Michael Anthony on Chickenfoot’s Next Album and Tour

UltimateClassicRock.com conducted an interview last week with Michael Anthony on Chickenfoot’s upcoming album. Here’s some excerpts:

Michael Anthony, the founding bassist of Van Halen, and current member of hard-rock supergroup Chickenfoot, took time from planning the release of the band’s upcoming album to grant Ultimate Classic Rock an exclusive interview.

He talked about his departure from his former band, his new group’s sophomore album (humorously titled ‘IV’) and Chickenfoot’s plans for their upcoming tour. He also explains how his insides manage to stay together after decades of being subjected to low frequencies, whiskey and hot sauce:

So, you and the Chickenfoot guys seem pretty damn happy together, huh?

It’s like how Van Halen was in the early days. It’s four friends getting together and having a good time. I guess a lot of that has to do with, you know, we’ve all had our own careers and done really well. So, it’s not like we have anything to prove, and we don’t need to do it for the money, so we can do it just purely for the enjoyment of making music.

In between Van Halen and Chickenfoot, did you consider recording your own music?

You know what? I did kick it around. People were saying, “Hey, why don’t you go out and put a band together, and just do some shows?” I didn’t want to do the thing that [David Lee] Roth was doing, you know, cause he went out and put a band together and was just doing Van Halen stuff. You know, that’d be kind of a cheesy way to go. When I went out [on tour] with Sammy [Hagar], I put together this Mad Anthony Express thing a few years back. I thought it was great. People were saying, “You ought to take this out, do a House of Blues tour or something.” But, you know what, it was fun to do that one time, but if I were to do something it would be totally on my own. In the meantime, I was out playing with Sammy quite a bit, obviously the Planet Us thing came up, but that kind of blew apart because of the Van Halen ’04 reunion. I dunno, seeing how that all came out, maybe we should have stuck with the Planet Us thing. That didn’t end very harmoniously.

UPDATE 6/30/11:  Michael Anthony called the VHND today and wanted to clarify something regarding this interview.

Michael Anthony: “I want to say something about the interview UltimateClassicRock.com. The guy that interviewed me interpreted a couple of things that I said about Dave’s solo touring the wrong way, and after I read some of the comments on VHND, I wanted to clarify what I meant.

“In that interview, I was talking about how, a few years ago, Roth put a band together and went out on a couple tours and was played nothing but Van Halen classics. I didn’t mean to knock him for doing so. What I meant to say about that was – that’s fine for him, but for me, I would not want to do that.

“A few years ago I put together my “Mad Anthony Express” band just to do a few shows. We were doing a few Van Halen songs, but we were mainly doing a bunch of classic rock songs that I dig. I could have taken it out on a small tour, but I didn’t want to. Or I could have went out and toured and played only Van Halen songs just to make money, but I don’t want to do that either. It’s the same reason why, on Chickenfoot’s first tour, we didn’t play any Van Halen or Hagar or Red Hot Chili Peppers… we didn’t want to only rely on our past.

“But anyway, I have no ill will at all towards Dave. He was the one guy that I was really looking forward to jamming with some day, either at the Van Halen reunion tour or when Van Halen would get inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. You know, before the induction, his manager called me and asked if I would want to jam with Dave at the induction, and I said I’d love to! But neither would come to be. I’m totally cool with Dave.”

You’re saying the new record is heavier than the first one, right?

Yeah it is, there are parts of it that are also maybe a little darker. I think we’ve really evolved as a band. The first CD, we just had so much fun jamming, we had some ideas and we put it together kind of quick, because everybody else had their schedules to keep. Even though we actually kind of did it the same way this time, we were a lot more comfortable jamming with each other, and I think we dug a lot deeper. There’s a lot more meat to these new songs.

Is it true you recorded ‘Down the Drain’ from the first album in one take?

That was the one song on the album that we basically wrote as we were playing it. We were actually taking a break working on another song. Joe just started playing this lick, and like it happened so many other times, Chad [Smith] and I started jamming a little bit. We told [producer] Andy Johns to always be recording, because you never know what could happen — there you go, right there, ‘Down the Drain.’ All we had to do was, there was a little B-section that we added in. We jammed that thing for a long time, so it was just a matter of “Let’s chop this off right here,” but otherwise, that was a one-take deal.

Is the mood of the new record serious, or more of a party vibe?

Well, it gets kind of serious when Joe [Satriani] gets there, because he’s kind of a serious musician. If it wasn’t for that, between Chad, Sammy and myself, we’d still be dicking around in there.

