Mixing Completed on Van Halen Album, Mastering Up Next

Good news regarding Van Halen’s upcoming album – as of a little over three weeks ago, the band has finished mixing the album. The rumor that the mixing process was taking overly long isn’t true, as the mixing began in July and was finished in August.

The album is to be mastered in mid-September. This process should only take around a weeks time, so the album should be 100% completed sometime this month! There is still no word on a definite release date.

Stay tuned to VHND.com for a more extensive update within a few days.

  • Ray Tiberia

    Hey Dave, Eddie, and Michal

    Great job on the new record i think its going to be great, old classic David Lee Roth back on vocals good job dave but seriously all of van halen should of kept their hair long

  • Jon Dellaria

    Yee HAAAA

  • Drika

    Fantastic news! When are the tour dates gonna be released? Come running Down Under.. we missed you heaps.. C’wait!
    Crikey I can’t believe it!

  • Tom B.

    EXCELLENT!! I’m not knocking Wolfie but I’m sure Eddie SHOWED him what to play….as with Michael Anthony he KNOWS how to play! This new CD would have been 100% KILLER with Mike!! Come on….ALL 4 ORIGINAL??? YES!! Only 3/4…..we’ll deal with it!!

  • Big Balls

    Not Van Halen without the iconic Michael Anthony back up Vocals.

  • http://www.myspace.com/electrickgypsies jason blackwell

    great news, things always mature with age, can’t wait for the whole thing from title to songs to stage, welcome back guys we missed you.

  • http://www.leemichaelmanning.com Lee Manning

    Based upon all the recent updates, it sounds like the album’s ready to go. Wish they’d at least release one single NOW!

  • justin rich

    FINALLY!!!!!!! I have been waiting for YEARS to have the best band in music make a comeback!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Time for some REAL music to be released!!!!!!! Keep pumping out the music guys, all of us faithfull fans are right behind you, supporting the greatest band EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy Six Strings

    Van Halen is up there with Guns N’ Roses as far as how long it’s taking them to release a new studio album. I’m pretty sure that their new album will not be released until spring 2012. Now that the music is out of the way (The most important part!) there’s still some work to be done (concert bookings, merchandising etc.). I expect it to have some VH balls to it but i also expect VH to throw some curve balls at us too. BRING IT ON!!

  • http://blowme VanFan#1

    If it sounds like JUMP, I’ll F’n puke !!!!