Chickenfoot Video Q&A


It was a joke name when we started, Chad, Michael, and I” Chickenfoot frontman Sammy Hagar says of his newish supergroup with guitarist Joe Satriani, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith in a video interview done in conjunction with Fuse. “There were three of us and it looked like a chickenfoot.”

“Probably fueled by some kind of tequila,” Anthony jokes.

In the midst of their first multi-continent tour, the four veteran musicians sat down to talk about the group’s origins, the making of debut album “Chickenfoot,” picking singles “Oh Yeah” and “Soap On A Rope,” and the Van Halen connection that kicked things off.  The album reached No. 4 on the Billboard 200 this June and earned No. 1s on both the Independent Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts.

  • t1m

    I was wondering why they picked those singles in particular. “Soap on a Rope” is definitely my favorite of the two.

  • Pete

    Thanks for all the Foot news VHND! You guys are doing a great job!

  • RA 8 1 2

    I love it! Too bad we need to wait a couple more years before a new Chickenfoot Album. I cant imagine Sammy going much past 65 doing this kind of touring, etc. I say he has a Sammy and a Wabos farewell tour, then one more Chickenfoot album and tour and HOPING…A final reunion with VH with Roth and Sammy. What a way to end it.

  • Dooley

    A “final reunion with VH with Roth and Sammy”, as hoped for by RA 8 1 2, sounds good to me. And I’m sure that idea makes some on this site (“Dave-or-the-grave” types) cringe. The “boyz” (all of ’em) would would have to show a big dose of maturity. Wolf would have to lead the way.
    I’m not betting on it.

  • Riggs

    A final farewell reunion would be great. I’m sure Wolf would be on bass though. Sammy being 65 at the next album or so is not that big of a deal. Look at Tina Turner. I’m not a fan of hers but she is 70 and toured last year. If Sam’s health holds up who knows????

  • Dee

    Shit, paul mccartney still tours, sounds great, and he’s around 70

  • Rocko

    Sammy is doing well for a guy turning 62, He doesn’t even look that old.

  • SirFrankenberry

    I can already read the headlines:
    Oct. 5 2018
    Farmer reports pigs flying.
    Hell is frozen over.
    Van Halen to do retirement home tour with ALL current/former lineups per RA812’s request.

  • Pat G

    It would be a cold day in hell before Eddie puts his ego aside and plays with Sammy and Mikey again. They could have and should have done it at the RRHoF induction. But other issues prevailed and it didn’t happen. While it would be so cool beyond words, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!! If sammy’s health and voice holds up who knows how long he can play and tour. Tina Turner and Paul McCartney are two prime examples
    of artists in their late 60’s and pushing 70, still rocking. So Sammy might see that.

  • VanHalenFan11

    How about a little less Chickenfoot

  • Adrian

    jesus chickenfoot saturation

  • sammyvanroth

    how about a little less VanHalenFan11 comment…

  • Matt


    Is this Van Halen or Chickenfoot news desk?? We want VH!

  • Jeremy

    As the year goes on, we keep getting more and more foot!

  • joe

    SEXY LITTLE THING should have been the first single.

  • Elf

    Matt, you make it sound like this server’s got a limited space and VH news is being shelved for this. When VH news is about, we’ll get some :\

    It has a filter system on the right, click the Van Halen news section to filter out the crap.

    Pat G, remind me what happened in 1996, 2004 and 2007. We’ve had 3 “it’ll NEVER happen” reunions now.

  • Rich

    We get more and more foot because there isn’t much going on VH wise! Would you rather see some videos of the guys from Chickenfoot or read about how there are some new Van Halen t-shirts available? Wow, clothing!

    I get sick of whiners. Complain all you want, at least Chickenfoot are doing stuff that is newsworthy. Everyone here went mental because Eddie on Two and a Half Men was on here, un-updated, for about a week. There isn’t any Van Halen news to report! If there was, it would be on here already.

  • bennythejet

    Richie blackmore reunion with deep purple would blow away anything any current members of cf camp could offer!

  • Pete

    Why give the good folks at the VHND crap for a lack of VH news?

    If VH isn’t making news, what can they do?

    The fact is that members of the VH family ARE making news…newsworthy news…stuff that matters…actual music…playing to people…stuff like that.

    Don’t give the VHND crap because there’s nothing happening with VH. I’m sure we’ll be made well aware the next time there’s some new product to buy. And, I’m sure if they can actually pull together some music for a new CD that it will be covered in great detail.

    In the meantime, there’s a lot of us that love hearing about the Foot.

  • Rich

    Richie Blacmoore reunion with Deep Purple would be a waste of time. They’d all argue and kick him out again! What can Blackmoore do that Steve Morse can’t?

  • ben

    It’s really funny to hear that people are WORRIED about Sam’s age.
    And funnier how every interview they change the version of how they chose that HORRIBLE name of the band, (guess they are getting old).

  • Pete

    Who is worried about Sammy’s age? He sings better now than when he was 18. Is this the best you sheep can come up with? I feel bad for you…

  • Shayne

    OMG, Chickenfodder!!!

    Thisi is getting lame, no news from VH and no news from Chickenfoot.

    OH I almost forgot that Sammy had Whoopi and Emril backstage awhile ago…you know your a rock star when!LAME!

    Meanwhile Eddie is sipping tea and shooting the shit with Tony Iommi.Now you know your a rock star when….

    This just out of the chickenfoot camp….Sammy signs a lunchbox deal with Thermos.

