Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot in-concert DVD coming


In a recent interview, Sammy Hagar says that Chickenfoot has been filming gigs for an in-concert DVD.

250chickenfoot8From Best of WNY:

Concert Preview: CHICKENFOOT
Toronto Sound Academy
Wednesday August 5th
Interview: SAMMY HAGAR

STRUTIN’ THEIR STUFF…. With a mini Club trek & European tour under their belt HAGAR, SATRIANI, SMITH & ANTHONY better known as CHICKENFOOT are ready to stomp there way across the U.S.A. through the end of September.

The veteran Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit is set to take flight with tour dates beginning this week including a visit to our neighbors to the North in Toronto. The bands live performances to date have been an unprecedented success not to mention the talk of the summer tour circuit.

The bands self-titled debut album had people flocking to their music outlets of choice seeding CHICKENFOOT at number 4 on the Billboard Charts right out of the gate. Quite a feat for a group of old school Road Warriors with well over a century in the Rock ‘n’ Roll trenches.

The Rock Rapport had the good fortune once again to speak with Hall of Fame frontman SAMMY HAGAR in between CHICKENFOOT tour legs.

Ross CAT – Hello SAMMY from the Rock Rapport in Buffalo, NY, as always it’s a pleasure to speak with you, how are things in the henhouse following the tour abroad.

SAMMY – I’m good brother really good as you can imagine. Hey it’s not snowing up there in Buffalo is it (laughter)?

Ross CAT – No snow, but it hasn’t stopped raining in weeks, believe it or not we’ve even had a few hail storms this summer.

SAMMY – I’m just pulling your leg, the reason I ask is I was watching the Food Network last night because you know I love to cook, I saw ANTHONY BOURDAIN cruising all the restaurants around Buffalo during a blizzard. I thought to myself OH BOY I’m glad we’re hitting the Northeast during the summer months. I Love the people up north but I can do without the cold & snow.

Ross CAT – Congratulations on the overwhelming critical & commercial success CHICKENFOOT is enjoying with the debut record; not to mention the fact that the tour is selling out every venue on the schedule.

You took a little criticism early on about some comments & comparisons you made about the bands new music, seems you knew this thing had legs before anyone else did.

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