Eddie Van Halen’s Guitars Through The Years

From GuitarWorld.com:

In the July 2011 issue of Guitar, we tell the story behind Eddie Van Halen’s Ibanez Destroyer. In honor of King Edward, GuitarWorld.com brings you this gallery of Van Halen’s guitars through the years, from the famous to the obscure, and everything in between.

Click the photo to view all 11 guitars:

  • mean street

    Ed has way cooler guitars than the ones on the pics posted

  • http://www.facebook.com/guitaristjohnnybeane johnny beane

    My favorite EVH guitar has always been the Kramer 5150. I have a replica made by GMW. They made the “Shamer 5149 1/2” for Dweezil Zappa.

  • J5150C

    Brace yourselves!!! This can only mean one thing and it is that something big is about to erupt. Once Guitar World begins tinkering with EVH and all things related, you know the news is about to drop like an atomic bomb… Well, maybe.

    But all kidding aside, which other guitar player has an entire section devoted to his guitars? And if so, are they as iconic as Eddie’s? Nahhh. Don’t think so. Besides, Guitar World loves EVH!


  • Eddie Van Wailin’

    Pretty cool but missing a few, no? The EBMM, several iterations of the Peavey Wolfgang (used on Not Enough, Humans Being and the III album/tour if I’m not mistaken?), and the Steinberger come to mind..

  • dude

    Is that really the best GW could do regarding EVH’s guitars over the years? Oh well. I think and hope you’re right J5150C!

  • PCH

    That was a kinda lousy slide show, it only showed a few guitars. Where was the “Rasta”? the “Unchained”? the “1984” guitar?

  • Russ

    What???!!! No VHII guitar?? WTF?? This is an outrage…seriously the Jimmy Page abomination guitar is interesting but to not have that blue and yellow strat…shame on guitar world!

  • Tim

    I think they google imaged “Van Halen guitar” and picked the top results or something, because that list sucks. They are missing half of his guitars through the years and showed some twice.

  • freddiegirl

    My fav guitar will always be the Frank1. But..the first white and black incarnation. It’s the guitar I think of with Eddie when he was the coolest, cutest, most bad-ass guitar player on the planet….when he rewrote the whole game. Can’t wait for the new cd so he can reclaim his throne!

    Enjoyed the slide show even if I’ve seen most of them before. Thanks VHND for all the Ed-related stuff lately..makes my day!

  • jasonbourne

    Guitar World is so weak. We’ve seen “those” all before. Nice cut and paste job. Wish I had any easy job like that.

  • Karl

    That shot of Ed with a Les Paul scares the shit out of me. Imagine what the world would be like now If Ed had been happy with that guitar…

  • Roth_Leaps_83

    Ummm — where’s the “little guitar”? I love that tiny 6-string beast!

    VERY LAME, indeed. Hard to believe the idiots at Guitar World magazine get paid to make a shitty article hastily copy-pasted from internet photos.

  • freddiegirl

    Roth_Leaps…I forgot about the wee “Little Guitar” Les Paul; I love that thing too!

  • jasonbourne

    … and they wonder why no one buys magazines anymore, which by the way are priced like gasoline. LOL. Hello ? Get a clue !

  • Joe

    What a terrible pictorial. They don’t even show the Frankenstrat (except in it’s original black and white incarnation) or the bumblebee that was laid to rest with Dimebag….and this from a GUITAR magazine. WTF??

  • anythingleftinthatbottle

    Love that double neck. Is the top one a 12 string. It looked like 6 of the tuning keys were on the body opposite the head-stock. Tuned like the old steinberger used to be. I think I could’ve found more pics than that though.

  • KTC5150

    That is NOT Ed’s Doubleneck yellow Kramer… Different stripe location & the VH is further away from the bridge pickup… PLUS you dont even see an”H”. No Kramer label on headstock of the maple duckbeak neck… Obviosly a fake repro… Why in God’s name didn’t they include the Frankie w/ the red paint, the Bumblebee, the Star, the Unchained, or the various Kramers, Steinbergers, EBMM, or Peaveys throughout the years… LAME!!!

