The Truth About The Van Halen “New Album” Rumors


Over the last year, rumors that Van Halen are working on a new album just won’t go away. It seems that every music news website, when mentioning Van Halen, would end their articles with “Van Halen are currently working on a followup to 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth.”

Today that rumor went into overdrive, as one website even claimed that “the new Van Halen album is complete and the songs recorded are now in the mixing stage.”

Of course, we would love nothing more for that to be true. But don’t want to see Van Halen fans get excited about something that’s not happening. The rumor simply is not true. The fact of the matter is that Van Halen has not recorded a new album, or any new music, for that matter. 

We at the the Van Halen News Desk are very careful about the information that we present. We are probably the only rock news website that’s never reported that the band were working on an album over the last year. We’ve always maintained that they’ve got something they’re working on, but we‘ve never said they were working on an album of new material.

There is some very good news, however. The secret project that David Lee Roth mentioned last year IS STILL IN THE WORKS. So we WILL be hearing from Van Halen at some point, which we’re really excited about.