Sammy Hagar’s 2010 Birthday Bash Photos


2010 Birthday Bash Photos Are Up!

The Official 2010 Birthday Bash photos have been posted! Relive your memories or check out what you missed here:

Cabo Wabo Cantina – Birthday Bash 10-08-2010

Cabo Wabo Cantina – Birthday Bash 10-12-2010

Cabo Wabo Cantina – Birthday Bash 10-13-2010


    I really wish I could see this one day…

  • Jim

    The whole Cabo Wabo scene was better when Sam was in Van Halen.

  • Alex Han Valen


  • Michael C.

    Vinnie from Pantera would be an interesting choice for drumming on the next tour….

  • Albert Jackson-Munoz

    David Lee Roth said it best in 2002. Sammy throws a party, But I am the party!

    ’nuff said…………..


  • Joe

    Lets see:
    1. Jim, Sam was out of Van Halen 15 years ago. So the Cabo/Van Halen thing is 15 – 25 years ago…they wont be back…sorry. It is 2010.

    2. Albert: Lets see, Sammy has been continually partying, playing music and having fun at his cantina(s), putting out new music, launched another band and tour and entrepreneuring. Dave, if not for Sammy getting him to tour in 2002 (8 YEARS ago), has since been a radio show host, put out bluegrass versions of his Van Halen music, was a paramedic, and like Sam, participated in a Van Halen reunion tour. Sounds like to me, like all good parties, came to an end for a while. Sammy on the other hand has exploded his party into a lifestyle. Again, I point out that it is 2010.

    Now, before I get booed here, in my cd player are the first six albums of Van Halen….I am a Dave fan and Sammy fan. And all three incarnations of VH.

    Thank you

  • EMN5150

    Criss Angel is an idiot!

  • 51yr old fan

    AJM is the kind of jackass i am talking about on this sight. this article is about sam not dave. dave is at a cat show or something. idiot!

  • patrick

    @Albert Jackson-Munoz…let it go..LOL

  • Art Vandelay

    Right AJM…that’s been soo much fun since ’02. Meanwhile, at the Cabo Wabo…

    I’m not at all trying to start an argument, but really that’s quite a contradiction.

    I wish DLR would be the party. But I’m sorry, that is far from reality these days, and most of the days since he said it.

  • john

    Someday I’ll make it down to Cabo. Again I am truly overwhelmed by the insight and expert commentary by people such Jim and AJM.We are all better Van Halen fans now by them pointing out such valid points.

  • D.O.A.

    Detractors will no doubt be on the war path again following this post. It’s obvious that the haters that spew the most venom have never been there and for whatever reason feel compelled to share their uneducated views.

    Those that have, know that it’s just a damn fun experience. I’ve met and maintained friendships with people all over the place. Every year you get to know someone else you’ve seen there before, but didn’t get a chance to talk with. It’s quite a melting pot. There’s a guy from Denmark I met three years ago, who I look forward to seeing each year.

    For several years now, I’ve coordinated my trips with some of these people so we arrive at airport near the same time. We jump in the shuttle to town, grab a beer on the way and catch up.

    Just look at the faces of the people in the pictures. Tell me they’re not having the time of their lives. This is an AWESOME event, unlike anything by anyone else.

    Jim, it wasn’t better back in the day. It’s perfect the way that it’s evolved. But,there is one extraordinary scenario that would be the all-time best moment at this already great, great event: that is, if someday the VH family and even DLR could make it. If they don’t, well it’s still perfect the way it is for the fans that go.

    The lines are fine, the security has always been fine. Pay to get in?? BFD. I’d pay far more for an experience like that.

  • Scottso

    …what Spicoli’s birthday party must have looked like back in ’82! AWESOME, TOTALLY AWESOME!!

  • Fear of a Sparkless Horizon

    DOA- Some of the pics have the frankenstrat pattern in the background. Is that part of the facade from back in the day( early ’90s)?

