Sammy Hagar’s Autobiography RED: My Uncensored Life in Rock now available for pre-order

In his autobiography RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock, set for release on March 15th through HarperCollins, Sammy Hagar tells the outrageous and unbelievable stories of his rise through rock music, detailing how his voice became instantly recognizable all over the world. Lavishing readers with behind the scenes stories from Van Halen, one of the biggest rock groups in history, Hagar tells of the global stadium tours, private jets, parties, and of course the ups and downs that came with fame and success.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar has had a long run and it isn’t over yet. After a brief attempt at professional boxing, the singer and guitarist known as “The Red Rocker” began his music career in Southern California during the late sixties, then rocketed into fame as a solo star and a key member of several top bands, most notably Van Halen. Stories of his stormy years with that group and its notorious leader Eddie Van Halen form a central part of this anecdote-filled memoir. Unforgettable stories about fame, feuds, and offstage frenzy!

He is the multi-platinum Red Rocker – the outgoing, bombastic front man of hard rock champions Van Halen, the man who won’t drive 55, and the man currently fronting his own supergroup, Chickenfoot. Better known as Sammy Hagar to the masses, he is one of rock music’s most successful and notorious singers.

For over 30 years, Sammy Hagar has been a fixture in rock music. From the Montrose albums that are an essential part of the foundation of what became heavy metal, through a solo career that produced such hits as “I Can’t Drive 55?, to his decade long stint as the front man for Van Halen, Hagar has sold millions of albums all over the world.

Taking over for Van Halen’s original singer David Lee Roth in 1985, Hagar took the band to unprecedented heights, including four consecutive No. 1 albums, before being unceremoniously fired in 1996. Eight years later, he returned triumphant, leading the band on a reunion tour that was a box office smash.

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Throughout his career, Hagar, a guitarist himself, has played with a succession of genius guitar players; from Ronnie Montrose and Neal Schon to Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani from his current group, Chickenfoot, which also features former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

In addition to his legendary status among rock stars, he is the masterful entrepreneur behind the Mexican resort Cabo Wabo Cantina he founded in 1990 and home of the handmade premium Cabo Wabo tequila – the most successful new tequila brand in the liquor business in years. Hagar has since expanded his restaurant chain with Cabo Wabo Cantinas in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe and a series of airport restaurants, Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill that raise money for local charities.

Book details: Hardcover, 256 pages. $26.99.

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  • Jones

    Sammy doesn’t sing any Van Roth tunes. He only sang them when he was a member of Van Halen. Yes, Michael Anthony and the lead singer from Smash Mouth sang a few at his birthday bash, but Sammy was playing bongos, or something, if I can recall (recalling anything is tough enough in that bar with the rocket fuel margaritas)

  • Les


    Get your facts right. Hagar has consistently played Roth songs with the Wabos. When he was no longer interested in butchering songs like Panama, he had Anthony sing with Johnson. Total joke.

  • phillster

    Joining =VH= was the Best career move Sammy Ever made.He could`ve turned it down,but he didn`t.Why?BECAUSE he saw a CAREERCashCOW!!Otherwise,he`d be touring with such by-gone dated acts as Nugent,Styx,GreatWhite&Skynerd by now.When it comes to=Vh=,he`s spice,NOT the Rice!!If he was smart,his book would be cover2cover=VH=stories….
    There`s a show called”Celebratty Ghost Stories”.I watched it because it was Supposed to be about Sammy`s(&VH`s) manager who died.I watched it to try&gain some insight as to what happend to the downfall of VHGR.INSTEAD,It was SAM talking about his deadbeat DAD.
    This guy`s willing to talk shit about his OWN deceased father to make a buck.Shame on him.Makes me understand a Lot more WHY he “just happens”to be in a band with M.A.&another guitar progidy NOW-to stay popular.CHNFT is Everything VHGR is Supposed to be,a limp-dicked version of the mighty VANHALEN.Just like the “WABOS”(Sorry JONES)….
    I`ll take LED ZEPPELIN over WHITESNAKE anyday&Twice on Sunday!!
    Sorry Sam,You can`t fool me OR re-write history..I was there.
    I don`t need a book to tell me where Sam`s been or what he`s up to now.Too damn Predictable.

  • Jones

    So, Les, tell me how that’s SAMMY singing Roth songs? You just said he doesn’t sing them…….and, I’ve seen Sammy Hagar roughly 15 times since he left Halen the 2nd time, and he’s NEVER sang on a VH era song. EVER. And, the only time I’ve ever heard him even be a part of one, was at last year’s birthday bash when he was playing bongos.

