Sammy Hagar’s 2009 Birthday Bash!

Mike, Sam, Emeril & Matt Sorum - 2009 Bash
Mike, Sam, Emeril & Matt Sorum - 2009 Bash

Welcome to the Van Halen News Desk’s “Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash” recap, which features setlists of all 5 of the wild concerts during the bash, videos of Chickenfoot’s soundcheck at the Cantina, and newly imported Cabo Wabo merchandise. Enjoy!

First, here’s what Sammy Hagar had to say after the bash:

Cabo Wabo Guitar Picks & Collectors Tin #1
Cabo Wabo Guitar Picks & Collectors Tin #1 ($12.95, Click image to purchase)

“Wow….I am sitting on the beach trying to remember how all this happened in one week…..Two awesome shows with the Wabo’s…I feel like we didn’t miss a beat, it was so fun playing with them again! Then Chad, Mike and Joe came in like a storm or should I say with the storm. The Foot at the Wabo, dream come true is about all I can say. What an awesome night, something I have thought about since we all got together as Chickenfoot just after last years bash. Then we had the last two nights…….I have to say, Matt Sorum, an original Wabo Rat was full on as he brings so much energy to the new show as well as his better half Ace who sang some Zeppelin on Tuesday….Mikey and the Other Half was something to remember… I always love playing those songs with him……And who can forget Emeril……his birthday is 10/15 and he comes down every year for a charity cooking event that we have done together for the past three years…….He is now an official Wabo Rat as well.

2009 Birthday Bash Pick
2009 Birthday Bash Pick ($9.95, Click image to purchase)

“Looking ahead we will have the second best place on the planet to party at…….Las Vegas Baby!!! The Cabo Wabo on the strip will open in mid November and we will be there to play sometime the first week of December, so stay tuned!

“I have been thinking about all my special fans and realize we have to come up with a better system for tickets next year…..I cannot stand the thought of my fans sleeping on the street and with the weather issues we have had over the past few years, if anything happened to one of you I would be devasted! So we will be working on a new system for next year….Thank you all for sharing my birthday with me….”

Peace and Love,

Chickenfoot’s soundcheck at the Cabo Wabo, part 1:

Chickenfoot’s soundcheck at the Cabo Wabo, part 2:

Chickenfoot’s soundcheck at the Cabo Wabo, part 3:


Show #1 – Oct 7th:

2009 Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Shirt
2009 Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Shirt (L, XL, 2XL) (Click image to purchase)

Turn Up The Music
Whole Lotta Zep
Shaka Doobie
Finish What You Started
Three Lock Box
Cosmic Universal Fashion
Rock Candy
I’ll Fall In Love Again
Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
One Way To Rock
Eagles Fly
Heavy Metal
Mas Tequila

Show #2 – Oct 8th:

I Cant Drive 55
I Love This Bar
Red Voodoo
Tropic of Capricorn
Best of Both Worlds
High and Dry Again
Whole Lotta Zep
Marching to Mars
Give to Live
Both Sides Now
Plain Jane
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Weekend (Sammy on drums)
Let Sally Drive
Fight For Your Right To Party


Chickenfoot Cabo Wabo Concert Shirt
Chickenfoot Cabo Wabo Concert Shirt (L & XL, Click image to purchase)

Show #3 – Oct 10th (CHICKENFOOT’s secret gig):

Avenida Revolution
Sexy Little Thing
Soap on a Rope
My Kinda Girl
Alright Now
Down the Drain
Oh Yeah
Runnin’ Out
Learning to Fall
Get It Up
Turning Left
Future in the Past

Show #4 – Oct 12th:

Rock`N` Roll
Rock Candy
Going Down
Whole Lotta Zep
Good Enough
Why Can`t This Be Love
Top Of The World
Running With The Devil
Finish What You Started
Right Now
Heavy Metal


Show #5 – Oct 13th – Birthday Show:

Cabo Wabo Guitar Picks & Collectors Tin #2
Cabo Wabo Guitar Picks & Collectors Tin #2 ($12.95, Click image to purchase)

Sun Don’t Shine
Ten 13
I Cant Drive 55
Little White Lies
One Way To Rock
I’ll Fall In Love Again
Best Of Both Worlds
Whole Lotta Zep
Rock ‘n’ Roll
I`ll Take You There
Shaka Doobie
Mas Tequila
Cabo Wabo.


