Extreme’s new live DVD out now

The VHND has an update for all of our readers who are keeping up with ex-Van Halen singer, Gary Cherone, and Extreme.

1) Extreme released a live DVD last week, on May 4th. Below is a trailer for the DVD, along with one of the 4 bonus music videos on the DVD.

Extreme ‘Take Us Alive’ DVD Trailer:

Extreme – King of the Ladies (Official Video)

2) From BackstageAxxess.com:

Gary Cherone of Extreme Interview

One of the more pleasant reunions of any band that has happened in recent memory has to be that of the band Extreme. I attended one of their first shows back at the 2008 NAMM Expo. They were amazing and haven’t looked back since. They are now releasing a new live record called ‘Take us Alive’ that was recorded in 2009 in their hometown of Boston. We recently spoke with frontman Gary Cherone about the decision to do a live record now. We also chatted about his side projects, Slipkid and Hurtsmile. I even squeezed in a question about his former band Van Halen. Let’s “Get the Funk Out” and see what Gary has to say…

[Here's the only Van Halen content]:

Gus: It’s been 13 years since Van Halen released a studio record and you were the last vocalist to lend his voice to them doing one. Do you still have a relationship with the Van Halens?

Gary: The only one I really keep in touch with is Michael. Not for any other reason, I kept in touch with Eddie right after that. Then we just kinda moved on. It’s fine, I’m sure he can call me and I can call him, we just haven’t talked. It was great… that period. It’s surreal to me that it has been 10 years. Michael is great. I was hanging out with him at the Chickenfoot gig in Boston. I got to hang out with Sammy and Mike and the rest of the guys. Sammy has always been real good to me.

3) From Roadrunnerrecords.com:

EXTREME Frontman Interviewed On ‘Hard Rock Nights’ – May 10, 2010

Gary Cherone, vocalist for reunited Massachusetts hard rockers EXTREME, was the special guest on the April 30-May 6 edition of “Hard Rock Nights”. Cherone joined host JT to discuss the band’s new DVD, “Take Us Alive”, as well as its last studio effort, “Saudades de Rock”, which was released in 2008. Cherone also talked about his brief time with VAN HALEN and another project he is working on called HURTSMILE.

You can now listen to the chat in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2 (Part 2 includes the VH stuff).

“King Of The Ladies”, a never-before-seen video from EXTREME, can be viewed below (courtesy of AOL‘s Noisecreep). The clip is one of four bonus videos that are included on the band’s “Take Us Alive” live CD and DVD, which was released on May 4 in the U.S. via Frontiers Records.

In 2008, following a 13-year hiatus, EXTREME returned to the stage for its “Take Us Alive” world tour, which encompassed 75 cities and multiple continents in support of the band’s new record, “Saudades de Rock”.

This recording captures EXTREME at the peak of its game with a renewed enthusiasm led by Gary Cherone‘s spellbinding stage performance and powerful vocals, Nuno Bettencourt‘s ferocious guitar, Pat Badger‘s flawless bass and Kevin Figueiredo‘s pounding drums and spot-on back-up vocals.

This brilliant performance was recorded on the last night of their tour at the House of Blues on August 8, 2009 in EXTREME‘s hometown of Boston.

“We wanted to do something really special for our hometown fans that were there for us since the beginning… the club days,” states Nuno. “It was the last night of the tour and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by bringing it back to where it all started… Boston.”

The concert showcases material from all five EXTREME albums and exhibits the band’s broad stylistic abilities. Features include a blistering rendition of the LED ZEPPELIN-minded “Comfortably Dumb”, the scorching “Play With Me”, the funked-up “Cupid’s Dead” as well as the anthemic “Get The Funk Out”. Songs like EXTREME‘s #1 hit “More Than Words” and the Top 5 single “Hole Hearted” highlight the crowds enthusiasm and loyal support their fan base has had for this beloved foursome.

“As much as we enjoy recording, for me, I’ve always loved playing live for the fans,” Cherone says. “We couldn’t wait to get out there and play for our fans.”

The DVD will contain four unreleased bonus videos from “Saudades de Rock”“King of the Ladies”, “Interface”, “Run” and “Ghost”. The clips were produced by Nuno Bettencourt.

