Eddie Van Halen to play guitar on one track from LL Cool J’s new album

Breaking news from the Van Halen News Desk:

The EVH/LL mystery is (mostly) solved!

Finally, the explanation for the first and second photos recently posted by both Eddie Van Halen and LL Cool J; one of the tracks on the LL Cool J’s new album will in fact feature Eddie Van Halen on guitar!  What an unexpected collaboration!

LL Cool J revealed this tonight at a concert he’s performing in SXSW (the annual South by Southwest festival held in Texas). He announced that his album features several musical guests, including Eddie Van Halen (specifically on track 12). Other guests mentioned were Tom Morello and Snoop Dogg.

LL’s new album, Authentic, drops April 30th.

This is all we know as of now. A tracklist for the album was released last month that lists track 12 as titled “Getting Paper”, however, that track list might be outdated. In any case, it shouldn’t be long before more info on the track featuring Eddie becomes available.

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