HUGE VAN HALEN UPDATE: Van Halen’s 2011 Plans and The TRUTH Behind The Rumors

The following breaking news is sure to come as a welcome Holiday gift for Van Halen fans around the world who’ve been dying to know if the band is planning on releasing new music or touring in the near future.

Sources tell the Van Halen News Desk that the band is very eager to tour, and that they want to tour behind new material. Eddie Van Halen has been very busy during most of 2010 writing music. Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen often join Eddie in the 5150 studio and the three of them have been hard at work jamming and recording demos. The three Van Halens have been sending the music to David Lee Roth, who’s adding the lyrics. Two of our sources have heard some of the early versions of the tracks (without vocals) and were very pleased. The music is said to sound like straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll and “very Van Halen.”

After talking to several producers, the band has chosen GRAMMY award winner producer/songwriter/musician John Shanks (whom Clive Davis calls “the father of that guitar-driven kind of pop sound”). In January, 2011, David, Eddie, Alex & Wolfgang will head into the studio to begin recording with the much sought-after producer. The band is hopeful that the recording sessions will lead to a full studio album that would be completed and available sometime next year.

Interestingly, the band is planning on recording in John Shank’s Henson Studio as well as Van Halen’s 5150 Studios, making next month the first time Van Halen will record anywhere outside of their own studio since it was built, in 1983. (Except for when Hagar recorded some in his vocals in Canada during the Balance sessions).

We are excited to learn that the band is re-exploring Eddie’s extensive library of unreleased songs and riffs, even reaching back to their early unreleased demos for added inspiration. The band is retooling and tweaking some of this mostly-unheard, incredible music, which have completely new lyrics from Roth. Eddie is even considering developing a song or two from the material that he wrote for The Wild Life movie score in the mid 1980’s.

Although this news is not coming straight from the band or their publicist, we can tell you with certainty that it isn’t just another rumor that will turn out to be false, as most rumors do. These are indeed Van Halen’s current goals. We at the Van Halen News Desk have several reliable sources close to, or within the Van Halen camp, who give us solid Van Halen updates whenever they make any major plans. Our relationships with these contacts were established during the years of our publishing the official Van Halen fan magazine, “The Inside”, and through our associations while running and

We want to clarify that, while this news sounds very promising for fans, NOTHING is set in stone as far as a definite album or tour. The band is hoping to have a new album and tour, but only time will tell if it all comes to fruition. There is no timetable for anything yet.

Despite their grand plans, it is very unlikely that there will be any confirmation from Van Halen themselves about any of this. The band has a definite policy of not talking until their plans are 100% solid and everything is in place. They don’t want to announce any plans that might not pan out, so as to not disappoint fans.

A source close to David Lee Roth tells us that he’s been getting in top physical shape for the potential tour and has been writings tons of lyrics.

We also have another source who’s spent some time with Eddie Van Halen recently. Ed seems to be doing better than ever these days. He’s been completely sober for over 2 1/2 years. He has surrounding himself with positive, encouraging people, among them his wife Janie, bandmates Alex and Wolfgang, and friend and business partner, Matt Bruck. His schedule is early to bed, early to rise, and he’s keeping very focused on staying sober, writing new music and running his EVH brand. We are really happy to hear he’s in a wonderful place these days.

More about Van Halen producer John Shanks:

John Shanks is one of the hottest and most influential producers working today. On top of that, he is a hit songwriter and accomplished guitar player. John has produced and/or written 43 #1 singles, 119 Top 5 singles, 67 #1 albums, 172 Top 10 albums, and over 60 million records sold in the genres of Rock, Pop and Country music. He is also a six time GRAMMY nominee including a win for Producer of the Year in 2005. “John’s records have become the sound of Top Forty Radio,” Clive Davis told Rolling Stone. “He’s the father of that guitar-driven kind of pop sound.”

John Shanks has worked with Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow, Santana, Rod Stewart, Melissa Etheridge, Alanis Morissette, Hilary Duff, Train’s Pat Monahan, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Pink, Liz Phair, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, and many more.

The TRUTH about the Van Halen rumors:

And now for the die-hard fans, the Van Halen News Desk will tackle all the currently widespread rumors and either shoot them down or confirm them as true.

Rumor: Van Halen are working towards finishing recording of a new studio album with David Lee Roth and a single is slated for release before the end of this year.
FALSE. The band starts recording in January.

Rumor: The band will tour extensively in 2011, taking in North America, and likely European and Australian dates.
FALSE. Although a 2011 tour may occur, no such tour is currently planned.

