YOUR QUESTIONS for Michael Anthony

The Van Halen News Desk will be conducting an exclusive interview with Michael Anthony in the very near future and this is your chance to ask the questions. Feel free to submit your own questions to be used in the interview with the legendary Van Halen bass player!

Simply add your question to the Comments section below. We’ll pick the best and ask them during the interview.

  • Pete

    Mike, After all the years of touring can you still hear? Do you wear hearing protection? How about Sammy and the rest of them? Thanks, Pete

  • Frank

    Hi Mike,

    I won’t ask you anything about the VH situation, you’ve already shared your thoughts about it during interviews and I respect that. What I really want to know is: any chance you, Sam, Joe & Chad might visit Europe some time when “Chickenfoot” works out well? I’d love to see you guys in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam!!
    Besides, it’s been too long since you & Sam have been here for the secret VH gig back in ’95! That was awesome!!!

  • Gary Lee H.

    Hi Mike,

    Should I fake the orgasm???

    Not seriously, you own 25% of Van Halen in our hearts!

  • robertfludd


    Sammy and Dave both brought two different styles to Van Halen. Clearly Dave has stronger vocal talent (sammy can’t sing blues, coulda never cut ‘Big Bad Bill’ or ‘Runnin’ with the Devil’ or ‘Dance the Night Away’ in a month of Sundays; could never cover any of the Dave-era tunes ‘cos he had the WRONG voice – listen to him sing ‘Jump’ … Ugh! It’s all wrong). My question is: why do people so often equate Hagar’s voice as a ‘better’ voice? Surely they are just two different kinds of singers? Hagar – as one of the above said – is not ‘clearly’ the better vocal talent. He can scream higher – but is that rock and roll?

    Dave is rock and roll, y’all.

  • Glenn

    Hi Mike,

    Over the years I have seen pictures of you with different types of muscle cars. I am sure you own a few. Out of the muscle cars you own, which one is your favorite and why?

    P.S. I have been a fan since 7th grade and Van Halen’s sound is not the same or as good without you. Take care! Glenn

  • Kaz Young

    Hey Mikey,

    Looking forward to seeing you play sometime soon!

    Regarding the workings of BIG shows – Does playing the same setlist night after night get old? Why don’t more arena-gigging bands mix everything up nightly, like a lot of the jam-bands do?

  • Chris

    With all of Ed’s substance abuse, health and anger issues, would it even be possible for him to put out music like he did in the past? He seemed very happy on tour (sorry they left you out!) but from all accounts he is a brooding, difficult person. If you can’t get along with Hagar and you, I think that shows some things. Sammy seems like the happiest person on Earth and you seem to be as laid-back as it comes. You two should form a supergroup with Nugent.


  • Mike Cunningham

    Hey Mike!

    I hope all is well with you. How did it feel to be disrespected, thrown under the bus and excluded from the reunion tour by a crazy, drunk guitar player who can’t keep himself together?

    Here’s to the possibility for a REAL reunion tour.

  • Scott Rau

    Hi Mike,

    First of all in the current state of affairs screw the Van Halen brothers. Keep on doin what you are doing. I hope to hear some great shit from your current project. I think Van Halen needs to move on and make some NEW music instead of milking the old catalog for all its worth. I’d like it if you and SH were part of that. Hell even the VH III stuff was moderately interesting and fresh if a tad on the dark side.

    What are your thoughts???

  • JB

    Hey man help me settle a dispute with my older brother, did you get busted smokin a joint in Binghamton NY (Broome County Arena) back in the day? Must have been about ’79…I would love to put this argument to rest…..I seen you last in 98 at Montage Mountain in PA, after a couple songs everyone sat down…I stayed standing up and we exchanged thumbs up, that was a great moment that I will never forget…You know how to connect with the fans…I love VH but its just NOT the same with out you…your bass and background vocals are really missed… I look forward to catching you out there with Sammy…I hope you do go forward and put out a solo album and tour man….You know we’re all gonna be there for the party!…Bottoms Up!!!!!

  • Scott, NV

    Hey Mike is it true you don’t answer your e mail on myspace? I sent you an email about Dave’s jackets he wore on the 07-08 tour.Here it is. When I see Dave wearing those goofy jackets on stage I don’t whether to order dinner or ask for my car to be parked.Did Dave rent those jackets or does he actually own them ?

