New Photos of Van Halen and Family

Today, Valerie Bertinelli posted these family photos from last night to her twitter page.

Janie joins us even tho she\'s workin hard in her aerial show

“Janie joins us even tho she’s workin hard in her aerial show”

Having fun at The Supper Club!

“Having fun at The Supper Club!”

More fun with my boy and his girl

“More fun with my boy and his girl”

  • dirtywaterdog

    Let’s get this new song out… I can’t wait any longer…..

  • VH4

    @Brad, lol! That`s the Van Halen way, even some snaps from a night out gets the big build up! (Nothing on of course though).

  • 52yr old fan

    everybody looks happy because someone was was taking pictures. SMILE! remember people,eddie doesn’t care about us fans has much has some of you care about him or he would give us something. even dave has given more. and really some of you need to let the sam thing go, if you hate him so much why do you keep bring him up,, even in VH family pictures. pathetic life you must have.

  • T.O. Mike

    Its funny how pictures of the Van Halen family turns into some chat about Sam and Mike. I would love Mike back in the band, but it aint happening anytime soon people. Lets leave Sam and Mike to Chickenfoot for now and this incarnation of VH the way it is for now…..AND ENJOY!!!

    New music comin from both bands! Yeeeeeehah!

    T.O. Mike

  • knipper

    Vals new husband looks like the dude who played Ghandi – Ben Kingsly, Val and Ed still look like the perfect couple hopefully their get together started at 5150 listening to the new tracks. Things are looking up with all the recent exposure.

  • 5152

    Good to see Eddie, and his family looking healthy, and happy. The guy went through so much. For all the music he gave to the world, he deserves to be happy.

  • GREG

    Didn’t mean to knock Chickenfoot by callin’ em Van Halen LIGHT. I’ve just always been Van Halen all the way. I was born in 1979 but in 1984 when i was only 5, my brother had the brand new cassette of 1984 and it really grabbed my attention even at that age, in particular the sound of eddie’s guitar. Music has been my lifelong passion ever since, and i’ve heard all the greats, PAGE, HENDRIX, CLAPTON, BECK, etc..NONE of them get my adrenaline goin like when i hear eddie play. Partly because i think he is the best anyway, but also because van halen evokes so many memories throughout my life because i’ve been rockin out with em all these years. With Dave AND Sammy, even tho Dave is my choice. And to Cherone, i wasn’t a fan of VH3, but i’m actually a longtime fan of Extreme, so i’ll give him respect. I’d like to see Mike back in VH but at the same time i’m willing to give Wolfgang a shot. From what i hear alot, he is a big reason for them rockin again so, it’s all good to me. I like all the VH ALUMNI in one way or another, but it would be cool to see em all come to terms. But ultimatly, it’s all up to them and not me, i guess. Anyway, on callin CF VH LIGHT is mainly because they have former members and that as long as Dave and Eddie are in the band, everybody else pales in comparison to VH, to me. I’m 32 years old and 27 year fan of VH. The last ALBUM with Roth is the same year i became a HUGE fan of the band, so to say i’m lookin’ forward to this new cd is a MASSIVE understatement lol. Anyway, to ALL my fellow VH fanatics (DAVE AND/OR SAMMY) i hope you all have a great 4th of July. Rock on!

  • evhua

    we deserve new music from the mighty Van Halen !

    It’s gonna happen, soon…

  • temple5150

    Awe, what a great family portrait…now get me an album! Or a single! Or anything that’s not dated or old…I want my new Van Halen!

  • GREG

    eddie just posted on facebook to have a rockin’ 4th of july. even tho thats not news about the album, at least he is being socialable. i’ll take any signs of hope i can get at this point lol.

  • Marco

    Let’s go let’s go LET’S GO!!!
    Hey Ed if you are reading this, we’re all fired up and ready to go!!! So let’s hear the new single, or at least some sort of official word.

  • Neal Pritchard

    Is it me or does Valeries new husband look like he has the wingspan of a 7 footer … his right arm looks freakin long to wrap around 2 people and still have some spare …

  • wooten

    @Neal ha ha True!

  • Joe

    I have to say, if Wolfie was not in the band right now, I do not think we would be talking about an album or tour right now……Just the old memories of what was.