See all the officially licensed Cabo Wabo stuff for sale at Van Halen Store, such as t-shirts, hats, shotglasses, keychains, drinking accessories, stickers, etc.


For a more thorough write-up of Sammy’s yearly Birthday Bashes read our “Rockin’ Cabo” write up from last year.

  • Bluesbro

    Wow, that has to be the longest article with the most links ever posted here. I was sitting off the Cabo coast last week, but couldn’t get ashore because of the hurricane. I missed my Wabo fix. Love or hate Sammy, the dude is a world class partier.

  • Frank

    Wow…looks like these guys had a really good time and a lot of fun. Let’s hope VH can give us something similar soon…

    Frank, NL

  • RA 8 1 2

    I gotta make it down there for one of these. Looks like so much fun. Im so glad he plays stuff from all of his bands, etc. Props to Sam and Mike for keeping the VH Hagar years alive by playing some of the songs. I knwo its not Eddie on gtr, but if this is the only way we get to hear em, then thats what I will take. Im also glad that we have almost come full circle. We have VH doing things with Dave again (we hope) and Sammy and Mike doing their thing. As fans of VH and all related, I have to say…we are pretty lucky.

  • Rodney

    Sh** ….Thats more news in one post then we have had from vh in several months. It’s official we need to start a petition for this site to be called the Chickenfoot News Desk. VH can have some tidbits here and there. Rock on FOOT!

  • John

    Was the Foot playing VH tunes?

  • Aftershock

    I did see “Learning to Fall” in show 3’s setlist.

  • kayser sozay

    From the setlist it appears CF didn’t play any VH. “Learning to Fall” is a CF tune. Although looks like the Wabos played a lot of VH.

  • GOL

    Can someone say if Chickenfoot is playing all this VH tunes? I remember Sammy saying they wouldn’t play’em…

  • Dooley

    To those who raised the question about CF playing VH tunes…

    There’s a handful of VH tunes in the attached setlists, look it over again. Only one from the Dave era (Runnin’ With the Devil, which I’d bet was sung by MA).

  • Adam

    Chickenfoot played ONE show in Cabo, on Oct 10th. The other 4 shows were Sammy & the Wabos. Chickenfoot has yet to play a VH song in concert.

  • Rich

    Yeah Chickenfoot never play VH songs live, even though Mikey said they might before the album came out. I am bummed that I missed basically all incarnations of Van Halen (apart from Van Halen 4) and if I’m really honest, if somebody offered to take me back in time to see a VH show, it would have to be one with Sammy.

    I would love to get to a Birthday Bash, and rock on RA812 as he so rightly says its good that Mikey and Sam are keeping the Van Hagar years alive, they know the fans miss it and if I’m honest, I never think Ed and Sam really meant to part ways. I guess months of biting their tongues finally got to each other. But that was the past and this is now. We have Classic Van Halen touring next year, Sammy making new music with the Foot and doing some VH stuff with Mikey and The Other Half.

    The trouble is I think Joe could totally pull off VH licks, but as The Foot is a sort of side-project (albeit a very successful and awesome one) there isn’t any need for him to learn that stuff. I’m just hungry for some live Van Halen.

    Well, happy birthday to Sam and I hope he keeps rocking into his seventies! I feel privelleged I got to see him live in my lifetime (hell, I was born the year that Van Halen released F.U.C.K, and 18 years later he’s still rocking his ass off in all corners of the globe!). Would be great to see Ed do something for his birthday…?

  • Cmon

    The VH tunes are with the Wabos and/or The Other Half … not with CF

  • Ludwig

    Interesting?? Sammy Inc releases yet another line of t-shirts, picks, booze for sale!! Yet these same so-called fans/naysayers/Sammy lovers cried foul and wanted Eddie’s head on a platter when he brings out a pair of sneakers that diehard fans have been wanting for years!! Bunch of hypocrites’!! Where’s the outcry of the sell-out Sammy and his latest merchandise release?!! Your silence is deafening, oh I get it we’ll just let that sweep under the Sammy rug of BS huh?!! Oh and just a word to put all you naysayers into place, Sam might throw a party….but VAN HALEN IS THE PARTY!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Been there done that!!

