Sarah Palin Loves Van Halen?

John McCain’s pick for VP is Sarah Palin. Not only does Palin rhyme with “Halen”, as in “Van Halen,” she named her newborn son in homage to Van Halen!

This article from states, “Trig Paxson Van Palin (an homage to the rock band Van Halen) was born in April.”

This article from quotes her saying, “We’ve always liked the middle name Van because, you know, growing up in the ’80s, Van Palin would be a really cool name,” Palin joked to a Daily News reporter earlier this year in a reference to the rock band Van Halen.

  • flyingeddies

    Anyone who will stand up against their own party for what is right…man, that’s right on in my book. Disagree all you want, but that’s exactly what she did. There was a lot of bad money floating around in that state, and she cleaned up the top floor. Selling the private jet? Firing the private chef? Naming your kid after Van Halen? This girl rocks. I am a conservative and therefore was NOT going to vote for McCain until Van Palen joined the ticket. Now there’s hope for REAL change.

  • Sweet W

    Come on people. She’s a VH fan, this is the VHND. Smile and enjoy.

    She’s inspiring to many of us and probably even Barry O is wishing he had her on his ticket RIGHT NOW instead of Joe B. Would you rather have a beer and a conversation with Sarah Van Palin or Hillary? And as hot as she is, I still think she’s got more stones than Hillary.

  • Lee

    I’m a Alaskan. I can tell you Sarah is very well loved!

    She has hovered around a 65 to 80 percent approval rating for her whole political career.

    She has stood up against all corruption and kept our taxes low.

    Any Alaskan that does not like her is only a miserable liberal up here. I run into one of them every once in a while.

    McCain will win by a landslide. I will bet anyone on that!

  • Joe S

    I agree, but it will be closer than you think it won’t be a landslide.

  • kaw kaay shion

    Now it’s safe to say that Mccain is “Runnin’ With The Devil”

  • Peter

    From the first moment I heard Van Halen, I was like what the fuck is this?!!! I remember Ed saying in an early interview, “we basically do what ever we want.” Those seven words changed my life forever and I’m proud to say 25 odd years later, “I have done basically what ever I want, dream after dream.” Now, the Palin thing. It’s great that she’s loves Van Halen. I’m sure she has some wild bedtime stories to tell, while Van Halen was blasting away, but to not ask Ed and the band to use their material. That tells me “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want, and screw you if you don’t like it.” Not cool, Palin. I e-mail in to get permission, so the fuck can you!

    Keep well and healthy Ed, Wolf, Al and Dave!!!


  • Joe S


    Whenever anyone uses a song they pay the ASCAP fees and then ASCAP pays the artist who wrote it.

    As for the cussing please reframe from it, everyone here tries you should too.

  • jhubcap
  • http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx F14TopGunis1

    “All, i’ve got to say is;”Sarah is a fine and loving mother/Husband to her child,friends,loved ones,and friend’s….they love her also.There is flat out!!!…know 1 person Dig’s and is “ADDICTIVE” To Eddie Van Halen on the Guitar then me F-14 Topgun.
    “Don’t kid yourself folk’s (to each there own) for the last 9yr
    -Edward VH Has been on the top 2 Magazines more than any other Guitarist (7)time’s on GUITAR WORLD (by the way-he’s on it in Januarys 0f 2009)…And he’s Been on the front cover of also…
    “Guitar Best” magazine’s (6) of 13 “Times”.Sahra is
    more than hot, she’s down right sexy!Good job Sarah,naming your son “middle name of “VAN”–Hope you run Again in 2012?
    …..and you’ll still will be,young at 48.Good luck,and continue to do great for Alaska state.By for now.

    F-14 Top Gun1

  • Tiger

    David Lee Roth Rocks…he completes Van Halen…are you clear…ARE YOU CLEAR? đŸ™‚

  • vicky m

    Sarah palin is awesome. like seeing her on that new show.. palin for pres!!!