  • Mike Glenn

    Hi Mike: Could you please tell what your first impression was when you saw Edward play? Also, what was your favourite Van Halen tour?

  • Alan Wood


    I’ve never heard a reason why you were kicked out of Van Halen. Were you ever given an explanation by the Van Halen Bros? What’s the deal with them? It’s not the same without Mikey!


    Hi Mike

    Love your work with van halen/Sam

    Has of today what are your feelings on Eddie”s work with

    Michael Jackson??????

    The songs of Van Halen have been the soundtrack of my world!

    Thank You For EveryThing!!!!!!

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Cerillo

    Mike, do you ever go out to see concerts for some of your fav bands? If so do you still get the rush that we all do?

  • ClubfootKolby

    I would like to see Mike,Sammy, Tommy Lee, and Slash, working together to put four great people making great music together. Any chance

  • Scott F

    Hey Mike! Two questions:

    1. On the early VH recordings, your playing style seemed to change alot with each album. From VH II to W&CF to Fair Warning, for example, your playing was much more up front in the mix and much more “complex”. Was this a concious decision from the Ted Templeman, you, the band, or am I just imagining things?

    2. Was VH ever approached to do one of those VH1 type Classic Album shows where they talk to the band and discuss the process of recording one of the albums? Why has the band seemed so secretive about sharing those kinds of tidbits with the fans. Everybody would want to see something like that.

  • Zach

    Hi Mike, I’m 13 and have started playing bass. You are one of my biggest influences, is there any tips you would suggest? thanks

  • Eddie Magliola

    Hey Mike , why does Sammy only do the same three VH songs everytime he goes on tour, they are the most bubble gum of songs , Finsh what u Started , Why can’t this be love, and another. I’d really like to see a tour where u guys do the entire 1st 2 records , 5150, ou812 . All the songs. Seems like even Eddie can’t stop playing the same 3 hits from each record. Why can u guys just cover 2 entire records with a few new songs , and so on. Sam would have the best back to back tours ever. And VH too…. I don’t think I ever saw Sucker in a Three piece ??????? will i see ever again live???????

  • Marc Carriere

    Is it true that back in the 80′s the Van-Halen brothers tried to replace you? If so, what are the details?

  • Chris Barrett

    Hi Mike. I was wondering why Van Halen tried to replace you with Billy Sheehan in the early 80s. I also just want to say that you are the nicest guy in rock and roll and Van Halen is not Van Halen without you.

  • allen davis

    mike, I’m 43 years old and saw VH in evansville indiana in march 1986 when sammy took over. I saw Dave on his “eat em” tour in september 1986. Mike, what you guys need to “get” is while the “original” four of VH is still alive, there needs to be some mending. I give some credit to wolfie, a kid his age being out there on stage with that superpower band-pretty great. But life is way to short WE NEED THE “ORIGINAL” BAND!!! COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK

  • E.R.

    Mike, It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for a new album to come out! Can’t wait to hear your new band (I’m hoping this is a real band, and not just a one-time project)

    Questions: Do you have a favorite Joe Satriani song or album?
    How long before your band has a name and website?

    One more thought – I’m sure Joe and Sammy will continue doing solo albums, so this shouldn’t stop you from putting your own out too – we’d love to hear it

  • jens

    Hello Mike,
    This isn’t really a question, but a request. Please come to Germany! I’m a Van Atic since I begun to listen to music. I’m from Berlin and i drove to Frankfurt to see U at the F.U.C.K. tour. Later on i sufferd to see U as the Bon Jovi support. A real beautifull gig was with Gary in the Huxleys neue Welt, but now that VH and Mr. Sobolewski are divorced, please end making Ed’s mistake again to forget about Germany. Dear Mike, at last i’d like to thank you for all the wunderfull music, for the cup of beer you gave down to me at Huxleys, and for inspiring me to play bass. And please excuse my english.
    yours jens
    and don’t forget to mail if you are in berlin, i owe you a beer.

  • Terry Whalen


    I have always been a big fan of your playing, and was really sad when you parted ways with Van Halen. I had the chance to see them in Quebec City and must say that after waiting to see Van Halen with Dave once again I can say it was a treat.

    It is true that it wasn’t quite the same without you there.