  • Adam


    You are right about Sammy being JUST AS INTO selling things as EVH is, or, in fact, even much more into it than EVH is. Since Sammy left VH in ’96, he has had around 10 times as much merchandise for sale as VH has. And good for him.

    Of course, that is only smart, and no one should be be surprised that anyone such as Eddie or Sammy would not want to sell a lot of merchandise – anyone in their shoes would be stupid not to.

    The fans that complain whenever new merch comes out are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, are they?

  • Bluesbro

    Ludwig, Sam has gotten his share of heat for all his marketing on this site as well. I think the difference is that he is actually a working musician, and not just marketing his stuff off of reputation. I believe that is why Ed gets blasted more for doing the same thing.

  • Keith

    The difference LUDWIG is that your precious VH has put out no new music for a million f#@ckin years !!! READ … NO NEW MUSIC. Plus the total disrespect to Mike in all VH things and the complete A-hole rudeness regarding the induction to the RnR Hall of Fame. Who showed up ??? Mike and Sam. Its all that simple, really. You really need to get the facts straight.

  • VH Dude

    I love Van Halen and I am still checking this site for the same thing every last one of you is checking for. Firm fucking news. Van Halen is top of the list and it will be a great day when there is rock solid news that Dave is really recording with them and an album is definite.

    Van Halen will always be number one. But with that said…Sammy, Wabos, Chickenfoot – it doesn’t matter: I love them too and they have my support. Chickenfoot is releasing kick ass music and touring. As far as I am concerned they can sell sand from the Mexican beaches and I’m OK with that.

    As for my beloved band Van Halen… No one really has a problem with the gear. Fans are bent out of shape because there is no new music to accompany the EVH line, only Twitter and Facebook. It’s that simple. The shoes are sweet, but they would fit and feel a lot better if I was listening to new Van Halen tunes while wearing them…

    VHND: You guys give me confidence with this steady and great Chickenfoot coverage… Confidence that when (please be when, not if) Van Halen finally release new music and tour you will give us some great coverage. Rock on guys.

  • RA 8 1 2

    Ludwig, We clown on Ed for selling stuff because that is all he does lately. Sam at least puts out an album every year or every couple years and tours almost every year. If he just put our merchandise like Ed, we would clown on Sammy too! As a die hard fan like you i hope VH puts out something new soon so we can stop clowning on him. I know he is happy now and getting his live together, sober, etc which so many people say on here and they say that Ed does not owe us anything. And they are right, Ed owes us nothing. HOwever, he talks every so often about how he will be doing music soon and has so much music, etc. This has been going on for years! Healthy or not. Where is it! Until it is delivered, we will continue to question. If he owes us nothing and nothing is in the near future for VH then dont give us false hope! I would love for a new tour next year, but I will be VERY disappointed if it is a tour with no new music. That is not respecting the fans. That is abusing the fans. Expecting them to pay $125 for a nose bleed ticket to see the same show we saw a couple years ago with a couple changes to the set list? Not right.

  • http://vhnd surfsno2008

    sam started to make van hagar a brand in 1990 with the cabo wabo
    so what- it is capitalism
    remember the chinese make the best capitlists in todays world
    sam does new SHIT! really he does
    that shows he cares about his fans at least..
    ed ummm. no comment.

    the man is/was a solo artist and formed a new band since he left van halen

    edward has done nothing but tour.

    point is sam does new things and is creative
    edward is negative and does nothing new
    NOTHING for over 10 fricking years….

  • Kayser Sozay

    Ludwig… “Van Halen is the party!”

    Really? Have I missed something these last 11 years?

  • Rich

    RA812, right once again!

    The main reason why I get annoyed at Ed is that everytime there’s an interview or something, he’s always saying how he has a century’s worth of music, gets it all done in his spare time, etc etc. We hear Tweets of how he’s jamming old tunes with Wolfie and Alex, but nothing about new music. The trouble is, we hear a lot of stuff but nothing comes to light – not an EP, not a single song, not even an instrumental. VH used to put at least 1 intstrumental per album…why don’t they give one of those to the fans?