    Ed looks 10 years younger! No, make that 14 years better. come to think about it, he was not looking great in 2001. I am looking forward to the new music and upcoming tour

  • Brian

    Would you people quit talking about how Sammy is going to be jealous. What does he have to be jealous about? Give me a freaking break. He proved himself with Van Halen, without Van Halen, with Montrose, without Montrose. He is a very successful business man. Had a # 1 bestseller. Made $80 million of his wonderful Tequila. Has 10 cars in his garage….Sammy…… jealous… I bet he can’t sleep at night. You people that don’t like Sammy need to get over it and enjoy the new stuff that Van Halen is about to put out and move on, they have!!!. Quit dissing people and just be happy. I keep looking on this site hoping to hear some new foot and Van Halen but hasn’t come yet. I can’t wait to hear it. By the way Eddie looks good, but Val, wow……. I grew up having a crush on her watching One Day at a Time. I think she looks just as good if not better today. It is really good to see them happy. I wish them all the best. Rock on Van Halen and Chickenfoot!!!

  • Ken A

    With all the complaining about Mike not being in the band, I’m surprised people don’t complain that it just isn’t the same anymore now that Ed and Valerie aren’t married.

  • Brian

    Eddie didn’t look good as far back as 1998 when he was promoting 3.

    So you could say he hasn’t looked this healthy since around ’95 or so.

    It’s also good to see Eddie hasn’t re-done his face with surgery to look 25 again.

  • Myron T. Philpot

    All digital cameras have red-eye reduction these days. Learn it, know it, live it.

  • 3hater

    Valerie is still hot as balls. Looks like a good time and Ed still looks human. Need music. Need tour.

  • freddiegirl

    Aww..Ed looks great! He’s still the cutest boy that’s ever picked up a guitar IMO and I’m happy to see him healthy and looking like he’s happy too.. đŸ™‚ I think that’s great for Wolf that his parents can remain friends.

  • AZSteve

    @Neal Pritchard, LOL, but I think that’s Eddie’s arm, not Mr. Bertinelli’s. I think his arm is behind Eddie, and Eddie’s right hand is Janie’s shoulder. I could be wrong though.

  • calvin

    looks like wolfies reachin for somethin

  • JP

    I’ll never forget the first time i heard “Me Wise Magic” on the radio. I about ran off of the road. I hope the first single/ new album has the same affect

  • Nat

    I wonder if all you guys that plead for Ed to let Mike back in the band sit around thinking that Eddie and Val should get back together. Ditch their current partners and just make up?

    The band is no different. Relationships fail, the blame can probably be shared around to some degree.

    And the ones complaining about Sammy being bitter, no hard feelings at all for former wives or girlfriends who you feel wronged you somehow? You hear people complaining about their exes all the time, this is no different.

  • Doughman

    It’s great to see Eddie Van Halen so happy. With everything he’s been through with
    his health and his personal life he could be a bitter person but he’s one strong
    dude- he’s got Van Halen blood and it shows!

  • jk5150

    Looks like Ed is healthy and happy!! He has learned the meaning of women and children first!! Time to start rockin!!

  • Towers McQuestion

    Val looks amazing! Ed looks like a different person these days, a far cry from the Gollum looking thing he used to be.

    But please, release a god damn single already.

  • Tom

    I have to laugh,literally.Pics of Ed and his family get posted online and reposted here,and some have to turn it into what if and please get Michael Anthony back in the band.Pay attention you ignorant dipshits:he is in Chickenfoot,happy,and not in Van Halen or looking to be back in Van Halen.Nor is Van Halen looking for him to rejoin.Both bands are happy with their band,family,and life in general.If they choose to talk again and be best of friends and brothers again,great.But whining here at every post VHND gives us is really old.Go live in the past since you don’t see the future

  • pete kabutski

    @Neal Pritchard – that’s EVH’s hand you tard!

  • bill n amber

    Lookin good lookin healthy happy for you .not to be rude but now get your ass back in the studio we need some music.excited to hear wolfie on new album.let’s move forward.gonna be awsome no matter what.

  • ed arthur

    val ,,,, we all gotta know there is money riding on this ,,, did you or did you not sing on could this be magic from the album women and childern first ? please answer

  • //////// Renfis Otto

    Wow …zeer mooie foto’s …de hele familie bij elkaar !
    Heel leuk man !
    Could this be magic or could this be LOVE ???
    Well it is LOVE.
    Hey Edward ..hopelijk zien we wij jullie binnen kort hier in Nederland voor een mooie concert !
    Groetjes uit Nederland – Amsterdam.

    VH is keeping the good pace !

    EVH fan ,

    Renfis Otto.

  • eddie cummings

    fantastic pics ed, i think its great you can have a healthy relationship with val considering the kids.

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  • gerald

    Italian folks!!!,,,thats were the size comes from,,,I’m sure Val would agree,,,,She even said it in a interview once,,,Its so nice to see such happiness in all of them,,Eddie keep it up,,,I been down same road,,,

  • jesse yogi deleon

    cant wait until da tour seen van halen not enough times thanks 4 sharin pics