    My question is this, you have been doing this for a long time and have likely achieved all your wildest dreams, but being inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame must have been the icing on the cake. Can you put in to words what it really meant to have your name along side so many other great musicians?

    Terry Whalen

  • Dave Vincent

    Hello Mike!

    First things first, I have to say that your background vocals are damn near just as important as Eddie’s guitar in Van Halen. I also wanted to say please continue with the Mad Anthony Express someday in the not too far future. Now, of all my zillions of questions, if I had to ask one it would be about Chickenfoot. I know this is a long shot, but you never know. As far as the name goes, no one ever had a band name (except I think “X”) that started with just one letter. For the biggest and best supergroup of all-time, you have to have a name that stands out, plus a name that means something. Supergroup, Sammy, Satriani, Smith and…–what about the name “S?” God bless.

    Dave in Pittsburgh

  • Darryl in Ohio

    I have been a Van Halen fan for years. I like old and new, although I miss Sam & you with the band. I play the keyboards and a little bit of the guitar. In retrospect, I always wanted to be able to express myself on the guitar like Eddie, but I had this block. As I became more familiar with music, I realized that my block was trying to follow the guitar. I really feed off of the bass. Without your grooves and bass lines, Van Halen is not complete. It’s not JUST your vocals that I miss.

  • Ennio

    Hi Mike!
    first of all, please apologize my english: i’m a great fan from Italy. it’s so nice to know that you’ll read my question!
    ok, like the other guys here i’d like to question so many things, but don’t want bore you. in 1995-96 you chose the perfect sound and the right look (more simple, sober)as a great rock band should have. i was ready to taste great album from a Band in his full ripeness for years to come…….what happened???
    since 1996 i didn’t undersand nothing ’bout Van Halen.
    Sammy out, Dave in, dave out, Gary in, Gary out, Sammy in, Sammy out, Dave in, Mike out, music man, peavy, charvel, fender, EVH (what a chaos) etc etc.
    just the last thing: i wish you the best, you are a great bass player, nice guy and i just thank you for years of great music!!!!
    ciao Mike!

  • http://yourquestionsformichaelanthony js macvean

    will the 3 albums recorded worth by vanhalen ever see release they sopposedly recorded 3 albums of songs between last 8 years thanks jmv

  • Rob Johnson

    Thank you so much for so many great albums, songs, discs, and concerts. I have seen you all 8 times on 7 different tours. You all are truly my favorite band of all time.

    My question: Who was truly responsible for Dave’s departure circa 1985–Ed or Dave?

    Thanks, Mike!

  • André Bernard

    Hi Mike,
    First of all, I have to say you’re my favourite rock bass player! Please, next time you embark on a tour, come to Québec!

    My question to you is the following: Do you see ‘Chickenfoot’ as a one-time / one-album project or do you see the band becoming more permanent, doing more than one album, touring, etc.? Also, how different is it from your standpoint as a bass player to play with Chad Smith, compared to Alex?

  • Chia!/LYG/EddieVH!!

    Hey Mike!!
    I’m the one really lovin Van Halen and Eddie FOREVER in Japan.
    What I just can say…Van Halen is my life, i’ve lived for Van Halen and I will from now on too.
    I listen to Van Halen stuff everyday, I cannot live without Van Halen…

    Just wanna hope you’ve been doing well and great.
    This is really an amazin time to ask you numerous things i have but there’re too many things in my mind to wanna ask…and i cannot ask whole things in English at this point.
    so I’m lookin forward to meeting you someday when I can acutually do it and grow up to be kinda respectable one…(hopefully i will but who knows…lol)

    So I just have only one question right now.
    What do you think and do you wanna play with Eddie as an bassist of Van Halen or other band with him?

    no it doesn’t mean I want you to get back to Van Halen,
    you’re the one of my favorite people in such a music industry, so i don’t care what bands or who you play with.
    actually i really hope to listen to tunes of the your new band with Sammy.
    but I just wanna know the truth…that’s what you think of Eddie.
    I’ve never met you and even Eddie so I know I never know the truth until I meet you, even never know if i can meet you.
    because we never know and continue to know about people such families, friends, and all people I’ve met and will meet…
    But I decide to ask it, that’s my honest mind to know the truth.

    it doesn’t matter if you answer this or not, as i said before I just hope you’ve been doin well.
    ah please wait, I also hope you’ll remember me until i can meet you someday!! lol

    Please give my regards to Sammy, and Eddie, Alex and Wolfie if you talk with them.

