Dylan. Not in terms of having written “Like a Rolling Stone” – because he didn’t do that. More in terms of approaching the songs his fans have come to hear him sing with no regard for the original recordings, singing what he feels like […]