Has that rubbed off lyrically as well?

Yeah, it was interesting because Joe had a handful of ideas, and the way this process worked, some months back, we all had a week off, where we just kind of got together because Joe had some ideas. We came up with the foundation for a few things, and that was it. Then, the way we do it, if there are ideas being thrown around, we MP3 each other, we send files back and forth because everybody is, you know, not together. Then, when we get together, it’s really cool. That’s where you can really see the chemistry of this band. Everything just gels and music comes flying out. That’s great, that happened twice in Van Halen — once at the beginning, and once when Sammy joined the band, that kind of chemistry was there.

It’s that easy, huh?

Well, I think it was a little overwhelming lyrically at first for Sammy, because all of a sudden the ideas were coming fast. It’s like, oh man, we’ve got, one, two, now we got four or five [songs.] Eight of the songs on the new album, we didn’t even get together to rehearse these songs. When Chad and I were flying up north to record this at Sammy’s studio in San Rafael, we were in record mode, we weren’t rehearsing or anything. It’s kind of cool that way, because a lot of things happen very spontaneously as you play songs or work them out. Sometimes, the more you listen to them, you think, “Oh, I can play this there, or that there.” But when it’s spontaneous, you throw stuff out there that’s like, “Whoa, I didn’t even know I played that.” We were doing two tracks a day for four days. We had eight tracks. He’s writing lyrics, and we’re going, “No, we’re onto this song now.”

Any particular favorites?

In fact, there’s one song on the album now called ‘Different Devil’ that Sammy had nothing for, but he really liked. It always happens, he either goes to his place in Maui, or his place in Cabo. I remember him calling me and saying “Awww, Mikey, I just got inspired!” He came up with this whole thing, and it ended up being one of my favorite songs on the record.

So when do we get to hear some new music?

We’re hoping to have a single out sometime very soon — hopefully in July. Why wait? We’re hoping to have the album out sometime in the fall.

Read the entire interview on UltimateClassicRock.com.

  • Halen High

    No Mas Tony says:
    “Roth had (like others have said) several solo cd’s with a lot of respectable, original songs. I loved a lot of them. I do wish he would’ve played more original songs on his tours”

    Dave was responding to a demand for those songs to be played – ALL of them. I think he wanted to remind people of what they were missing.

  • Lc

    Leaps if dave so influential and so unique and so above the game, why did his solo career fail miserably?

  • Sparks in ’11

    Wow Mr. or Misses 1218. You’re one tough cookie. Sure, nothings official from camp VH, but do you honestly think there could be a chance that after it has been announced that Ed, Dave, Al & Wolf will be playing down under, that Dave might not be involved in the new recording? Let’s keep the posts necessary huh? Whataya say?

    Sure, Mike can say whatever he wants. I like and miss the guy, but I still don’t know how his answer applied to the question about RECORDING HIS OWN MUSIC.

    Believe me, I want both VH and CF to put out dynamite, but you have to admit, it’s damn near impossible for Sam or Mike to do an interview without mentioning VH, even when it’s unsolicited! For example:
    So, you and the Chickenfoot guys seem pretty damn happy together, huh?
    “It’s like how Van Halen was in the early days. It’s four friends getting together and having a good
    The second sentence alone would suffice. The Mad Anthony Express just can’t seem to pull away from the VH station. Seems as though the fans aren’t the only ones having a hard time moving on.

  • http://vhnd.com VH4

    @Pat, I think people still talk of Sam in a derogatory way because to true Roth fans it was such a horrible nightmare, and like psychologists would recommend, the only way to deal with the trauma is by facing up to it regularly!
    I totally agree that it`s about Eddie though, DLR added an amazing element to Ed`s guitar and Sam much less, but Eddie is Van Halen and the band release what Eddie creates and wants them to, simple. He`s right enough of the time for me to love him.

  • Let’s Rock

    Leaps…read what was written please.

    Agreed, many artist have sold millions of albums and have many billions of dollars. The artist are loved and hated.

    I’m simply saying that Sammy’s music is enjoyed by many. You are not one of those, so be it. Thank god you do not determine if Sammy makes music and sells it.

    You see people who enjoy Sammy’s music as some kind of “follow the leader” type of idiot. “Boring drone” as you said it. Says who? You? And your credentials are what?

    I enjoy a lot of music and dislike some music. That does make the music I dislike shitty, it just means I do not like it. The people who follow the music that I dislike aren’t “boring drones” or “shit heads”. They just enjoy music that I do not. Simple.

