Roth Stops Audience Fight During Manchester Van Halen Show (Video)

Push Comes To Shove…

During tonight’s Van Halen’s show in Manchester, NH, David Lee Roth noticed a vicious fight breaking out between two audience members soon after the band began playing “Pretty Woman”.

Dave handled the incident perfectly, stopping the show on a dime and verbally laying into the rumblers. The fight instantly stopped, the crowed cheered, and then Roth turns to the band with, “Shall we continue?”, leading the band back into the song.

Watch the “Pretty Woman” performance here:

All reports are that Van Halen played another incredible, energetic show. Tight as hell and killing it!

Set list:

1. Unchained
2. Runnin’ With The Devil
3. She’s The Woman
4. The Full Bug
5. Tattoo
6. Everybody Wants Some!!
7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
8. China Town
9. Hear About It Later
10. (Oh!) Pretty Woman
11. Alex’s Drum Solo
12. You Really Got Me
13. The Trouble With Never
14. Dance The Night Away
15. I’ll Wait
16. Hot For Teacher
17. Women In Love
18. Girl Gone Bad
19. Beautiful Girls
20. Ice Cream Man
21. Panama
22. Eddie’s Guitar Solo
23. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
24. Jump