“This DVD/CD is a culmination of all the years we played together and the chemistry the four of us put out live,” explains Bettencourt.

“Take Us Alive” concert track listing:

01. Decadence Dance
02. Comfortably Dumb
03. Rest In Peace
04. It’s A Monster
05. Star
06. Tell me Something I Don’t Know
07. Medley – Kid Ego / Little Girls / Teacher’s Pet
08. Play With Me
09. Midnight Express
10. More Than Words
11. Ghost
12. Cupid’s Dead
13. Take Us Alive
14. Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee
15. Get the Funk Out
16. Am I Ever Gonna Change
17. Hole Hearted

Bonus music videos (DVD only)

18. King Of The Ladies
19. Interface
20. Run
21. Ghost

  • Mario

    Extreme rules all!!!

  • Gary 4 Life

    Finally some Gary news. The real singer of Van Halen!!!! Eddie knows that VHIII was the best album they made that’s why it the last and they will never do another album because no one sounds as good as Gary!!! I love Extreme and Gary!!!!

  • VH Dude

    Gary was awesome in Extreme – it sounded like Eddie just pushed him to be something he wasn’t (a new Dave or Sammy) and so VHIII was just kind of wierd for me. Not a slight against Gary – I think he got a lot of unfair press and hate from the fans.

    As little as we know about the parting of Gary with VH, I think the interviewer wasted an opportunity. He cut off Gary while he was still talking about his time with Van Halen – to shift gears and talk about Extreme. A rare bit of insight – I would have let him continue on about Van Halen until he changed the subject.

  • John

    It’s bad enough we get Chickenfoot updates now Extreme. Van Halen only please.

  • http://none Ilivewithfools!!!

    NUNO!!!Extreme is one of the best live bands you’ll ever see I’m tellin’ ya.Even if you don’t like their music you’ll walk away saying man they are talented.

  • Van Foot

    I like the Extreme update. Nuno has some chops that rival, and now, outshine the mighty EVH. Gary is a class act, and along with the Michael interview, they (G&M) have moved on from the VH drama. I always thought that Gary was Eddie’s brother…blah, blah, blah from EVH during the VH3 recordings. EVH is so full of shit and doesn’t know what he wants from music, relationships, or life for that matter. Read the Tommy Iommi interview from Guitar World with Ed…very negative towards fans and the record industry. We, the fans, all pirate stuff anyway and don’t respect the music according to the interview with Ed.

    Van Halen of old is such a boring and overhashed story…who cares anymore? Van Halen was a great band that gave us incredible music, much more than that (today) is a huge pipe dream.

    I would love to see a Chickenfoot/Extreme tour. Extreme’s cover of Mean Street is bad ass!

  • http://www.crowfans.com Frank

    I actually liked Gary on vocals live anyway. I think Gary did a good job on breaking out some old stuff that hasn’t been played since DLR left the band.

  • Brantgoose

    liked extreme way before gary was in vh. I am from MA.He did not fit VH. 3 is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Saw that tour three shows and they kicked ass! Ed was right on and they played some DLR deep tracks. Mean St.,Romeo Delight,Feel your love tonight etc. Ed was better on that tour than both the Sam and Dave reunions. I have seen VH 16 times- believe me when I say this. I am actually very curious what that next VH album with gary actually sounded like. It was three quaters of the way done according to the Inside magazine. That being said I still back my earlier statement that Gary just did not fit with VH. Check out the CF dvd if your even half a fan. It will rock your socks off!!

  • mjc

    vanfoot&brantgoos,you guys pretty much said everything.john,there is’nt shit going on in ed’s pathetic,angry cocoon.

