David Lee Roth Promoting Tour And Sword Training In Japan

We’re excited to report that David Lee Roth is currently in Japan doing promotions for the upcoming Van Halen dates. He is also sword training with a Shungendo monk, Sueyoshi Akeshi.

Three Japan Van Halen Concert dates have been officially announced by the band so far, as part of their “A Different Kind Of Truth” World Tour:

November 20: Osaka (Sold out)

November 22: Osaka (Announced yesterday, Tickets on sale)

November 27: Tokyo (Tickets on sale)

The VHND broke the news of these dates back on June 15th.

Back during Van Halen’s 1984 tour, David Lee Roth took his turn in the solo spotlight, doing a kung fu-style sword dance. The dance, known as “Dave’s Tai Chi Solo,” was developed by Roth and kung fu master Paulie Zink and performed against a rousing synthesizer backdrop from Eddie.