Left handed Wolfgang Guitars available in 2010

From Eddie Van Halen’s Myspace:

“For those who have been asking – left handed EVH Brand Wolfgang guitars will become available as a special order from EVH Brand in January 2010. Official ordering procedures will be issued in late January 2010. Stay tuned and thanks for your interest and support in EVH Brand guitars!”

  • Greg

    Jesus Fucking Christ!!!
    I have been lobbying them for this for years!

    Finally some real news on VHND!

  • Junglestud

    oooh, my dreams have came true. A quality non-ibanez lefty!!

  • Greg

    Well it’s been 15 minutes since my 1st post.
    I am still cumming in my pants.

    Ed…I’ll pick mine up on the weekend!

    Fucking yeah!

  • Bluesbro

    Will it double as a ‘Guitar Hero’ controller … lol.

  • RockinJoesIroc

    …Great news for the lefties out there, but howabout a version thats a little more financially accessable?

  • Pete

    Wow…this is awesome! With all the money I’m saving by not having new VH albums or DVDs I can finally afford a new pair of striped sneakers, a lefty wolfgang, and some drastically reduced EVH pedals. There’s just so many things to buy…so from games to gear to shit you’d never be caught dead wearing on your feet, come on down to “Crazy Ed’s Everything But Music Store”.

    Sad. I used to really respect this guy. I miss the old Ed.

  • Scottso

    Unbelievably well said, Pete!

  • Jim


    I can now get a quality lefty guitar!!!!

  • mjc

    i do own the red high tops,but pete’s comment is right on.

  • phillster

    I don`t see a problem with Ed selling things.
    The things he ALLOWS to have his name on are
    reasonably attached to his lifestyle(ala sneaks,straps,
    beer coolies,any&allMUSICAL equipment)
    If he starts selling bubblegum cards&Koffins then i`ll worry,

  • Adrian

    i’m sorry but pete chill the fuck out take a look at some other band’s merchandise sites it’s insane i mean the crue is basically motley target queen has furniture and blankets these are more sell out items Edward (so far) has stuck to things that apply to his fans and complement his style. Everyone has always wanted to sound like EVH he says hey guys here my pedals, my guitar, my amp, even my cable. Quality shit and played by the man himself. People say I wanna look like Ed! Hey guys here my hi-tops, my lo-tops, strap, picks all quality all have that signature eddie feel. Bitch all you want about new music I get it we are all restless but don’t call his endorsements shitty just because your fed up with his work ethic. Genius is sloppy, lazy, and comes in waves, catch the next starting 2010.

  • Adam

    Adrian is absolutely right. I am always surprised when fans around here give Eddie flak for selling merchandise. Van Halen has ALWAYS been way less into merchandising than the other big bands. It’s always been that way. If anything, people should be complaining that there is not more of it. I mean, have you looked at the online stores of the other bands out there?? Zeppelin, Stones, AC/DC, Aerosmith…. I think almost every huge rock band has WAY more merch for sale than Van Halen. Hell, even Joe Satriani has WAY, WAY more stuff for sale than Ed.

    Yet to this day, they don’t seem that into it. A few shirts, shoes, and some (quality) accessories for guitarists is not that much stuff.

  • SCAR

    Nothing wrong with making money!!!! Money is good!!!

  • chris.omeara

    Except for Les Paul, most famous guitar players should stick to writing & playing songs, not designing guitars. Some really UGLY designs have come about which are not at all inspirational like the players songs were.

    Remember the “Neal Schon” guitar? Or the latest Zak Wylde abomination? Or Dimebag’s last experiment? The Floyd Rose Model Kramer looked gay; The Steve Stevens models? Yuk.

    The Wolf-gang-banger has always looked just plain awful, but since EVH designed it, everybody wants to throw their cash away on one… Just get a Charvel striped re-issue and go for it…

    Lukather model? Ouch… Akira Takasaki (Loudness) looked cool playing those ESP knockoffs of Charvel, but when he designed his own model from the ground up, it looked like sh*t..

    Just stick to what you are good at, no delusions of grandeur that just because you can play good, you can create something better than the tried-and-true designs…

    Vai did a good job working with Ibanez, but not as good as his Charvel “strats” and Jackson Soloists…

  • paul wilkinson

    great news but lefty ernie balls have been available for years( minus a floyd rose ). theyre gona be even more expensive.hope they do a ‘cheap’ version like they did with the original wolfgangs as there are far too few mid price leftys on the market.

  • bobalu

    Nice to hear, being a lefty and having to restring a righty is hassle will be nice to have lefty available, especially a wolfy!

  • lucky

    the only VH guitar I ever liked was the original Ernie Ball’s. I play it all the time. Didn’t like the peavey’s and I’ve never played the new ones, but hell if I’m shelling out nearly 3k for a geetar. One thing I will say is that Ed’s pickups are the shit for the rock and roll.

    I don’t mind him selling his stuff. Who cares? Buy if if you like it, if not, the don’t sweat it. I will say I think his stuff, like the amps and guitars, are a tad overpriced for the marketplace, but then that’s just my opinion.

  • Pete

    Nothing wrong with artisits merchandising…but when all there is “is merchandising” then that’s pretty sad. Did Eddie close up shop just to open up “Ed’s clearing house”?

    Sure, Motley Crue, Zakk Wylde, et all are selling stuff…but aren’t they also releasing music?????

    The problem is…when you aren’t releasing music, and you’re just selling stuff, aren’t you just “getting all you can” FROM your fans rather than “giving all you can” TO your fans?

    I’m sorry, but Ed has checked out…and he’s simply taking all the money he can on the way out. It wasn’t always like that, and those of you that applaud that are simply enablers. He needs to be shamed back into reality.

    In 2 years do you want to be talking about how ENTITLED he is to be selling out our how ENTITLED he is to be selling out albums or arenas?

    I’m hoping for something new from Ed that I can HEAR rather than WEAR. If you’re happy with less than I guess you’ll be much happier than I will be with Ed in the coming 2 years…

  • Greg

    Update: I am still cumming in my pants.

    I remember my website back in the late 90’s…
    It fell on deaf ears at Peavey.

    The Lefty Wolfgang Awareness Page!

    I got a few hundred people interested in a lefty version, but nobody came to our rescue.

    Thanks for something useful for us lefties Eddie!
    How do I get one of the first ones off the assembly line?

    Greg Celtorius
    Montreal, Canada

  • Greg

    Is it 2010 yet???
    I hope Fender is working over the Xmas holidays!

  • David

    I’ve been waiting for this for years. I have two Ernie Ball Axis Super Sports with an after market Gotoh Floyd Rose on them. It works well but I’m sure it’s not the same. I’m getting one for sure!

  • Raffo

    It seems not true that finally will be possible to have it, waiting this for years!

  • Raffo

    Dear All, any updates?

  • bob

    How do I go about ordering a lefty?? I tried guitar ctr but they’re saying it’s not out yet.

  • bob

    Of the guitars I own I currently favor my Ibanez Jem 7v. I hope the wolfgang’s pickups sound as good as the evolutions. I’m buying one regardless.

  • bob

    Guitar Center in Summerland says they’ll probably be out in October although they’re scheduled for Sept. some time.

  • bob

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether I could use a distortion pedal with the wolfgang? Or are the pickups so hot that they should go directly to the amp?