    I’m sorry I cannot write very well in English,
    but I’ll keep trying to improve my English more and do my best for the future.

    Thank you very much for reading this…take it easy! By Chiai

  • Eric M


    How much does it pain you to have to read and respond to some of the stupidest questions ever asked (this one included)?

    Rock on!

  • Ed


    I was thinking about putting together a new band with me, you Al, Dave, Sam and Wolfie. I want to call it Vantana. Your thoughts?


  • John Anthony Aguilar

    During the last few years where do you see Mike’s direction going? other than the over kill of “any new bands” in the plans? do you see perhaps producing any up coming new artist albums or music? and last but not least..perhaps a solo Michael Anthony tour? Hell, we have seen you sing with VH and Sammy.
    John Anthony Aguilar / San Antonio TX

  • dino from jersey

    dear michael,
    I don’t know where to start. to be honest you have been on my mind lately. eddie is very lucky to have a great son. a very talented son. but could you ever play part time with the band? does wolfie have the ability to play another instrument? I just wish you were involved….I know that eddie is a good person with a big heart….maybe he could consider things….I love van halen and van halen success is not only their great music ability but very much the fans who admire their music ability as well.
    best of everything to you and your family.

  • B-RAD

    Mike, me and all the other VH rockers miss you, we need you back man! And if not, can you still at least talk to Eddie or the other VH brothers. And what about the new band called ‘Chickenfoot’ your joining?

  • B-RAD

    Again, Mike, what older bands do you like and which have influenced you to become a bass player. And tell us a little more about your life before VH.

  • Chris Lowe

    Hey Mike,
    This is very cool of you to give fan’s an insight into you life and job. I know some people feel like we deserve this, but that is not really the case and we appreciate your insight.
    My question is on the VH3 and the latest greatest hits, when Van Halen played bass, how did he address it to you? Did he just tell you, did he ask? How did it make you feel?
    You have a really great style , and his bass riffing just seems busy for no purpose. Just curious if you felt like sharing your thoughts.

  • Kevin

    Hey Mike I wish you would have been on the reunion tour. It just was not the same without you. Do you have any plans on doing a solo album of some type. God bless my friend.


  • Geoff

    Curious as if you thought Ed’s behavior ( VH Sammy reunion tour, and the early beginnings of the latest VH tour) was a result of his addictions?

    (I ask this because as a life long fan, i can go back and look at older video footage or print and seeing Eddie saying just glowing stuff like “Mikey dosent play bass…he plays BASS!” Hell during radio broadcast interview of “It’s about time” with then then Sammy line up, all of you guys are present and Ed talks about getting back to “zero point” and letting the split after “Balance” rest in the past. If he can’t let this latest riff drop then at least you 4 (w/Dave & Sammy) gave us some awesome stuff…and for that I thank you.

  • Ross


    Why don’t you write a book? If people that have no clue to the inner workings of Van Halen can get published I would think that you could knock one right out of the park. It has to better than Dave’s book…


  • LabRat

    Have you noticed that what 99% of these people want to know about is VH? Why were you going along and talking crap about Sammy’s work ethic and attitude towards the old catalog during the split in 1996 (inside magazine interview with you)and then, apparently, side with him against VH when it suited you better?

  • Joel

    Hi Mike,
    On the next VH tour, you’re the bassist. And the show opens with your notes leading into You’re No Good.
    What do you think?

  • Stripes5150

    What are your thoughts about the passing of another great legend-Boyd Coddington?

  • Pete

    How is your hearing? Do you wear hearing aids yet?

  • Krusty

    Love Van Halen and think Eddie’s one of the top 5 guitarists of all time, but after all the rhetoric he’s sent out over the years I’m convinced HE’s a nut job. Idiot savant and all that. How did you put up with him for that long?

  • Justin

    Dear Mike

    Ive heard multiple times that in Van Halen your volume was turned down during concerts and rehearsals. If so is that you and Sammy Hagar left Van Halen?

  • Noah

    Hey Mike!
    You are my main inspiration in being a singing bass-playin’ musician. Who were the musical main musician’s that inspired you?

  • Jim Stout

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