“Van Halen Asteriods” Game is Back!

VH game A couple years ago, someone created a Van Halen video game that you could play online. “Assteroidz, Diamond Dave Edition” is basically a Van Halenized Asteroids game, done in an endearing way that features David Lee Roth & Van Halen imagery and sound.

The world stood still went the game went offline over a year ago, but it’s now back! Enjoy!

Click here to Play!

  • right-here-i-say

    whoever created this is a genius.

  • No Mas Tony

    LOL @ Kayser Sozay — very true.

  • BubbaCo

    Are those hamburgers I’m shootin? What’s the significance there? High score so far: 58580.

  • BrianG


    Ha, beat that!

  • tomt

    That is the kewlest please put on the android market

  • Rhymes

    Haha, Jim!! That’s funny! 🙂

    Ah, hamburgers… great now I’m hungry 😀

  • jeff adams

    I think the hamburgers are from the movie Better off Dead w/ that Cuzak actor guy. I think thats the significance behind it, I could be wrong.

  • Panama Red

    @ BubbaCo – It’s supposed to be the hamburger from the movie “Better Off Dead”
    If you haven’t seen it you should check it out, then you’ll understand the hamburger / VH connection 🙂

  • Michael C.

    I just broke down and played it. I wish I hadn’t. It is fun. Now there’s one more senseless thing for me to waste time doing. Please, VH. Give us an update. Rock on.

  • johnh

    AS everyone says – the hamburgers are from better off dead movie.. where John Cusack is flipping burgers like a mad scientist and one of the burgers comes alive in a lightning strike, like a Frankenstein creation.. all to the tune of Van Halen’s everybody wants some!

  • BubbaCo

    Ah yes…I haven’t seen “Better Off Dead” since high school. I was more of a “Say Anything” guy, myself.

  • Jimmy Boy!

    Absolutely LOVE this! How can I buy a copy for my computer?

  • Expanded Consciousness

    28,530 top score, so far.

    Any pointers?

    Keep moving is one.

    Run away from the little ‘Why Can’t This Be Love?’ Sammy head is another.

  • Eddie Van Wailin’

    Watched about an hour of misc. VH clips on YT last night just trying to stay pumped up while we wait…

    All kinds of gems out there, ranging from 1984 soundboard clips from both era’s.

    There’s a sick soundboard recording of Ed warming up during the 1994 tour. You hear snippets of future riffs that would lay dormant for years as he’s just working through them in his mind.. stuff from Top of the World to Take Me Back (Deja Vu).. fascinating to see a genious at work.

    Also watched a lot of footage from the 1995 tour given recent discussions on Balance. Man, was Ed on on that tour.. just brilliant. Finish What Ya Started from the Pensacola show in 95 is some of the tightest work I’ve seen from VH.. just some great blues riffs from Ed all over it..

  • Matt Halen


  • Expanded Consciousness

    New personal best: 29,940 points!!!

  • Expanded Consciousness

    Nailed 37,590 points.

    Latest tip: Use the wrap around universe feature. For example, shoot to the far left, so can hit targets on the far right.

  • http://None Dirty Duck

    Wonder if ed, dave, or sam have seen / played this yet….??
    I’m sure if they did they were probley smiling the whole time…..I was!

  • Expanded Consciousness

    “BubbaCo says:
    JULY 17TH, 2011 AT 5:47 PM
    Are those hamburgers I’m shootin? What’s the significance there? High score so far: 58580”

    Wasn’t easy, but I finally bested you, BubbaCo. Nailed 61,190!!!

    Latest tip: As much as possible take on one large mf one at a time, too many little pieces flying around and you are done for.

  • http://None Dirty Duck


    The hamburger is from the film: Better off dead
    There is a classic scene with a claymation hamburger coming to life playing eddies guitar with “everybody wants some” in the background…..

  • Expanded Consciousness

    Whoa! Nailed 83,650!!! Beat that, Van Halen fans!!!

  • Ted Simpleton

    I just did – 84,830.

    “I took a mobile light, lookin’ for a moonbeam. Ow!”

  • Expanded Consciousness

    Hmm…just 1,180 points more. Quite the coincidence.


  • Expanded Consciousness

    85,140 points! Thank you very much.