Van Halen to Perform at New York’s Cafe Wha? This Thursday

This story sounds too good to be true, but we confirmed it with the band - it's true! From RollingStone: By Andy Greene January 2, 2012 7:55 PM ET Journalists across New York have been invited to a Van Halen concert at the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village this Thursday.  Though nothing is official, word is the band are going to perform a 45-minute set. The group hasn't … [Read more...]

VHND Under Construction: New Comment System, Layout & More

VHND under construction

To all our devoted VHND readers: This past week has been pretty crazy around here... but that's a good thing. We'd been planning for some time to overhaul the Van Halen News Desk. We'd been working on the back end for nearly a year, but each time we were ready to implement something big, along came some news that made the levels on the "visitor radar" hit off the charts. … [Read more...]

Van Halen Reminiscing About Wet T-Shirt Contests and Ed’s Beat Up Volvo

Van Halen has given the VHLinks message board a couple exclusive goodies - two short videos similar to the VHND's “King of Gazzarri’s” video. The first one has Dave, Al, and Ed reminiscing about the wet t-shirt contests that Van Halen would host in clubs in the seventies. In the second, Roth gets Eddie to describe his beat up Volvo he had back then. Great stuff! The videos … [Read more...]