Rumor: Numerous reports about new music coming from the band are true. There is new music recorded with the expectation of an all-new studio album featuring David Lee Roth to be released in 2011. What is not known right now is the time frame for this.
Mostly TRUE. The band has written lots of new music and hopes to complete an album, but a nothing is definite right now.

Rumor: DLR’s vocals are being recorded away from the 5150 studio.
Misleading. This is true, but only in regards to the early demos, not the final recordings. This is what many bands do before entering the studio. The final vocals haven’t even been recorded yet. The entire band will reconvene in the studio in January.

Rumor: Eddie has recorded most of the bass parts for the album.
FALSE. Eddie might have recorded some of the bass parts for the early demos when Wolfie wasn’t around, as he often did when Michael Anthony was in the band. Wolfgang has been recording demos all year, and he’ll be playing all the bass parts on the finished tracks.

Rumor: There is a deal in place between Warner Bros. and the band for a new album.
FALSE. If a new album is released, there is no deal in place yet with anyone.

Rumor: Van Halen has chosen Ross Hogarth to produce new music.
Mostly false. Hogarth is an engineer rather than a producer, and worked with them for a bit this year, but is not currently involved with Van Halen. The producer they chose is John Shanks.

Rumor: Chris Cornell from Soundgarden has recorded some background vocals on some of the new music.

Rumor: A spokeperson for Van Halen recently clarified that the band isn’t doing anything and that there will definitely be no new album or tour next year.
FALSE. A spokeperson for Van Halen did indeed shoot down the recent rumors of a planned tour and an album near completion. He was being honest in doing so, since there is currently neither a tour planned, nor an album near completion. However, he did say that the band is currently “working on stuff”, but gave no further details.

Rumor: The main reason that the band never released a DVD of the 2007-2008 tour was because the band members could not reach a financial agreement over the deal.
FALSE. The reason that it wasn’t released had nothing at all to do with finances. The band simply wasn’t happy enough with the footage.

Rumor: Warner Bros is preparing to release Blu-Ray editions of “Live Without a Net” and “Live Right Here Right Now.”
Unknown. We don’t know if this is true or not.

Rumor: Warner Bros is preparing to release re-masters of the four Sammy Hagar era Van Halen CDs.
Partially True. Rhino is talking about releasing remasters of the Sammy Hagar era albums, but nothing has been decided yet.

Stay tuned to for the truth about Van Halen 2011!

  • Patrick Goodman

    I trully believe Eddie Van Halen is THEE BEST guitarist this world will ever know because practically every song is great and unique in it’s own right and for rock-n-roll.LONG LIVE VAN-HALEN WITH DLR AND SAMMY!!!(They are both equal in my book as singers and songwriters/THEY BOTH ROCK!)


    One look at John Shank’s resume should tell you that he should be the man to bring Van Halen up to the prominence they had when Templeman ran things. And don’t forget about the ingenious material that is conceived when Dave and Eddie get together. 🙂

    Sure gonna miss the hair, tho… 🙁

  • iw5150

    really hoping he tapps in the fair warning era…thats when i think they were at their best…he was preety angry back then though and now he seems happier now….really Im wondering what he comes up with… without being on drugs this time…im going to go smoke a fatty and listen to some 1978 at the pasadena civic…..ahhh those were the days!

  • Mrs. C

    It’s increasingly clear to me that Van Halen’s sound rises above just about everything I hear these days…Can’t wait for the album and/or the tour!

  • Eugenio

    rumors are just rumors , we won’t know unless it really happens , I’am just glad dave is still in band , but real deal there are no fights that all getting along and everything sounds COOL , I can’t wait for new songs with new producer John Shanks
    and very excited seein’ them live on tour again like I was as 8 year boy in early good fun van halen days , and waiting for michael anthony return because he such big impact van halen’s history , he’s always there for the fans I know meetig him backstage I still have lots love and respect for this great back vocals , bass guitar player I’am sure the guys are missing him and havin’ flashbacks , we all want the real reunion…my hand is up

  • Smilin vh

    Bring on”The Brown Sound”
    I can’t freakin wait

  • Tom Sauer

    Dear Eddie,

    Don’t worry about nothing. Just know you are loved. I loved seeing you live in Omaha back in FEB 08. I just want you to be healthy and happy. Breathe and take your time. Your natural instincts for performing will take over.

    Forever fan,
    Tommy Sauer

  • peter wolf

    It’s been a long long time, like all fans really looking forward to new material when the time comes.

  • Ray Roslewicz

    A Eddie DLR collaboration in 2011 would be AWESOME.