  • SCAR

    Matt you idiot, go back to the fudge packing factory where you belong you ankle grabber!!!! As for you VanHalenFan11 you little twerp, your comment was lame too you sniveling dweeby putz!!!!

  • SCAR

    Pete your comment is spot on dude!!! Well said!!!!!

  • Rick Pride

    Anyone who complains about the content of this site truely loves big hairy dudes!!! I happen to love both bands and have enough room to enjoy both Roth and Hagar. You guts want to rag on Sammy well it’s all my type of music. But I guess you don’t like good music!!! I net you are posers! Like being gay and having a wife they call that a beard! You guys claim to be fans of kick ass music but, you really put a JayZ record in. Or listen to Beyonce. You guys are fags! I love and celebrate all that is hard rock and at the top of the list is AC/DC Van Halen and Chickenfoot and if you have ever seen Chickenfoot or Sammy you’ll know he gives you more than your moneys worth!! So be thankful we have these band kicking ass and bringing Rock n Roll back so we have kids screeching tires and cranking up heavy metal. And not the thumping bass of all those damn queens and the crappy rap generation!!

  • phil

    SCAR, you forgot shayne. he’s a putz too! rock on SCAR man!

  • Z-man

    Scar we all know you’re frustrated with your small penis but “fudge packing factory” really…If these boys want more VH then so be it…you once again need to shut your face.
    I think your comments would be better served on Wham’s blog…your real favorite band!!!

    Shayne I think your comments are funny as shit…clearly phil was abused as a child to validate anything SCAR says.

  • phil

    hahahaha Z-man you are at the wrong site. i think you meant to log on to! and stop looking at scar’s penis z-man!


    I just listened to the 3 tracks from the VH GH BofBW’s album and they are really great rocking songs, to bad they didn’t continue with this sound,
    It’s About Time
    Up For Breakfast (hard)
    Learning To See
    Samy’s vocals are killer and Eddie’s guitar is showing why he is the best.
    To bad Eddie is fried.
    At least we have CHICKENFOOT /|\

  • Pete

    VHROCKS…love the 3 new ones from BOBW. They were all killer. Man they sounded good together. Addiction and Ed & Al’s avoidance of the fans killed any chance of that incarnation from moving forward.

    I’m happy for the Dave-only fans that they have their version of VH…and wow…Chickenfoot has truly been something to get excited about. I think with two bands we have a better chance of hearing even more great music, so I think that’s good for everyone.

    Also, given how Mikey was treated, I wouldn’t wish him back in VH. I think in 2009, I think Ed, Dave, Mike, and Sam are all where they should be. And as for the fans, we probably all have something to bitch about, but I think everyone has something to cheer for too. My point? Everyone wins.

    I’d like to see Dave reunite the “Eat ‘Em & Smile” band though for one more go-round, but I guess that ship has sailed.

  • Paul

    A reunion with Mike and Sammy?, an Eat ‘Em and Smile reunion? I think some of us might be doing more dope than the guys were doing on the ’84 tour. I think we should all be happy and take advantage of the current lineup and enjoy it while it lasts, it might not be long based on history. Otherwise we’ll be looking for VH scraps like little mice. I guess that may be the purpose of Chickenfoot, obviously they aren’t more than a footnote in the history of the band. I think Sammy said their music would rival Led Zepplin, he was right, if they started recording tomorrow.

  • Mathieu

    Ah, thanks to that video now I know who to blame for leaving Sexy Little Thing and My Kinda Girl as album tracks. They’re the two best songs on the CD! Sheesh.

    Hopefully there will be enough of a break inbetween Chili Peppers recording and touring to squeeze in another Chickenfoot single and music video, perhaps with a proper budget now that they’ve gone Gold in the US.

    And as for Sammy getting too old to tour soon? Ronnie James Dio has got to be pushing 70, and he still sounds amazing. While the rest of Sabbath (Heaven & Hell) take a break to allow Tony’s hand to heal, he’s going back out on the road for a European tour because he likes to keep busy. Sammy won’t be any different, I’m sure.

  • 50yr old fan

    thanks scar, i really needed that. i will be laughing my ass off for a while on that one. shayne is a putz.

  • Shayne

    right on Z-man…I was getting worried that us red blooded rockers were getting out numbered by wannabe band wagon jumpers who think they know something about rock and roll beacause they own a copy of a vh album and have uploaded Jump into their ipod.

    PS: Hey 50yr old what is your prob. can’t take viagra cause of your heart condition and now your bitter cuz you can’t give scar the love he is looking for and Phil…your name fits cause your full of it, and you know what IT is.I am sure the 3 of you will have a falling out next time you get together cause you all can’t be on the bottom…Phil seems to be the only one with scars penis and Winger on his mind…which explains alot.

  • sammyvanroth

    shayne, sounds like you are the one who wants to be on the bottom, you can come on out of the closet. you don’t need to be bitter because you have penis envy! we won’t judge you.

  • sammyvanroth

    and shayne, don’t get mad cause phil filled your old lady up cause you couldn’t!

  • phil

    hahahahahahahahaha! rock on sammyvanroth! i had to keep folding away at shayne’s old lady til i found the wet spot.

  • unchained

    Chickenfoot cd….just bought it. Good music lyrics written by a third grader!!! Sorry Sammy fans. Just my two cents and i love Sammy. This cd isnt better then anything VH! And better then Zep come on please!!!!! Music B- Lyrics d. No wonder it took a month or so.