How much duct tape to make a Frankenstrat?

ductEver wonder how much duct tape it would take to make a near-perfect replica of an Eddie Van Halen guitar?

The answer is more than 300 rolls.

The giant red, black, and white rock ’n’ roll homage was the first piece of duct tape art that greeted visitors at the seventh annual Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival, held last weekend in Avon, Ohio.

14 students at the University of the Arts where asked by Duck Tape to create duck Tape sculptures for festival. This year’s theme was Peace, Love and Duck Tape.


More pictures here (scroll down).

  • johnny beane

    Now that’s very cool!

  • Diamond Dean

    That is pretty damn cool!!! , these were the days when VH were the monsters of rock!!

  • Col5150

    That trully is an amazing piece of cratsmanship. It could be an awesome replica, its only when someones next to it you get a sense of perspecive. I wonder if its playable?

    I wonder how many more stories like this ill pop up before we actually hear of the band actually doing anything?

    c’mon Dave give us a break

  • Travis

    wait a minute !! that whole thing is made of duct tape ?

  • Mick

    How is that made entirely of duct tape??

  • http://mgmgrand,com MGM Kid

    Awesome!! Love the replica reflectors on the back!! Great job!!!!!

  • Sherman T. Dog

    Looks awesome, but they forgot the Floyd!


  • Garrett

    As cobbled up as the original Frankenstrat was, even it may have contained 300 rolls of duct tape!

  • Lupercal

    Must be plaster or wood or something shaped and then coloured with different colours of Duct Tape.

    Expect to see this soon on the Van Halen Store…

  • Keith

    Kinda cool … what would be cooler is VH getting their act together and releasing a new album and touring instead of wasting another summer away.

  • Dick Bacon

    Good use of our earth’s precious natural resources…

  • JUANE5150

    For the BIGEST guitar player, the bigest guitar of the world.

  • Bran Halen

    They did a great job! It looks amazing!

  • Greg

    I’d pay $25,000 for that!!!

    Not that farce of a copy that Fender came out with last year.

  • shawn

    even the stand is made of duct tape. it looks like they did some stencils from scans. up close its choppy, but it gives the illusion of great detail from several ft. away. i wonder if they added any cigarette burns…

  • RA 8 1 2

    Thats crazy!!!!

  • scottt


  • Top Jimmy

    Is duct tape a natural resource?

  • Old School Halen

    Classic Van Halen was bigger than life……so why not make a Frankenstrat bigger than life as well? Pretty cool sculpture I say — nice to see art students doing something creative besides sitting in front of a graphics workstation and getting fat.

    Now for something truly awesome — I wanna see Diamond Lee Roth launch a split jump off that thing!

  • http://vhnd Emery

    WOW! to cool.

  • F’n Rockstar

    Thats 20 miles from me …wonder what they are going to do with it? Hopefully keep it as a sculpture in the duct tape offices….I would love to get a picture with it!

  • jim

    This is all part of Van Halen’s master plan.

  • ikethebird

    Wonder if Ed’s lawyers have seen this.

  • Greg

    That’s cool and all. But it’s sad that we as a community of Van Halen fans have nothing to get excited about any more than a giant duct tape replica of Eddie’s guitar.

    I hate that Eddie is such a f***up. He just keeps wasting year after year after year.


    The floyd rose set-up is on it, but its generalized. Duct tape won’t burn, so there aren’t any cigarette burns on it. I might be donating it to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. I just want a new album.

    – Your Friendly Sculpture Artist

  • jim


    So you say Eddie is such a f***up & he just keeps wasting year after year after year.

    That is pretty ignorant really.

    From OU812 thru Cherone, VH has released an album and a tour roughly about every 3 years. After Cherone, Ed had hip replacement surgery, a battle with cancer, a divorce, had no lead singer, and didn’t know if he had a bass player or not. He is left with himself and Al as VH. Five years after Cherone, they reunited with Sammy. The main purpose of that was to tour but they released 3 new songs. Three years later, they reunite with Dave after 20+ years and tour. A good amount of the songs hadn’t been played since the last tour in the 80’s with Dave. They re-learn the songs so they can play in concert. No new songs were released but to them, a lot of these songs were new songs. Completely understandable in this circumstance why no new songs released for the tour. That brings us to a little more than 2 years later, where they will end up releasing an album and a tour within the next year. In addition to all that, Ed has a line of guitars and equipment that he has been active with.

  • Karl

    “That brings us to a little more than 2 years later, where they will end up releasing an album and a tour within the next year.”

    Really? You should contact the News Desk with your sources so that they can run the announcement. This is big stuff and you just bury it within a thread? This is the news we’ve all been coming here day after day to hear so it’s good to have it finally confirmed. Really, indeed…

  • zack

    my uncle made that. atleast mentoin his name John Hyatt

  • Greg


    You must be a blind EVH apologist. “Five years after Cherone, they reunited with Sammy…” So there went five years with no new music. And all we got was 3 songs out of that. “Three years later they reunite with Dave…” So there’s 8 years at that point with 3 whole songs. Now in 2010 there hasn’t been a new VH album in 12 years, just three songs. Eddie’s done his cash grab tours twice now (like he said back in the day he never wanted to do), and he shills guitars and equipment and t-shirts and video games but no new music to be seen.

    Eddie has a singular talent like nobody else yet he’s spent more than a decade as an outside salesman. I love Eddie and his music as much as anybody else on this board, but you’re fooling yourself if you don’t think Eddie’s been squandering his talent for more than a decade now. VH used to put out a new album almost yearly. You don’t need multiple years to put out an album.

  • iwannaberr

    Does anyone else think these pictures are just photoshopped pics of the real thing. I mean come on, look at the Floyd bridge and locking nut. Looks like a Frankenstrat on a stand photoshopped in next to a girl.

  • DTinPA

    It’s real, I’ve seen it.


    Hey everyone,

    I’m actually the artist who created this sculpture for the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival in Ohio. I’m in the process of hopefully donating it to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Thank you very much for all the compliments. I am deeply flattered and appreciate the feedback immensely.

    For those that don’t believe it’s real::

    ALSO – My new website should be up and running within the week, so be sure to check it out

    THANKS AGAIN!!! (and to the VH boys – make your next album THE BEST ONE YET!!!)

    – John Hyatt –

  • Keith

    what is that to left of the guitar ?


    A beautiful lady named Renata.