Van Halen’s Album Release Celebration!

The magic of Tinseltown got a little brighter last night when the Mighty Van Halen emerged to hold their top secret “Album Release Celebration”. The initial plans to host a short Tuesday morning press conference transformed into a Wednesday night record release party and private showcase. This spectacular event was held at the famous Henson Studios in Hollywood California.

The outdoor reception area was set up with multiple open bars and food vendor trucks serving up everything from hot dogs to vegan tacos to chocolates embossed with the band’s “VH” logo. The guest list consisted of mostly industry insiders and journalists, as well as Valerie Bertinelli and guitarist John 5 and Evanescence’s Terry Balsamo.

At 8 PM the guests were led from the outdoor reception area inside to a very unique soundstage adorned with twinkling blue Christmas lights above (Christmas is never-ending for Van Halen fans this year!) and massive LED screens surrounding the lucky audience on three entire walls. The giant screens broadcasted images of the band, the new album cover, various VH logos and even the liner notes from upcoming new album, which consist entirely of Roth’s hand written lyrics and artwork. (What an artist!)

Contrary to the Café Wha? performance a month ago, David Lee Roth traded in his overalls and intimate club act for what the fans know and love – Diamond Dave was back in full force, dressed in custom jewel studded leather pants, a vibrant blue shirt and a couple different unique jackets. Roths vocals were strong, dead on and his pitch was perfect. This VH frontman is prepared and ready to rock your socks off during the tour that kicks off in just over two weeks.

Diamond Dave’s touch was evident. During the shows encore, as the opening keyboard of “Jump” blared, the crowd was shocked when tons of streamers shot out of the stage and confetti fell down onto them as countless sexy Brazilian Carnival-style dancers – adorned with white feathers, sequins, glitter, and not much else – as well as an eight-person drum line – drummed and danced their way into the room. They performed on the side stages surrounding the crowd as Van Halen ended the show. The band seems to enjoy them as much as the crowd! A one-time treat, unique to this very special night.

Eddie, Wolfly, and Alex were as tight as a rock band could be. Edward Van Halen is clearly back to playing like the guitar god we all know and love. Goosebumps were rampant. Ed used a replica of the original red striped Frankie for “Tattoo”, and used his Stealth Wolfgang on every other song. Wolfgang used three different striped basses.

When the band left the stage, the lights came up, revealing lots of big smiles and the knowledge that 2012 is going to be a historically great year for both Van Halen and their fans.

The wait for a KILLER Van Halen album and tour is almost over. For those of you sitting on the fence, the time to “Jump” is now… get your concert tickets and be prepared to be blown away! For those of you too young to have seen the band “back in the day”, your time has come and that “day” is today!

Set List for the one hour show:

You Really Got Me
Runnin’ With The Devil
The Trouble With Never
Everybody Wants Some!!
She’s the Woman
Dance The Night Away
Hot For Teacher
Ice Cream Man
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

Van Halen’s new album A Different Kind Of Truth will be released next Tuesday, Feb. 7th.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Van Halen “The Trouble With Never” Live at Henson Studios 2/1/12 (Just click the podcast below):