Caption This Photo: Sammy In Front Of “Van Halen” Room


Sammy Hagar visited the headquarters of Facebook last week, where he came upon a meeting room called “Van Halen”! Write your own caption/punchline in our Comments section.

Let’s keep it fun and lighthearted, shall we?

  • Shine On

    “I’m livin’ with the aftershock”

  • Shine On

    “Isn’t this sign supposed to be red with those black and white stripes on it?”

  • Shine On

    “Chad, for Mike’s sake, go in there and tell Eddie you CAN be in two bands at the same time.”

  • vito

    I’m early !!!!

  • Shine On

    “Even my watch band is less bumpy than that ’04 tour was.”

  • http://none noname

    Dem crazy mofoz!!!

  • jose

    I need permission from Eddie to enter??? WTF!!!

  • jose

    can me and mike open for you guys so we can play arenas/stadiums too?????

  • Jeff K in KY

    Let’s remember 5150. The first album with sammy and the guys. To say “van hagar” just isn’t cool man. Listen to that album, the was the start of 10 + years of great stuff. Eddie said when they jammed together to see how it would all gel, any note ed played,sammy would hit the next octave above it. I think it was a blessing in disguise Dave left. If you look at live footage, I see sammy REMEMBERING all the lyrics to any track van halen played live from their Vast catalogue. Sail away with someone’s daughter….. LOL OW!

  • The Fabulous Ab Normal

    If I knock, will they open the door? Maybe if I tell them that Mike isn’t here with me.

  • rocketman

    i realize now that i am not nearly as talented as Dave