    Its just that Sammy is making new music, doing things, keeping busy, and he doesn’t just tour the States and Mexico, he comes over to Europe and visits us over here (which Ed and the boys haven’t done since Balance). I don’t mind Sammy selling stuff, t-shirts, tequila, whatever. He had a Gold record this year, all the best to him. Ed has some quality merch but nothing new to go with it. Thats why I’m a little cynical about his wares compared to Sammy’s.

    PLUS, not EVERY guitarist has to have merch. John Frusciante, lead guitarist from Red Hot Chili Peppers, has had many, many offers from Fender and other companies. But he politely declines and sticks to Vintage Strats and Marshalls. Just thought I’d put that out there.

  • Rodney

    Kayser Sozay…..

    Ludwig is referring to his Guitar Hero parties….

  • Ludwig

    To Adam! Glad to hear you “Get It’ I respect your comments dude!!

    As for the rest since I struck your little nerves, did it ever occur to you all since 1996 when Sam exited/fired from Van Halen (fired/exit who could give a toss, just glad the dark ages of Van Halen/Hagar was over!!) that Van Halen was sabotaged by the vultures that wanted to control EVH!! It’s been happening since EVH first erupted the music biz!! Everyone and his dog wanted a piece of EVH; trying to influence him, control him, change him…hell even his ex-wife was in on the act too!! How much can this genius take? No wonder he lost control of the booze and started to damage himself.

    With EVH it’s pretty simple; all he wants to do is play and make music!! But unfortunately what happens in the music biz, he and Van Halen got caught up and side tracked by the nasty, lying and power play that is the music biz (especially in the mid 70’s & 80’s!!) If only Van Halen had a Peter Grant type manager who fought and protected them!! So Eddie is in a better place now (thank God!), he’s sober, he’s married the right women, Diamond Dave is back where he should be and Van Halen are breathing again!! For a brief moment I thought Van Halen was on death row!!!

    So for you sooks and cry babies that moan on why it’s taken so long for a NEW Van Halen album?!! Just think and consider what’s transpired over the last 11+ years in EVH’s life; getting divorced, mother passing away, cancer, drugs & alcohol abuse/recover, hip replacement, Warner Brothers ending their recording contract with VH and let’s throw in the 2 ex-band members starting a Van Halen cover band ‘Other Half’ and degrading the VH legacy! Oh just forgot EVH’s latest injury scare! His operation on his left hand that was giving him grief in the last tour!! I’d like to see if any of you naysayers can recover from that? No chance I say, your moaning and negative waves is proof you have no courage and heart like my King Edward Van Halen has!!

    Just because Sammy has done more is proof he was stalling Van Halen while he was real intention was to go back being a solo arsehole!! He will always be jealous of EVH!! He’s tried everything to smear EVH’s name and make EVH the bad, angry, evil man but also gloat how great he is!! He’s as fake as diet coke!! The best thing to happening in Rock n Roll is the day Sammy Hagar was out of Van Halen!!! There is a GOD!!!!

  • Karl

    Oh dear, Ludwig. Could this be any aesier to grasp? Sammy is a productive musician who sells merch off the back of his day job. Edward sells merch.

  • VH Encyclopedia

    “Learning to Fall” is a Chickenfoot song. “Learning to See” is a Van Halen song. It’s one of the three new songs Eddie & Sammy wrote for the Best of Both Worlds Greatest Hits package back in 2004 – the other two being “It’s About Time” & “Up For Breakfast.”

  • SCAR

    It looks like it was a hell of a party!!! I’m laughing at all you drama queens out there!!! Give it a rest already!!!

  • stephan chartier

    I spent the whole week with Sammy what a party i am still hung over Sammy thanks Bro i had the time of my life Sammy you are truly a Rock God and then some Thanks Sammy for all the drinks you got me had fun Jamming with you a the boys from CF wow what a blast can’t waight till next year Peace

  • http://vhnd surfsno2008

    ludwig how far are you willing to crawl up ed’s ass?
    have you been drinking edweird’s wine or what?

    not to like van hagar is one thing and some people dont
    but you actually are going to give ed a free pass on his wacko behavior…
    you might as well be his brother!
    shite, even his brother knows its bullshit
    he just backs him up because it s his kid brother
    you know
    but come on man – that has to be the biggest load of crap i have ever read on this site and that is saying a lot

  • Karl

    stephen, I am seriously jealous! You lucky bastard! 🙂

  • sweethomecabo

    Ludwig!! Whos the cry baby? Dude shut up!