  • The REAL Top Jimmy

    Guitar World is such a Pawn to ed’s game. Like the way they don’t even include the EBMM years, so they play along with eddie’s MO which is to act like that era didn’t even exist. EBMM? Never heard of it.


    No picture of the 58 flying V he used on hot for teacher.I wonder what song he played the 59 Les Paul on.Does anyone know ??

  • Phillster

    Nobody`s Really sure whatever became of Waldo…..


    @SCOTT.I saw the 1980 INVASION,Eddie played the Les Paul during AND THE CRADLE WILL ROCK! AND I SAY….ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

  • Patches

    Besides the “Little Guitar” Les Paul, I don’t remember Eddie using a Gibson Les Paul. Where’s the 5150/OU812 Steinberger, VHII Bumble Bee guitar, or even the weird Star guitar?

    Gotta admit I liked seeing the Kramer Doubleneck though.

  • dan slaughter

    Steinberger and the EBMMEVH double neck with a six string bass on the top and guitar on bottom….Eddie played it every show the first two legs of the F.U.C.K tour 91-92. Love the Peavey Wolfie special with Trans Trem that “FIRE IN THE HOLE” was played on and the first EBMM with 5150 on it!!!! And no doubt the Kramer 5150 and his Gibson Flying V!!!!!!

  • ringostore

    Crappy website and slide photo shots. He had a lot more guitars than that and more interesting.

  • pauleeroth

    That article was obviously put together by someone’s nephew who just landed a job at GW. Lame to say the least. What the hell has happened to GW? How the mighty have fallen. Any of us Van Halen freaks out there could’ve done better, and with more CHARASMA!!

  • AC

    I’m no guitar nerd, but couldn’t agree more with the folks above. Lame gallery, and missing so many iconic pieces. Wonder if VHND or a regular follower can do better? Hmm? Hmm?

  • pabloramirez716

    Waiting for the Mighty VH !!!!

  • Rhymes

    I must say I expected alot more than that. I thaught they had wrote a story behind every guitar. but it was just a bunch of pictures. The most interesting sure was the doublenecked Kramer.

    New music for the summer!

  • alexandre

    Where is the EBMM… it’s sounds amazing on the Balance tour!!

  • Myron T. Philpot

    The Bumblebee is with Dime and the Rasta is with Dweezil, so those can be forgiven. But where, as many have asked, are the FW Charvels, the B/W Star, the shit-load of Les Pauls that Ed does posess, the shit-load of Kramers probably still lingering around 5150, the Steinbergers, the EBMMs, the 200+ Wolfgangs that he supposedly acquired during the relationship with PV…?

    BTW, the Shark is someone else’s replica and the B/Y doubleneck by itself is one of those miniature replicas.

  • Karl

    It’s amazing how ‘wrong’ Ed looks playing a Les Paul.

  • ME!!

    It’s the same three or four guitars over and over again. Lame “gallery” half-a$$edly thrown together (with no descriptions either) that doesn’t even come close to displaying Eddie’s collection. Pathetic and undeserving of attention.

  • StJames888

    Where’s the Dragon guitar??!!

  • Towers McQuestion

    Definitely missing a few of the most iconic ones in this article. Still, Ed’s impact clearly goes beyond music and into the visual medium as well (and into the actual engineering of guitars as well).

  • Joe

    The two Destroyer pictures are replicas. Same one with different jack plate.

  • Patrick

    And of course they leave out the best guitar he ever played, the Ernie Ball Music Man.

  • Randy

    Yes, the double-neck in the shot by itself is obviously a terrible reproduction. There are also two different “sharks” shown. Among other inconsistencies, look at the placement of the volume knob in relation to the stripes.

  • Randy

    Actually, upon further inspection, NEITHER of the “sharks” are the real deal. Based on the “T” above the bridge pickup, volume knob placement, the thickness of the stripes between the pickups, and the way the stripes run through the tuning pegs. I compared both pictures to the well-known shot from “Women and Children First”…
    …and both guitars in the Guitar World article are reproductions.