Sammy Hagar interview in Fireworks magazine

sammyhagarFrom issue #40 of Fireworks magazine:

“I’m gonna make a statement, and you’ll probably think I’m crazy…”

Sammy Hagar discusses Chickenfoot live, their “averagely brilliant” new DVD, Michael Anthony and Van Halen, Chad Smith being crazy, Joe Satriani being from another dimension, and why Sammy in a Smart Car is just a joke.


By James Gaden

Fireworks Magazine Online - Issue 40Last year a brand new band exploded onto the scene known as Chickenfoot, sparking a lot of hype due to each individual member of the band being a star in their own right – ex-Van Halen bass player Michael Anthony, ex-Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar, guitar hero Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Back in issue 36, James Gaden went to London to interview Joe Satriani in support of the album. Shortly after that, he attended the sole UK show at Shepherds Bush which was excellent. Chickenfoot’s live reputation impressed virtually all who had seen it, so a decision was taken to capture the band on tour for a live DVD and Blu-ray. ‘Get Your Buzz On’ is the result, a full live Chickenfoot show, backed with an hour long documentary of the band on the road. When offered the chance to talk to the legendary Sammy Hagar about it, James Gaden jumped at the opportunity to phone the enthusiatic Red Rocker to hear his thoughts on the latest product…

Hi Sammy, it’s James from Fireworks Magazine in the UK.

How are you doing Jim? Wow, we’ve got a great connection here, I thought with all the volcano in Iceland