    Artist are going to try and please the fans who enjoy their music. They will not waste any time trying to change the ones who do not enjoy their music.

    Dave is back, or at least that is what we have been told. Be happy about that, I know I am. I’ll be happier when some new music is actually put out but I’m not unhappy. I do not have any feelings for what Wolfgang will bring to the band. There will be some loss without Mikey but I cannot make a judgement with hearing something. But if I dislike the new music, the people who enjoy it aren’t going to be called “fuck heads”, “boring drones” or anything but music lovers.

    Now, back to “Girl Gone Bad” followed by “Judgement Day” followed by “Ballet or the Bullet”. A pleasure that you will never be able to understand.

    The Nation Waits

  • VH2008

    Lc says: “Leaps if dave so influential and so unique and so above the game, why did his solo career fail miserably?”

    Lc, Dave’s solo career sold 5 million albums. On what planet does that mean it “failed miserably”?

    Are you comparing his 5 million sales to VH’s 80 million sales?

    Or are you comparing his 5 million sales to Sammy’s 5 million sales?

  • Bluesbro

    Same old shit from the same old cast of characters. Leaps posts have become an automatic skip for me (much like the song Jump … lol). I cannot believe the lyrics arguments are still dredged up. The majority of rock lyrics are lame in my opinion. Dave’s lyrics with Halen are as bad as Sam’s. here are some lyrics from the classic DD Legs.

    Dig those moves
    Set me loose
    Get it higher

    Throw my rope
    Nice white teeth; Betty Boop
    Play it cool,
    Real heavy
    I ain’t fooled
    Get it ready
    Ooh, oh baby!

    Wow, I am moved … lol. Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what really bugs me is people presuming to know how these guys are feeling, and what they meant. We all don’t know shit, so stop pretending that you do.

  • Carnal Knowledge

    “Then Sammy comes along and wants Van Halen to be all things to all people”


    How this SHOULD read: “Then Van Halen wanted to be all things to all people.”

    But, not, the intent is to demean and degrade Hagar, as always.

    You haters are about as useful as a dung-flavored biscuit.

  • Bluesbro

    Diamond Dean says:
    June 29th, 2011 at 4:07 pm
    Lets prey this CHICKENFOOT album is better then the last, gees it cldnt be any worse , cld it? I dont care if its heavier, Zeppilinised , id rather it be good , not very avg like the last , please let satriani write , HAGAR IS A BELOW AVG SONG WRITER

    M.ANTHONY yes give it a rest on the bagging of ROTH , hes just as much a reason yr famous as EVH

    Well, I do hope the new Foot music is better than your spelling and diction.

  • wooten

    I love the first one. Still listen to it all the time.

  • freddiegirl

    Mike is never coming back. Deal with it. If (collective) you can’t accept that current lineup as VH that’s fine. I accepted Hagar as VH’s singer a long time ago although that didn’t mean I had to remain a die-hard fan. As a Roth-era fan I’m thrilled DLR is back. Thanks for that Wolfgang..for giving my favorite ever musician; your pops (please treasure every moment you have with him Wolfie..) the incentive to bring back the mighty VH in whatever incarnation but especially the one with my preferred singer. You have my graititude and for that I give you your shot to replace MA.

    I lost my father, my wonderful father who took me to Us festival a few days ago. Lost him to senseless automobile accident. It put a lot in perspective on what’s important. And it certainly isn’t pointless debates on the internet. I’m going to blast some Metallica (my pops’ fav band) on the day of his funeral in honor of him in hopes that he hears it. I’m going to blast some VH for me because Ed’s guitar sounds like gritty molasses and sunshine and because it’s one of the few things, right now that makes me smile.

  • jeff adams

    freddiegirl, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I don’t know you personally, but you seem like a well rounded girl and it sounds like your father was a big part of your life. Prayers go out to you and your father and your family. Any father that would take his young daughter to the US FEST or any concert for that matter is top notch in my book. Hang in there freddiegirl and I like your style, blast some Metallica for your dad and some VH for yourself.

  • http://www.youtube.com/cpirazzo Vuelto Loco

    My Condolences Freddygirl. I know how you feel right now. Stay Strong.

  • http://vhnd.com VH4

    I know it`s lame and doesn`t help much, but freddiegirl, I`m sure everyone on VHND (and I think we all enjoy your posts) is really sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had great relationship with your father. I hope Ed and the boys give you some positive distractions over the next few months.

