• chris.omeara

    uncleanmeat80 asked:

    “They were just barely skimming the surface with Sammy when the breakup happened.

    So do you agree that had Sammy stayed on in 96, the band would have gone to even bigger heights than previously?”

    Answer: Yes- They would have gone on to bigger heights of stupidity and wussiedom…

  • bobalu

    Those were awesome nice to get a different perspective on these songs.

  • Michaell Vestergaard

    your the fucking greatest

  • Armando

    Non ho mai sentito un chitarrista come Eddie Van Halen.
    Non esistono chitarristi che abbiano la sua genialitĂ , il suo tocco e il suo inconfondibile gusto. Eddie FORVER THE BEST GUITAR HERO OF ALL TIME!!!!!!

  • Phil

    You find this intimate guitar/drums cohesion in Pantera too…of course, they are brothers too đŸ˜‰

    With Van Halen guitar, there is no limit between solo and rhythmic.

    You will find some solo licks inside riffs, and you will find a rhythmic approach in solo guitar too…

    Hendrix had this approach too : being left handed probably helped him đŸ˜‰