    Let it go Les…..Let it go

    Did you really say ‘consistently’??? Do you work for Fox news spreading garbage like that?

  • Jones

    Never sang on LEAD on a VHRoth era song……

  • Les

    Hagar has butchered Panama, Jump, I’ll Wait, and Runnin’with the Devil.

    So you are correct, Hagar could not sing those songs. He 100% without a doubt ruined them with his marble mouthed voice.

  • Jones

    Hey Les, ASSCLOWN, Sammy ONLY sang those songs as a member of Van Halen.

    And, when did I say he ‘could not sing those songs’?

    Done with you

  • Jones

    Philster: Find someone else to hate. Sammy never did anything to you…….

    Direct your anger at David Lee Roth for selling out to MTV, or to Eddie Van Halen for not being able to handle DLR. But, to vent all this at Hagar is ridiculous at best. He didn’t hold the VH brothers hostage in order to get the frontman gig.

    Get over it

  • Les

    Where did I say with VH?

    Hagar butchered those songs with the Wabos. Like I said, Hagar realized what he was doing was so horrible….that even those drunk on tequila were nauseated. So he brought Anthony on tour, and he opened for the Wabos.

    Johnson had double duty those nights, because he played and sang VH songs with Anthony.

    However, Hagar just could not help himself and would come out on stage before the Wabos show, and butcher a Roth song with Anthony and Johnson.

    Hagar is an afterthought as a singer for the Hall of Fame. Which is why he will never get in on his own merits.

  • phillster

    I`m with Les.Sammy Jumped at the chance to show up at the RRHOF `cause he knows he`ll never live to see the day he makes it on his his own solo efforts.

  • phillster

    Roth didn`t hold the =VH= bros hostage bro.
    Niether did Sammy.
    Your approach to logic at this point is incomprehensible to me…
    I`ve heard of blind devotion,but to ignore the actual facts is just Sour Grapes.
    The”other guys” tour was Mikey doing his VH bass solo,
    then singing the 1st verse of “Runnin` with the Devil with Sammy comin`out to sing the rest.
    Jumping on the Bandwagon seems to be Sam`s M.O. IMO!
    Sorry it bothers you so much jones.
    The Truth Hurts while
    The Nation Waits.
    Get Over It.

  • Lupercal

    I laugh at people who are seriously bitching about Sammy coming to his own induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. Hey, at least he bothered to show up. He’s certainly not going to get in there as a solo artist but c’mon, 10 years with Van Halen. He showed up, he was thankful.

    By the way, Rock and Roll hall of fame is pretty prestigious. You would ‘jump at the chance’ too if you got the offer. Those only come around once in a lifetime (well, three times if you’re Clapton!).

    Shit, you guys will just bash Sammy to death.

  • Les

    Lupercal: I am glad you understand that Hagar only made the Hall because of VH. Without VH he would never sniff the rock and roll hall of fame. Well maybe from the balcony.

    Point is that Hagar by himself is not a Hall of Fame artist. Just not good enough alone, but thanks to three rock legends EVH, AVH, and Anthony he got there.

    In essence, VH has given Hagar more than he has given them.

  • Jones

    Les and Phillster: David Lee Roth ALSO wouldn’t come anywhere near the hall of fame without Van Halen. So, your point is????????

  • DiamondDean

    Wld edward van halen make the hall of fame by himself????

  • Rack of What?

    Hagar is much closer to the Hall of Fame as a solo artist, er, body of work, than David Lee Roth is… this argument is moot, stupid, and juvenile.

    Both are GREAT, PHENOMENAL front men. Both. However, they’re different from each other, so comparisons are also futile. It’s strictly opinion…

  • phillster

    Jones:You`re absolutely right.DiamondDave won`t set foot
    in the R&RHOF for his solo work any sooner than RUSH,KISS,NUGENT,STYX,Sammy,Satriani,Vai,Montrose,IRON MAIDEN,or
    I`m saying SAM&MIKE showed up `cause they knew it was thier last chance to be identified as a member of =VHGR= to the “Big Wigs” of the industry.
    DAVE didn`t show up because he was Currently a member
    of =VANHALEN=.As i understand it,Dave wanted to perform “JUMP”with his OWN band,but was only given the choice to sing with “Velvet Revolver”-and we ALL know how much theyButchered =VH= that night.
    No Wonder he declined.
    It was Almost as bad as SAM&MIKE drunk out thier minds doing a CRAP version of “Why Can`t This Be Love”
    with “Paul Shaffer&the LateNite Band”.
    It`s actually painfull to watch IMO.
    Even Gary Cherone had enough sense to steer