  • Lc

    Vh2008 i mean that post a lil aint enuff which was circa 1991, the down hill slide was in effect. Now some around here would see that az a failure, given that he had left vh for greener pastures only 5 yrs prior. What amuses me is that leaps, the roth peeps and the spandex wsaring sheeps, cant understand. Cvh to vahgr are completely diff bands, diff eras. Period and can only be compared on a personal prefrence basis. All this other shit about lyrics, whos deeper, whos sexier, whos thinner or who has more hair is just bs. Tune to reality, cvh was great, vhgr was great, vhiii nuff said and vh with jnr , well the jury is out. But to rag sam and mike and discount their contributions to the band is utter bs and the rothards know that. If hagar didnt come along in 85, the vh bros wouldve lead the reclusive and non productive existence they have. The comparisons Between the two eras is so 86 and belongs in waynes world period. Cvh, chknft in the same year, be fukin grateful that in 2011 they r all still upright and hear to create.

  • Panama Red

    freddiegirl – I don’t think there is anything that can be said right now to make you feel any better about what happened to your Dad, but I am sorry that terrible thing happened. No doubt you and your Dad had some great times together. I think it is awesome that your Dad’s favorite band is Metallica, it will be a good way to honor him to blast his favorite Metallica songs. Strangely enough, Metallica is actually what got me through the death of my father.
    I’m sorry freddiegirl, music will help you, and time.

  • freddiegirl

    Thank you Jeff Adams…I am going to do just that…and I hope that my dad can hear it!

  • Let’s Rock

    Sorry for your loss Freddiegirl…No amount of words or music can make it better, but it can take the edges off(along with a few of your favorite drinks).

    I’m at work but I’ll tune in “Fade to Black” for the old man and “Light Up the Sky” for your VH side.

    To better days….may they come to you soon

    The Nation Waits

  • jk5150

    Well said FREDDIEGIRL, treasure the moments. Prayers go out to you and your family. Ed’s gritty molasses and sunshine is what my mom heard until the clocks fell off the walls when I was a kid and she never complained. I lost my mother to cancer 10 years ago this month, 1 month before my first daughter was born. I too will be cranking VH and some Metallica in the coming days. I can not wait to take my daughters to their first VH concert so they can hear their favorite songs Little Guitars, Jamie’s cryin and the standards of course. Hang in there freddiegirl!!

  • anythingleftinthatbottle

    It is funny reading all these posts from the guys like’1218′ that claim to be “above” all this drible, while he or she reads every bit of it. Or the ones that hammer people on their spelling. I think some of the so called bitterness comes from those of us that just wished CVH would’ve just taken a year and a half off back in 85 and come back together with new perspectives. But instead we got Van Hagar. Just wished they would’ve changed the name because of the far inferior product.

  • temple5150

    freddiegirl, so sorry for your loss. find solace in this, he’ll speaking to you through the music now. “Crossing Over” is eerily appropriate.

    Keep your chin up — memories will never fade. Hold them close. I lost my dad in 2001 and this song still makes me wistful…but it also comforts because I know he is with me forever now, looking over my shoulder, and guiding me.


    I reach across to the other side
    To make contact with you
    Though in slumber you fill my dreams
    And I make contact with you
    Don’t ask me why I’m crossing over

    Oh, crossing over….

    I never got to really know you
    The way I want to now
    So many things I didn’t tell you
    I wanna tell you now
    Tell me why, oh Lord, you’re crossing over

    (I gotta come back to see your face)
    Oh, crossing over
    (I wanna hear you call my name, feel your touch)
    Reaching out, reaching out
    (Hear your voice again)
    (To hear your voice again)
    Crossing over
    (To feel your touch)
    Reaching out
    (To feel you)
    Crossing over
    (To feel)
    Reaching out, reaching out
    Crossing over

  • Sparks in ’11

    I’ll say a prayer for your Pops freddie girl. Hang in there.

  • freddiegirl

    Thank you all for the well-wishes…I love all you guys..and a girl or two on here; I come back to read all your posts and say hi as much as to check on any and all news concerning our favorite band.

    temple5150; those are awesome lyrics… thank you for that.. Panama Red: Personally I’m a not a huge Metallica fan but they gave my dad the same happiness that VH gives me so I’m gonna blast them as loud as I can! I’ve been listening to a lot of VH 1 and 2 because they make me happy and that’s what I plan on doing; Lighting up the Sky for my dad on the 4th…he was also ex-military, Air Force so I think special fireworks just for him is appropriate..:)

    jk5150..make sure to take your girls…I never forgot that my pops took me to the Us Festival; one of my fondest memories of him is watching him rock out to Ozzy! He was there for Ozzy and I was there for VH. Your girls will love the show and you’ll be the coolest dad in their eyes, promise.. 😉

  • Halen High

    freddiegirl – I am so sorry to hear about your tragic loss. I understand what you are going through as I have lost both my parents. Your dad sounds like he was the coolest and he will always be in your heart, and your wonderful memories of him will never fade. It will take a while, but the sun will shine again – hang in there girl.