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    Never been there….but looks like one helluva party! :)

  • Yes I Ate One Too

    Sparkless Horizon: Yes, it’s from back in the day….as the bar was opened by Sam and Ed.

  • jeff adams

    I will always be a fan of the Dave era VH, but we all have to admit Sam is having the time of his life and I for one respect him for that. I personally never disliked Sammy, it was just hard to see Dave leave the coolest band in the world back in 1985. I just think most of the Dave fans had a hard time excepting he wasn’t going to front VH anymore, including myself. I’ve been to Cabo Wabo a few times, but havn’t had the pleasure of making the B-DAY BASH. From what it looks like to me is Sam IS the party.

  • Dooley

    Hi Duck..

    Never been there either. Just the thought of going to Mexico at this time creeps me out. But going to Lake Tahoe was a helluva party back in Sept. Chickenfoot puts on a great show. And meeting Sam’s son Aaron was cool. He did fine as front man for the Wabos, and he included your personally approved “Fall in Love Again” in the set. Overall, it ain’t CVH, but it ain’t bad.

  • D.O.A.

    Hey Fear…yes as I812 said it is part of the backdrop on the stage. There’s also a similar logo on the catwalk coming out of the dressing area above the bar/floor. It looks freakin’ cool when the lighting is up for a show!

  • Art Vandelay

    Dooley, I wouldn’t get too concerned about a trip to Cabo. You stay where you should, and it’s not much different than any other town, USA. Costco, Starbucks, Ruth’s Criss Steakhouse etc.

    Sure you could find trouble if you went looking for it. Just like anywhere.

    Better give it a shot while you’re young, Amigo!

  • http://none Dirty Duck

    Hey Dooles!

    Yeah…seems like a fun time. Heard it has a fraternity feel to it. Not my cup of tea, but I can make the best out of ANY party! It’s just who I am.
    Keep that in mind next time you have a get together. ;)

    Glad you had a great time at the chickenfoot show man!
    Yeah…they played: I’ll fall in love again? Cool.
    Hey man…if it’s a good time…it’s a good time! Period!
    Not a fan of mexico lol….but whatevs.

    Hope all is well with you and your fam man!

  • Fear of a Sparkless Horizon

    Thanks. That’s pretty cool. I knew they opened it together. Was a bit surprised Ed hadn’t had the design removed considering he clobbers just about anyone else who replicates it. Apparel companies and the like. NYC area needs a place like this.

  • ringostore

    Thank you Albert! So right!

  • freddiegirl

    jeff summed it up nicely. I’ve never hated or disliked Sammy; just preferred the DLR years is all. I too felt it was hard watching Dave leave; even though I was just a kid Van Halen were the first band I really loved and I felt like I’d just discovered them and then Dave left. At least I got to see them at the US festival in 83 before the Dave-era went pear-shaped. I’m just really tired of people on here telling me that I’m no true VH fan just because I have a preference for one era over the others. As for Sammy’s b-day bash; more power to him for taking things he liked and making a ton of money of them. He really has become the new Jimmy Buffet and that’s not an insult or a judgement; just an observation.

  • jeff adams

    freddiegirl, I too was @ the US FEST and I have to say that was a survival of the fittest day. I had to lay down in the dirt & take a nap during OZZY. (had a massive headache, but felt like a head injury)I am glad you got to see VH w/ Dave, and that was a fantastic show. People say Dave was f’d up before and during the show, well big f’n deal, I’ll even give him more credit for jump’in 10 feet off the drum rise & landing it. Dave made me laugh and forget about any problems that might be going on, not that I had any at that age.

  • freddiegirl

    jeff adams…My dad took me and my older sister, I was only 10 or 11 and remember having a full meltdown when my pops wanted to leave in the middle of Van Halen’s set. Needless to say we stayed… ;) I’m so glad I got to see them then as the next time I saw them I was 20 and it was with Hagar. Still a great show but seeing them young and hungry still with Dave was awesome. I only wish I’d been old enough to see them when they toured for WACF.