Remaining Van Halen Song Previews Unleashed


Here’s the remaining song previews from Van Halen’s A Different Kind Of Truth, which is released tomorrow! Outta Space Bullethead Honeybabysweetiedoll Big River Keep in mind that these previews are only to whet your appetite. Listening to short segments of songs as poor quality MP3’s is certainly no way to listen to an album! Order the […]

Unchained: The David Lee Roth interview


From Toronto Sun: Truth is, David Lee Roth has always been different. “Nobody well-adjusted ever got my job,” explains Van Halen’s larger-than-life frontman down the line from California. “Much less kept it this long.” Fewer still have returned to it as spectacularly. This week, after months of mounting hype, speculation and rumours, the 56-year-old singer […]

Best Sounding Audio From Van Halen’s New Album Celebration Concert


Van Halen News Desk recorded last week’s Van Halen show at Henson Studios. Our clips are definitely the best sounded clips that have surfaced. Enjoy – the band is on fire! More coming soon. (Photo by Robert Yager) You Really Got Me Runnin’ With The Devil Unchained