Caption This Photo: Sammy In Front Of “Van Halen” Room


Sammy Hagar visited the headquarters of Facebook last week, where he came upon a meeting room called “Van Halen”! Write your own caption/punchline in our Comments section.

Let’s keep it fun and lighthearted, shall we?

  • Paul G

    “5150 time!”

  • bullittcrazy

    They’re missin the “n” in Halen ( braille ) kinda like they’re missin me! Hmm…ya think? : /

  • Rick

    Thanks Sammy. Just came home from a crappy day at work and that picture made my day.

  • Rick

    I should be in that band!!!

  • Chad

    That explains why the door is locked.

  • Adam West

    Mikey, let’s get out of here with our dignity while we can.

  • Adam West

    I think we deserve a courtesy flush after their last album…right Gary?

  • Pat G.

    “my album is out before theirs!!!!”

  • Towers McQuestion

    I’ll take “Bands that missing in action for 1000, Alex.”

  • Robert

    Nahhh no Cabo Wabo here..

  • anythingleftinthatbottle

    If thu room is arockin, I better just keepa walkin!

  • dick fouryou

    be vawy quiet… wer hunting wwwwackos!!!

  • Ricky McMillion

    Please let me back in! The Tequila wore off and im in a shitty band called chickenfoot. wtf

  • Scott

    Your sign is driving me crazy!

  • Andy

    O i 8 1 2

  • Ed F

    Do you really think this is a coincidence

  • Ed F

    Really, you think that? What are the odds?

  • http://vhnd Matthew

    “In their feasting on Poundcake I bet.”

  • http://vhnd Matthew

    I knew them a long time ago.

  • http://vhnd Matthew

    Whats going on in the inside.

  • Ed

    Please return your seatbacks and tray tables to the original upright position.

  • gary

    Finally I find the bathroom, my backteeth were floating.

  • Matt from Australia


  • Jackhammer

    Van Halen. Huh, I’ve got your Van Halen right here(Sammy grabs his,) Well you get the picture.

  • Van Hazbin

    Don’t get to excited, the brail reads ” VH flip flop storage room”

  • paul wilkinson


  • John Schaffran

    What is behind that door could be debauchery. Beer cans, weed, and of course the Van Halen brothers determining if having Dave back is a worthy cause.

  • Travis0515

    I’m going to stay away from this time share.

  • bill

    must be a storage room-.

  • WrenchTurner

    Shortly afterwards he entered the room and ruined it forever

  • Roth_Leaps_83

    “Can someone point me to the Jimmy Buffett meeting room? I need to steal some more ideas.”

  • CL

    “Satch, just go in there and ask him if he’ll teach you how to write songs…”

  • Bob

    Really..? Really..? I told them I ain’t in the band anymore…

  • Rick

    Are these guys still around? I wonder if I can get them to be my opening act!

  • Tom Starr

    Everytime I point a finger at them, there are three fingers pointing right back at me!!

  • Rocky Starr

    If they don’t respond to all my whining soon, I’ll whine a bunch more!!-sob-; Sammy want a cracker?

  • Bill

    You think they remember me?

  • D Alexander Toluca Lake

    Who gave me the exposure and wealth for my Cabo Wabo club, my tequilla brand, etc.
    These guys.

  • D Alexander Toluca Lake

    Who do I owe it all to?

  • D Alexander Toluca Lake

    Who sold more, Van Halen or Van Hagar??

  • Big Bad Bill

    So this is where Eddie hosts his tuesday night AA meetings

  • Ari M.

    I’ve been the industry a long time, but I’ve never heard of these guys. When was their last album?

  • Jeff

    Look……told you. You can’t spell or talk about Van Halen without somehow including 2 A’s. vAn hAlen: AA alcoholics anonymous. Coincidence? I think not. Include Edwards first name and you end up with 3 A’s.

  • jim

    Didn’t the guy from “Extreme” sing with these guys?

  • Clark

    A piss yellow DVD cover! Why didn’t they have these marketing people when I was in the band?!

  • Mikey Mo

    Aw bummer, the typo should read VAN HAGAR

  • Jim

    The Van Halen brothers??? Shit…..they still owe you money fool….

  • Ken A

    This is an oblique way of revealing the title of the new album: “Yellow Door Label”

  • 5150jim

    I’ll meet you half the way!!!

  • john