Chickenfoot to hit studio in January

Chickenfoot just completed their shows in Indio and Lake tahoe, which were their only two concerts of 2010. Sammy announced onstage that the four of them…himself, Michael, Joe and Chad will enter the studio in January to continue to work on their second album.

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  • patrick

    @Halenguy51…first of all i agree with CEO on how silly your comment was and second i seen chickenfoot and sammy (as well as the entire band) were very entertaining and there wasnt a gay inflatable microphine in site.:^)

  • Les

    Sam would be better off making another Wabo’s record. He could sell it to the same 30,000 people and be done with it. Book it now, CF II will be a colossal bust. Smith is smart…He wanted to get paid so he went back to RHCP.

  • patrick

    @Les…we heard the same things about the first one and it did pretty good for a brand new band.sammy must have really hit the mark with die hard dave roth fans to wish failer on him a full 14 yrs after he was a (full time) member.

  • Cam Winston

    Sam would be better off making another Wabo’s record.

    Filed alongside “Sam, Al and I would like to sell our shares in the Cabo Wabo franchise. It’s a money loser.”

  • D.O.A.

    Les, if you’re offering I’d like to get in on that action. But since it would be tantamount to taking candy from a baby, I’ll let you off the hook.

    To recap, (since you obviously haven’t paid attention) (1)…Chad never left RHCP. And, (2)… he’s heading in to the studio in January to record CF’s “colassal bust” follow up album.

  • Jeremy

    CF 2 will be better than the first!