  • Matt

    Extreme is a great band! Gary is a cool dude and a hell of a singer. The poor guy got the shaft. While I liked VHIII, I think Eddie had too much control at that point. Mike and AL only played on a handful of songs on that album. Eddie was a dictator. I would like to hear a new and “REAL” Van Halen album. I want Dave, Eddie, Mike, and AL… Or, Sammy, Eddie, Mike, and AL. I want one of the two possible versions to jam out and cowrite songs… I believe that’s when the magic occurs. Wolfie is a talented dude, but he wasn’t alive until F.U.C.K came out. Maybe Wolfie could produce the album and let Eddie, AL, Mike, and Dave record… :P

  • Rob Newell

    I’m gonna comment before I read any of the above comments. I can’t wait to read some of the single minded comments on here. I say that as a non-Extreme fan myself. Here we go then :

  • Rob Newell

    Wow. Well hush my big mouth. Hardly a bad word to say. Amazing. Have the minority of this site grown up at last ? Great news. All things Van Halen related please continue. Top work. Well done everyone.

  • pete

    hey john,what van halen news would that be?

  • jim

    Just the thought of having possible new VH music is better than anything Extreme or CF has ever done or will do.

  • Mike

    Got the DVD the other day and I was at the show they recorded for the DVD. Great performence. I even make a couple cameos in the crowd!!

  • Matteau23

    “Michael is great. I was hanging out with him at the Chickenfoot gig in Boston. I got to hang out with Sammy and Mike and the rest of the guys. Sammy has always been real good to me.”

    Starting to see a theme here?? Everybody who leaves the band is a great guy and gets along. The two still in it can’t seem to get along with anybody… (and no at this point I do not consider Dave “in the band”)

  • Karl

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is how to do a reunion.

    John and Jim, you really are a miserable pair of fucks.

  • Little Dreamer

    Brantgoose: “I am actually very curious what that next VH album with gary actually sounded like. It was three quarters of the way done according to The Inside magazine.”

    I too was curious. Wonder how much unreleased recordings from all 3 vocalists are locked away. What a missed opportunity to give to the fans! I have a feeling if there is new music, a lot of that GC material will be used or at least looked at for ideas.

  • handymanrockstar84

    Geez, I hate haters!! Nuno B. is cool. Mike and Sammy are cool. Chickenfoot is cool. Van Halen (74)78-85 was cool. Van Halen 86-96 was cool. Extreme is cool. Van Halan one offs with Dave and with Sammy are cool. Sammy/Dave tours are cool. Van Halen with Gary Cherone was cool (just not the right record producer if you ask me…) Mike Post?! He writes TV show theme songs! *I’m not hatin’ – I’m just sayin’ ;-)*

  • Ryan

    Why can’t Van Halen put out something like this anymore? This has an awesome groove, awesome riffs, hot chicks, and it is fun!

    No awesome to those last three songs from Best of Both Worlds, but I felt kinda let down.

    This is the kind of music I want to hear Van Halen do!! (i.e. Bottoms Up!)

    How many people here feel the same way?!!?!?!?

  • Herb

    Jim = Donk of the day. Gawd you’re an idiot.

  • dude

    @Matteau23 : Just what I was thinking. I love Ed and Al but it’s hard not to see a pattern here …

  • Van Foot

    King of the Ladies is a good video with a bluesy riff. All those chicks and people hangin’ around at the BBQ…reminds me of the 80′s and good times.

    A similar house(s) in my neighborhood is in foreclosure. I know that many attribute being critical of the VH band as being “haters” of their current situation. I don’t quite see it like that…many expect more from the band and don’t understand much of the EVH stuff over the years: a cure for cancer (apparently…according to him), 2004 unraveling in AZ, Dave coming and going, RNR Hall debacle, negative press and the horrendous photo of a few years ago, porn music, and Wolfie in the band…come to think of it…that may be Wolfie playing in Extreme.

    Van Halen News Desk is almost oxymoronish as the band is defunct and doing nothing. What would they be hiding in their mid-fifties or why would they want to regarding music and cutting some tunes? That Dirty Water Dog don’t hunt anymore. However, there are some great news pieces with regard to other elements of a once great band.

  • http://vhnd Emery

    Great band Extreme, but music is not a sport why do people put one band against another crazy stuff I will never understand. Van Halen will be back. Remember theres alittle Van halen in everyone. And you can bet the new stuff will be top shelf for sure as it always is.

  • Sammy Lee Cherone

    Really liked Extremes last album, lots of great hard rockin riffs by Nuno. Saw then a couple times in Boston years ago and they were really good live.