  • No Mas Tony

    Much love & respect to you FREDDIE GIRL in your time of loss. That puts all this nonsense into perspective.

  • No Mas Tony

    And I couldn’t put my last post in the same breath as this, so had to keep them separate.

    @ HALEN HIGH. I hear what you’re sayin, brah. DLR needs to fly the classic Halen flag and I can dig that. But he should’ve threw in some stuff from DLR Band, Little Aint Enough, and more… would’ve shown he wasn’t just trying to cash in on his past. IMHO

    My own 2 cents of the Chicken Foot AIN’T TALKIN BOUT Van Halen thing; if Robert Plant has a new group, you better believe Led Zeppelin is gonna be mentioned — if Paul McCartney is in an interview… then yeah, The Beatles will come up. So 2 OF THE FORMER members of the greatest rock band form a new group… come on, of course Van Halen will come up in interviews. That was their life for over a decade (much longer in Mikey’s case). SO, I can understand the comparisons and all. I DO AGREE, however, that they should make a point to get out of that shadow. And it was a good move NOT to play any VH stuff on their first tour. I hope they throw in “Summer Nights” for me this go-around though. That’s my jam.

  • Halen High

    No Mas Tony says:
    “@ HALEN HIGH. I hear what you’re sayin, brah. DLR needs to fly the classic Halen flag and I can dig that. But he should’ve threw in some stuff from DLR Band, Little Aint Enough, and more… would’ve shown he wasn’t just trying to cash in on his past. IMHO”

    No worries mate. I really don’t think Dave was cashing in on his past. He was on a mission to bring back Classic Van Halen, if not with the brothers then on his own. Actually, I’m pretty sure he was playing Slam Dunk and one other off DLR Band at those shows – but I don’t really know.

  • Panama Red

    freddiegirl – I’m not a fan of Metallica post “…And Justice For All” in fact I CANNOT STAND the albums after the Black album but those first few Metallica albums I am an absolutely HUGE fan of. My love for those first four Metallica albums rivals my love for Van Halen.
    My Dad died in 1988, I was eleven years old and I’m am being completely honest when I say that Metallica more than anything else helped me get through those times and helped me survive through some other things going on at that time too. As crazy as it sounds, I would not have made it through those first couple of years if it weren’t for those early Metallica albums. Music is miraculous in what it can do to people, the impact it has on us.
    I really think it would have been cool to have a Dad who was into Metallica, and Ozzy Osbourne like your Dad. I have enjoyed conversing with you here at VHND and I’m sure your Dad is a big part of the reason you got into rock and roll. I hope music will help you find strength and ease some of your pain, at least a little bit.
    I don’t really know you in person freddiegirl, but right now I’m going to raise my glass to your father and play some Metallica songs in honor of a fellow Metallica head banger and father of a damn cool Van Halen fan.

  • Lupercal

    When we look at the facts, they can usually straighten arguments out. In this case, David Lee Roth had his greatest success in the 80s. As did Sammy Hagar. But, the fact that Roth had a revolving door of musicians on tour and in the studio suggests that he was a tough guy to get along with as he got older – as were Eddie and Sammy. However, Sammy’s had the same band for years now, the same guys, with Mike popping in every now and then. I think he either gets on better with the musicians he’s with or just picks people that he knows will just say “yes”. Vic Johnson isn’t the greatest player and doesn’t do the VH material justice but I can see how the Wabos would be quite fun to watch doing older Hagar material.

    As for lyrics – do people REALLY give a crap? I mean, when we’ve got a band that has the #1 guitar player of all time in it, are you really listening to the words? Because I’m listening to the MUSIC, as a whole, probably as it was meant to be. Dave wasn’t any kind of lyrical genius – Roth_Leaps is ripping on “VOA” (a song from a multiplatinum album) but if you’ve seen the video you’ll see Sammy isn’t taking himself too seriously – and Dave’s stuff isn’t exactly thought provoking. Is “She’s My Machine” a work of poetic mastery? No. Is it a pretty cool song with a great guitar riff? Yes.

