Upcoming Japanese Van Halen TV Special to Contain New Interviews

We have some exclusive details about the upcoming Van Halen Japanese TV Special airing next week. Here’s everything we know:

*It will be broadcast in Japan, Tuesday, August 7th on BS-TBS. It is part of the SONG TO SOUL series. The entire show focuses on Van Halen’s #1 hit, “Jump.”

*The show is nearly one hour long – much longer than other “Song to Soul” episodes.

*All or most of the footage shown will be brand new, exclusive interviews. They’re not simply using lots of old footage which diehard fans have seen before.

*The new interviews of David, Eddie and Alex discussing “Jump” at Dave’s house were filmed just two weeks ago.

This sounds like a great show! We’ll be sure to feature the episode on VHND if it gets uploaded online.