    Saw the Sans Halen tour in Mansfield MA…Sammy had Mike and Gary come up for a couple songs. Great times!

  • Ron

    That song totally hooked me in. I played it just to see what the band looks like now, and played it twice to hear the tune. I think Extreme news is a bit of a stretch for this site, but it was well worth it.

    I saw VH twice on the VHIII tour with Gary and the shows both kicked ass. Gary did a good job tearing up both Dave’s & Sammy’s songs as well as his own. I still kinda like VHIII, I just think the production kind of sucked. I’d like to hear a remastered version, but somehow I think that’s a long way off ;-)

    Who else can we dredge up that appeared on a Van Halen record or is connected in some way to post news about here. Michael Jackson? Paul Shaffer & the late night band? Jan Van Halen? There are lots of connections out there :-)

  • Karma Wheel

    The King of the Ladies song is really good. I found myself bopping along and really enjoyed the video. I’m not a huge Extreme fan, but do enjoy some of their songs. Plus while watching the trailer for the live dvd and hearing them do Decadence Dance live, I thought to myself that they really sounded better live that VH did on their last tour.

  • Jon

    Saw Extreme in the UK a couple of years ago on this tour. They were awesome. I don’t say that lightly – I am a professional musician and have seen hundreds of bands. Extreme were truly one of the best bands I have ever seen, VH in 1995 included. The whole band took time afterwards to meet and greet with fans – before we even left the arena – and they were all top class guys.

    I’m afraid I’m becoming very cynical about VH. If they ever make another album they probably won’t tour Europe anyway. On balance I think I probably give as much of a shit about EVH as he gives about me…

  • http://www.vhnd.com Pat G.

    As I am writing this, I am listening to the new Extreme cd on my IPOD and it rocks!!!!! I wish we could say the same for VH, but I am losing faith in them more and more every day. They want to live off of what they did 25 years ago and not give their loyal fans any new music of any kind. But bands like Chickenfoot and Extreme are rocking just as hard as VH ever did in their heyday and Extreme just got back together a few years ago, but the mighty VH have been dormant since Gary left the band, are we counting the tour with Sam in ’04?? VH, give us SOMETHING, or just go away forever.

  • freddiegirl

    I do understand that the News Desk is trying to give us any and all news that is related to VH in some way…but…to those who think VH is is overhashed and not worth writing about, why come here with your negative attitude?

    Yes, Extreme are talented..but I always liked their music…(ok, Nuno Bettencourt..) more than the vocals. Gary is a great vocalist; just not my style. But good for them for putting out new stuff.

  • jim

    Karl & Herb,

    WTF, deutches?

  • Scott

    I saw Extreme in OKC in 92. That was one of the most talented bands I have ever seen live. I have been a fan since. Great to see new music out of them.

    As for their inclusion on this site. I lay that at Mr’s Van Halen. You brought Gary into the band, you put the VH name on him, he’s part of the legacy. No way around that.

  • Van Foot

    I agree Scott. Since when is Van Halen EVH and Alex? Sammy, Michael, and to some degree, Gary have a huge following that influence the r-n-r industry.

    Eddie’s shoes should be marketed with the following tag, “These shoes are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these shoes are going to walk right over you!”

    When people scribe, “…Van Halen news please,” what exactly are they looking for? The band is doing nothing, producing nothing (other than T-shirts), and has plans for more of nothing. Kudos to VH News Desk for carrying some post modern Van Halen News!

  • skutch

    Scott! Did you see them at the Myriad with that chick band? I was there, all 5foot 0inches of me.

  • skutch

    Vixen? I think that’s who it was. It was a concert for Desert Storm right?

  • Herb

    Thanks for the confirmation, Jim. You’re too much of an idiot to even spell you’re pathetic come back, much less contribute anything of value or interest. You should check out of this forum permanently.

  • Ryan

    Hey Jim,

    Nuno did more chicks than you.

    End of story.

  • Marko

    nuno did more guys too.