    Nobody is changing hearts and minds with arguments for and against singers – truth of the matter is that Gary has gone on to reform Extreme and do stuff with Hurtsmile, Sammy has gone on to do solo albums, Wabo albums and now 2 Chickenfoot albums, and Dave has been pretty damn quiet for something like 10 years now. 1 album out in that time…the figures speak for themselves.

  • freddiegirl

    Thanks so much Panama Red and Halen High…I’m getting ready to leave for the airport now for my pops’ funeral and it means a lot to me to have good VH buddies on here like the both of you. It’s never an easy time to lose a parent(s) but you guys are right; music is healing and you can bet I’ll have my ipod full of VH tracks. Red…I think my dad would’ve liked you and he would enjoy head-banging right next to you…a toast to you and my pops…and all the cool regulars here like No Mas Tony, Dooley, Carnal Knowledge, Roth_Leaps, Lupercal, Let’s Rock, E. consciousness, anythingleftinthatbottle, Sparks..etc.

  • Halen High

    Lupercal says:
    “As for lyrics – do people REALLY give a crap? I mean, when we’ve got a band that has the #1 guitar player of all time in it, are you really listening to the words? Because I’m listening to the MUSIC, as a whole, probably as it was meant to be.”

    Are you serious? Obviously most people care about the lyrics. That is one of the reasons why Sammy has been lampooned for decades – because people heard his lyrics and were disappointed. Vocal styles, lyrics and guitar riffs all contribute to how a song connects with people, what meaning they take from it. Dave is probably not a lyrical genius, in the sense of a John Lennon, but he has always been able to connect with people with his words. Often with metaphors, he is able to weave an interesting short story that’s his interpretation of the music Eddie has written.

    And lyrics are our first reference point when identifying a song – Runnin with the Devil?

  • Halen High

    freddiegirl – all the best for today – I’m sure I can say on behalf of all your Van Halen buddies here at the VHND, that we are thinking of you today 🙂

  • Halen High

    Lupercal says:
    “Nobody is changing hearts and minds with arguments for and against singers – truth of the matter is that Gary has gone on to reform Extreme and do stuff with Hurtsmile, Sammy has gone on to do solo albums, Wabo albums and now 2 Chickenfoot albums, and Dave has been pretty damn quiet for something like 10 years now. 1 album out in that time…the figures speak for themselves.”

    Dude, you are starting to sound like one of those Japanese soldiers, isolated on an island somewhere in the Pacific, still fighting a war that had been lost for almost 30 years.

    It’s quality, not quantity, that counts. That’s why bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Classic Van Halen are still so revered today – despite having not released anything for how long?

  • No Mas Tony

    One man’s wine is another man’s vinegar.

    I hear people complaining about Hagar’s “weak” lyrics, but the majority of the songs on the Chicken Foot album were really good. (IMHO) Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple duds like “Turnin Left”<—repetative and dull and "Learning to Fly"<—Cliche the whole way through… "lost in a sea of memories, learning to fly again…" blah blah.

    BUT, the songs that get my blood pumping are "Avenida Revolution", "My Kinda Girl", "Get it Up", "Bitten by the Wolf", and especially "Down the Drain". It works cause it just sounds like a heavy blues band jamming out. The lyrics aren't trying to be too spiritual, or phylisophical or any of that crap. It's just saying yeah, here's how good this situation used to be, and now it's pure shit. Be-it a failed relationship, your past, or whatever. Yeah, the lyrics don't need to be all descriptive. I hear the hook, the riff, a couple stanzas about a girl and a world changing and I fill in the details drinking some cervesa.

    The real driving force of Chickenfoot and any great rock band is the MUSIC.

    "She can drive while I get wasted
    A stoner's dream on a Friday night"

    Now those are lyrics I can relate to just fine right about now.

  • http://facebook G Dogg 73

    I think Mike has every right Dave wanted to get rid of Mike in the early days of VH I remember reading in a interview was right after Roth left to go be Sinatra. The best things Dave had goin for him was [Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan (who Dave wanted to replace Mikey with in VH ) Jason Becker & John 5 those four were his most talented musicians.

  • http://facebook G Dogg 73

    look at all the records Sammy has recorded to VH’s one with Cherone and even now he still recorded more than VH has , don’t get me wrong always love the VH band but Sam has been around a whole lot longer than VH and he’s never been one to leave the fans in the dark! But the time has come to ROCK with Chickenfoot & Van Halen so it seems all the fans should be happy no matter which band ya lean more towards. It’s the Best Of Both Worlds !!!