  • kayser sozay

    Ludwig… calm down Turbo.

  • Dick Bacon

    They never miss a chance to report chickenfoot news, or sell chickenfoot merchandise.

  • Karl

    Oh dear Adam, I’ve just seen your comment. You and Ludwig must be rattling around in the bottom of the box together. I think it’s worth printing again just for you…

    Could this be any easier to grasp? Sammy is a productive musician who sells merch off the back of his day job. Edward sells merch.

  • ClubfootKolby

    Sammy Hagar rocks, so does Mike, maybe Eddie and Al should do the right thing and beg them to come back,then we would have some new Van Halen music

  • Keith

    Hey Ludwig … still no new VH music. He can’t even make an official comment or commitment for his fans

  • VH Dude

    Karl, I gotta stick up for Adam. I think you misread his post.

    Ludwig. Dude. It’s called denial. Man, you’re like that guy in high school that had really cool hair for a year or two, but now it’s 25 years later. You’re balding all over, but you’re still growing that long hair hanging down the back. For real – cut that shit off. Give it up brother. You won’t get any pussy with that.

    I don’t know what world you’re living in, but Van Halen hasn’t thrown any parties lately. I love Van Halen, but the bar is closed, at least at the moment. Chickenfoot and Sammy on the other hand… Well, there’s actual breaking news right above us with real live f’ing photos – just scroll up. I haven’t been to one of the birthdays down south, but I’ve been to a few of the shows stateside and they fucking rock.

    Dick Bacon: This ain’t a gay porn site. At first I thought your name was funny. Really, please take that faggot shit somewhere else.

    Rich: One instrumental on every album…I’m with you brother:

    Spanish Fly
    Tora! Tora!
    Sunday Afternoon in the Park

    You know…this Dave vs. Sammy thing. Sometimes it’s funny and most times I think it’s good for the cause. But then sometimes…. fuck all you guys. If you call yourself a Van Halen fan but you take the time to diss Sammy and Sammy fans? Then fuck you – you are not a real Van Halen fan to me. And if you do the same about Dave? Fuck you too. I support Sammy and Dave. Ed and Mike. Alex and Wolfgang. If you don’t? Then you’re wrong.

  • Rocko

    Rock On Sammy!!!!

  • VH Dude

    Excuse me…didn’t finish my list.

    Continued from “one instrumental on every album:


    Inside (maybe, pretty much a non-song but still kick ass)

    Source of Infection (Really, it’s like singing over Eddie at the top of his game.)

    316, with Please Dome as an honorable mention: it always seemed like a long instrumental jam to me

    Strung Out: Umm. Yeah, yeah OK. If you say so.

    Baluchitherium (I’m not gonna lie, I had to double check the spelling), honorable mention: Crossing Over – not because it was an instrumental. It really doesn’t belong here. I just weant to vent. Just because it was a B-side. What the fuck Van Halen? Why did every other band get tons of B-sides but we had to wait forever just for one?

    Neworld…no, not Neworld. How Many say I. It’s not an instrumental, but it should have been.

    Ahhh. I love Van Halen. Where is Van Halen? Screw Waldo. Where is Van Halen? No, really, where is Van Halen!?! Any body? Anyone? Have you seen Van Halen?

  • http://vhnd surfsno2008

    ed did dodge a bullet and im glad to have the cat
    he has brought endless happiness to me and the fans with his gift
    that being said we are glad the dude survived cancer and got off the bottle
    that takes balls and a big heart
    and we have to tip our hats to wolfie and his new wife for pulling it off big time! thumbs up wolfman! you saved your dad.
    not bad for a days work.. huh..
    now if he could show some damn class things would be alright!
    shite will even take new music over class. ha. ha.

