Where’s Dave? The NYC Marathon!

Photo copyright Robert Yager

What has David Lee Roth been up to since the 2007-2008 Van Halen tour? It seems that a few months ago he took part in the NYC Marathon. Here’s the VH-related excerpt from The Huffington Post story:

More than 40,000 people of all shapes and sizes are taking part in this year’s New York York City Marathon. While the field features several elite athletes, the vast majority of entrants are average Americans running for the love of the race (and maybe to drop a few pounds, too).

The New York City Marathon is considered to be the world’s largest and, since its founding in 1970, has become one of the most popular. Over 2 million spectators line the streets, bridges, and roadways of New York to watch the racers run (and let’s face it, sometimes walk), while another 315 million watch on TV.

Below you’ll find some fun facts and trivia about the marathon. While it may not be as impressive as actually competing in the event, you can be sure that knowing these will make you the most popular person at your marathon party!
1. Some Celebrity Marathoners Are Actually Pretty Good. While the likes of David Lee Roth (6:04:43) and Mike Huckabee (5:33:39) did about as well as you’d expect them to do, some celebs who’ve tried their hand at marathon running have put in some respectable times. William Baldwin (3:24:29), Meredith Baxter (4:08:30), and Anthony Edwards (3:55:40), who’s running it again this year, have some of the best celebrity times in the New York City Marathon. Of course Lance Armstrong blows these times out of the water with his 2:46:43 finish, but we’re going to say that he’s in a slightly different category than everybody else.  [edit]

Sure seems like something Dave would do! This raises some interesting questions: Is he training for a Van Halen tour? Was he wearing Eddie’s new EVH striped running shoes?

This reminds of of Dave’s old quote, “I used to run, but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass…”

Photo copyright Robert Yager

These Behind-the-scenes photos from the Van Halen tour are copyright Robert Yager.

  • http://www.vhnd.com VH_Canuck

    Dave ran the marathon in 1987. Here’s the website for reference. http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_about/parks_history/marathon.html

    Let’s hope he’s too busy with Ed to run in 2010

  • Bill

    Roth_the_scissors_kicker said:

    “Doesn’t the NYC Marathon have a website that shows all official registrants so we can end this controversy once and for all?”

    I already did that. I got my info straight from their website. Read my posts

  • http://www.vhnd.com Garrett

    If I were ever to be considered 1/1,000,000th as cool as DLR, I’d die a happy man : P

  • sammyvanroth

    phillster, no one is hating on him. we just cracked up at the fact that he had a slower time then the mom from “family ties!” we love dave but he needs to stop smoking (eddie too!)…

  • http://vhnd.com 51yr old fan

    hey phillster is it possible your afraid of the fact that chickenfoot will put out another album and vh won’t and eddie could be hanging it up?

  • the giz

    While Dave runs marathons, Ed sells tennis shoes and guitar picks. Meanwhile, Sam and Mikey are kicking people’s ass every night with great music.

  • fish

    The time quoted in this story was Dave’s time from the 1987 marathon.

  • Dave

    I agree, that time was horrible for someone in shape as Dave has always been. I also read this quite some time ago. I think that time is from a NYC marathon in the past. No telling if Dave was there this year or not. The boys used to put out new stuff at least once a year. Now look at them. I understand there’s little money to be made because of file sharing, but would it kill them to tape some new stuff just for the fun of it, or god forbid for the fans?

  • Roth_the_Scissors_Kicker

    Somehow…..some way…..we have to quickly squash this rumor that Diamond Dave had a worse time in the NYC marathon than Alex P. Keaton’s mom! That is rather embarrassing….especially for someone as physically fit as Dave has always been. If 6:04:46 was really his time back in 1987, then something was up during the race to distract him — perhaps signing autographs on large breasts of adoring women? Telling hecklers in the crowd he was gonna fuck their girlfriends after the race? We need to solve this mystery….

  • Curtis Lee Roth

    Dave is Van Halen….. He needs to put out some solo stuff in between waiting on Eddie to build up enough courage to beg Michael Anthony back into the group.

  • Mark

    I doubt he became two hours slower in five years.

    He probably got there late, or maybe got injured and gutted it out.

    My neighbor did it and hurt his knee around mile 16, and pretty much walked the rest just to finish.

  • skutch

    Phillster – you nailed it. People just analyze every little article into the ground. ridiculous.

  • Dooley

    phillster, skutch:

    Oh, the broad brush treatment, huh? A good-sized handful of us just basically said the headline and the story is misleading and we were all right to be skeptical of it.

    So, we are “ridiculous”, and full of “desparate jibberish”, …”the bunch of you”..huh? yeah right.

  • Pete

    Good for Dave…I hope I’ll be running marathons when I’m his age, but I doubt it!!!! Good for Dave!

  • York

    I check the VHND all the time but rarely post but I gotta say, what’s with all the DLR hate? And why do you have to be either a Hagar fan OR a DLR fan? Personally, I liked the Roth era better but to me it was ALL good. Hell I even liked VHIII! Yeah the lyrics were kind of weak but that (at the time)was some of the freshest and different playing Ed had ever done. But back to this particular article. Who cares if he did do the marathon or not? And if he did do it in 6 hours, AWESOME! I might get it done in 6 days. And if he was scared while rock climbing, so what? Its suppose to be scary, but apprently he did it anyways. I think DLR is the man, but Sammy is so cool in his own way too. Personally I am for which ever rout gets us new music. I am betting that will be Dave if anyone. Just don’t get the hate for ANY of the members. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) the only person in the whole group who got a raw deal is Anthony. But that’s another horse that’s been beat to death.

  • Vanicionado

    Right there with ya York!

    Well spoke!

  • treasachi

    Looking at all the posts here ……the last thing I saw from the big D was somewthing along the lines of ….no news yet on a new VH album (late 2008)…..have to drag Ed into the studio to write and record…..he’s not setting the alarm, just hitting the snooze button until he gets a call to go over (to LA)……thus far nothing….. as for the NY marathon……does it really matter??? This man is incredible, 55 (well 56 this year bless!) has the body of an adonis, the mind of a mesa class genius and the business acumen of Lee Iococa!! The guy loves his privacy….when he wants to be seen…….he will be!!! To me he’ll always be Huck Finn – hell he’s lived his life that way – any way the river takes him !!!!

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