  • Towers McQuestion

    Anyone who blames Gary for VH III is an idiot. It’s all Eddie’s doing (and this is from an “Eddie first” fan). It was his solo album and Gary did as he was told. He may not have fit with Van Halen, but songs like “King Of The Ladies” are better than anything that came from that turd VH3. I love that song, very cool. So I blame Eddie and the idiot producer from those TV shows (I forget his name). He also had the good taste and grace to have reverence for those who came before him (Dave and Sammy), something neither of his predecessors cared to do.

    You may have been short lived in VH, Gary, but you are a powerhouse with Extreme.

    P.S.: No one asked me, but I do think this, and all Chickenfoot news, can be classified under the Van Halen banner, as it involves ex members. If Dave does a solo record in the future, I’m sure we’d all want to hear about it here. Same goes for Gary, Sammy and Mike (and Alex if he ever did anything outside of VH, which will never happen). They are part of a distinguished few, those who toured under the flag of Van Halen. They will ALWAYS and forever have an association with that brand name.

    Besides, if we’re just gonna post Van Halen band news, this site may as well shut down and direct any traffic to vanhalenstore.com.

  • York

    For some of you guys wanting to see Anthony back with VH, who wouldn’t? But I gotta be honest, if I am Anthony I wouldn’t even if they begged. I love VH, ALL VH, but they didn’t do right by Anthony and he’s got a great thing going with Chickenfoot. Now if it DID happen, let Wolfie do rythm. There are a lot of songs you may never hear live like Me Wise Magic, that has too many guitars going to do live without a rythm guy or piping in music.Even Poundcake live is noticeably different than the recording because they need more guitars in there. Keep in mind, none of its bad to me. Just saying if they wanted they could make room for Wolfie it could be done. If he is as good on guitar as Eddie always says he is, might bring in some fresh air and add something to the new music (if there ever is any, please let there be) as well as the live show.

    But this is an Extreme thread and I always thought they didn’t get enough credit. Nuno is crazy good, Cherone had DLR energy but sometimes it doesn’t look as smooth on him but he gets an A for effort.Loved eveything they did from Kid Ego to Hip Today/Gone Tomorrow But I didn’t really like the latest CD. I really wanted to. King of the Ladies kicks ass but the rest I was kind of disappointed in. For my taste it was softer than I anticipated, would have liked them to smash the accelerator a little more.

  • lucky

    Extreme never got any respect, unless it was for their ballads. Fun band, and Gary is a great singer. VHIII was what it was and didn’t do him justice as a singer, but oh well.

    I like about 4 songs off of the new Extreme record, the rest? eh, but that’s ok.

  • Opusthe1

    Extreme I was fully VH influenced disc. Since then, Extreme is more like Queen. You don’t know what the next song will be, heavy rock, funky rock, Sinatra…and they pull of all off great on record and live.

    On a sadder note, I think we (well maybe me) have so start considering the fact that Eddie can’t write anymore. I hope I’m wrong but what good has the last 10 yrs produced? “Two Burritos…”? Lots of “thoughts” and “ideas” and “jamming” but no songs. Unfortunately, people lose it after so long. I hope I’m wrong.

    Also, that picture from the DLR marathon story – anybody else notice that Ed doesn’t look so happy and Dave looks like “theres a camera on me so I gotta smile while Ed’s all serious in my face”? Anybody else get that feeling?

  • sammyvanroth

    Ummm, john!? what van halen news?????

  • York


    REF DLR HAVING to smile for the camera and EVH looking grumpy. Hasn’t it ALWAYS been that way? DLR has never met a camera he didn’t like and Eddie, unless its pictures of him during a concert, usually looks like he would rather be some place else.

    I think there is a difference between being able to write and being able to make a hit. They have been out of the picture for so long now in regards to new music I am sure realistically shooting for hits is or should be out the window. But I believe they got good music left in them. After all those years apart they got together and made Me Wise Magic and Can’t get This Stuff No More. Excellent songs IMO, it was like they never broke up. I have been one of the biggest EVH goons since Jr High, but lets face it, he is a bit self centered when it comes to his music (and you know he looksat it like HIS music). I think there is ALOT more to why they haven’t gone forward from a great concert series a few years ago that we don’t know about.

  • Scott

    Skutch- Nope. Was at the Zoo Amp with a crap hair metal band.