  • Frank

    Ludwig…don’t forget to change shorts and to clean your PC screen and keyboard after your climax.
    No matter what you say, people will always have their own opinion about this, but we all want 1 thing: new music.
    And I don’t think that’s unfair to us after 11 years and after Ed said he has tons of new songs.

    Frank, NL

  • Karl

    VH Dude, sounded to me like Adam was saying basically the sam thing as Ludwig, only being less stropy about it.

  • Rich

    VH Dude speaks like a true fan. Everyone (I guess) has the right to have hang ups about either Dave or Sammy, but really the music from 78-98 was sweet. C’mon, we’re all fans here, stuff happened and I’m just glad I at least have 10 albums which I can regularly enjoy and listen to.

    “Primary” is enjoyable sometimes, I really like the delay/harmony effect Ed had going on there, a perfect precursor to “Ballot or the Bullet”, which was a pretty mediocre song with an interesting break down/guitar solo.

    “So for you sooks and cry babies that moan on why it’s taken so long for a NEW Van Halen album?!! Just think and consider what’s transpired over the last 11+ years in EVH’s life; getting divorced, mother passing away, cancer, drugs & alcohol abuse/recover, hip replacement, Warner Brothers ending their recording contract with VH and let’s throw in the 2 ex-band members starting a Van Halen cover band ‘Other Half’ and degrading the VH legacy!”

    That might be a lot of stuff to happen in 11 years, but Ed still managed to tour with both Sammy and Dave in that time. Surely it takes more effort to sort out, plan for and go on a tour than it does to jam some tunes and record some demos? Warner dropping them has no effect on a new album release. There are so many artists releasing so much music in a variety of ways. EPs on iTunes, free music on Mypsace/Facebook (as they seem to be into that now), free downloads from Xbox Live (as they just released GH: VH), something new on their YouTube channel, anything. Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Biffy Clyro are all bands that have released free stuff over the internet. I’m not saying VH should give stuff away for free but I’m saying that some stalling is obviously happening as there are so many ways in which Ed can give his fans some music!

    Usually that list of shit you said would be channelled into a song, something emotional. I’m sure Sammy did something like that when he divorced his wife – you think and take reflection and write. Let others feel the emotion you felt through that hard time. Ups and downs, its life dude. EVH hasn’t had an hard one, he has fought his demons and he’s getting in a lot of a better place now, but thats not really much of an excuse is it?

  • SCAR

    VH Dude, excellent slam on Ludwig and Dick Bacon!!!

  • Mark

    Sam is a lot thinner on his concert tee shirts!

  • evh51503

    Blah blah blah!! Who cares who sells what shirt or a guitar all you folks do is whine and cry!!! Keep it to yourself! Lets all be thankful that there is a Van Halen!!! dos’nt matter who is singing or playing bass! If they come out with new stuff great, if not wear out your vinyl, or your cds or tapes or 8- tracks!! Just be happy that they came together and done what they have!!

  • Pete

    Wow…that’s some serious jamming at the end. Absolutely inspiring.

  • evh51504

    okay reading all your comments . when you read this stuff you can’t just blindly believe it. everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want. i read between the lines. and sammy was fired he didn’t quit. yes he came back in 2004 for the best of album. because him and mike actually care about their fans. i don’t care what he does. but in business like any other part in life you gotta be square with people.
    in the past we heard how great sammy was and how he was like a brother. now nothing. and his work in the band won’t be recongized. how rude to treat someone. ignoring 11yrs of work. thats just rude. and either eddie or dave is being the other wife now.

  • vanhalenforlife23

    i want all this winning about who did what and when to stop. and davey aint all that. i just want a new cd. and those who want to live in the past can go listen to there old stuff. eddie owes us nothing he creates because he wants to if you care to purchase it. its your choice. nones putting a gun to your head. go listen to chicken head if you hate dave so much. or find another band.

  • evh51503

    Amen, vanhalenforlife23!!!! Everybody here should read the new guitar world with ed/toni,ed explains very well how he feels!!! chicken who?

  • Judy Pytel

    My B-Day is Oct. 28th and thought maybe you’res was on my day, but, obviously your October 13th….Happy B-day

    That’s all.