  • Justin C Greer

    Simply written rather typed there are no two brothers, syblings that complement each others playing it’s a Psycic Explosion of receptors and nerons firing off, a force to be reconed with. I think of bands that have this conection and only Van Halen comes to mind. Alex and Eddie you are unique pat yourselves on the back and Wolfgang, you’re playing with the best Drummer amd Guitarist in the world I couldn’t imagine the pressure, but I’m sure your Uncle and Dad build you up and not tear you down. I remember a quote from your Dad, it said you don’t work music, you play music…I always liked that quote:) Course we all know trying to play your Dad’s stuff sometimes I’m up till 2:00am trying to learn his music.
    Yes, I want my own style but your Dad is my Eric Clapton so to speak, only Your Dad set the bar slightly higher, don’t get me wrong I Love Eric (Slow Hand) Clapton and your Dad can Pull Some Stuff out so emotionaly sweet that Joy happieness sadness and pure Love emmanate from his Guitar Your Uncles Drumming is the best there is, no one can keep up with him theres passion, dexterity, Groove and more Technic than any other drummer out there. Hear it comes, from the bottom of my heart, you’re playing is so good!!! If you consider the few years they have on you 😉 and you’re already keeping up with ’em. You are doing great! It’s called chip off the ole block..So, keep up the good work Wolfgang! Happy Belated Birthday by the way! And Dave what can I say… Yepper they broke the mold when they made you, oh and did I mention you were cast in gold!!! Van Halen is the very best all of you!!! Big fan, really big fan, Justin Greer

  • Gary Geddes

    any news is good news.i`m praying they tour the uk.they played here in aberdeen scotland in the late seventies supporting black sabbath.i was a tad too young to see would be the must see gig in my book.

  • Charles

    As a lead guitarist and song writer, I’ve found Edward to be the most influential musician! I really hope Ed has thought this through and the band as a whole truly works together without the silly petty differences as seen between Dave and Ed in the past. My only concern or worry of course as with many other s is Wolfe… Micheal Anthony is a great bassist and musician! Just throwing your son in your band because he has your last name is risky. Can Wolfe bring forth the power and talent Michel did? Can he produce the back up vocals Anthony has? Maybe so.. We all know as VH fans that the major sound and talent behind VH is Edward !! That being said, I think I will love whatever he puts out! I just hope it comes to fruition and w hear something soon!!

  • http://yours frank

    this producer is just what dave hates ,some bon jovi,aerosmith sonswriter,top 40 cheese ball,if it rocks its cool,if its van hagar,eddie will pay,dont ff the dave,right know the world needs rock

  • sean kilker

    I have never been more thrilled then to hear Van Halen
    is coming back full force with Dave. Cant wait!
    1984 was awsome may the Gods shine apon you all again!

  • moose

    well we are waiting?? can you say chickenfoot!

  • Kevin

    John Shanks?Not sure about that one.Bon Jovi put out two really good albums in 2000 and 2002.After fans thought the Bounce album which came out in 2002 was too heavy/guitar sounding for Bon Jovi in the new millenium decade they went to John Shanks in 2005 and look what he’s done to them ever since?They went from It’s My Life,Everyday and Bounce to Who Says You Can’t Go Home.Really?That’s not a sound Van Halen needs to go for.The Problem with Shanks is he tends to shy away from the shredding lead guitar sound which ruined Richie Sambora’s playing on Bon Jovi’s last 3 studio albums.I mean fans complained when they first heard We Weren’t Born To Follow because the single didn’t even have a lead guitar in the middle of it.John Shanks could be the death of Van Halen.If fans thought they got too poppy with Sammy Hagar in the 80’s and 90’s,you haven’t heard anything until this guy gets you in the studio.

  • Kenny

    All I’ve got to say is I grew up on Van Halen and loved their unique sound. David Lee Roth vocals were as unique as there music. With no disrespect to Sammy I own every Van Halen album with Roth and agree with many the early stuff was the best. They need to (and I feel the fans want them to) stick to the original sound that made them so infamous. What has made Van Halen’s come back is the reuniting with Roth. What will put them not only back into the main stream but back on top of the charts is going back to their unique sound! I can’t wait for their new album and tour. I hope this is the start of many more albums. I went to their reunion tour with Roth and was so greatful to see them together again. Eddie was well lets just say UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are cheering you guys on with Bic lighters oops cell phones raised high. NOW LET THERE BE ROCK!!!

  • M_In_O_Town

    Wow so now we got no “major tour” for 2011 but they’re doing the Soundwave tour in Australia…headlining btw and a few other people have heard some or all of the new album live or on tape and says it’s awesome and people close to the band says that the new untitled album is in the mixing stages and what IS up with that Interscope picture with Van Halen on one side and Dave all the way on the other side?

  • moe fox