Van Halen to Perform at New York’s Cafe Wha? This Thursday

This story sounds too good to be true, but we confirmed it with the band – it’s true! From RollingStone: By Andy Greene January 2, 2012 7:55 PM ET Journalists across New York have been invited to a Van Halen concert at the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village this Thursday.  Though nothing is official, word is […]

VHND Under Construction: New Comment System, Layout & More

VHND under construction

To all our devoted VHND readers: This past week has been pretty crazy around here… but that’s a good thing. We’d been planning for some time to overhaul the Van Halen News Desk. We’d been working on the back end for nearly a year, but each time we were ready to implement something big, along […]

Van Halen Reminiscing About Wet T-Shirt Contests and Ed’s Beat Up Volvo

Van Halen has given the VHLinks message board a couple exclusive goodies – two short videos similar to the VHND’s “King of Gazzarri’s” video. The first one has Dave, Al, and Ed reminiscing about the wet t-shirt contests that Van Halen would host in clubs in the seventies. In the second, Roth gets Eddie to […]