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Sammy Hagar on Van Halen: “The Fans Want The Original Members”

Sammy Hagar on Van Halen: "The Fans Want The Original Members"

Rolling Stone just interviewed Sammy Hagar, and boy, did they get him to talk Van Halen!  He says Van Halen should bring back Michael Anthony to reform the legendary original lineup, as that’s what “everybody wants.” He also says he’d be “involved with them again in a second if it was cool and right” and said he’d be […]

A Weekend with Van Halen and The Rolling Stones— A Look Back at this Week in ’81


33 Years ago this week, Van Halen capped off their Fair Warning tour with two sold out stadium shows opening for The Rolling Stones at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando. We have exclusive photos from photographer, Timmy Mccrum, as well as his very unique account attending the first show. Enjoy! In the fall of 1981, […]

VHND All Access Photo: Never Seen Photoshoot

Van Halen All Access Photo

From our archives, another never seen shot. Who knows what year this photoshoot is from? (UPDATE: The answer is 1981!) “All Access” Photos is a weekly feature at Every weekend we feature a photo from a roadie, friend, or band insider. Many are never-seen-before exclusives. Tune in every weekend for more!

Happy 70th Birthday, Ted Templeman!

Happy 70th Birthday, Ted Templeman!

Happy 70th Birthday to legendary Van Halen producer, Ted Templeman! Ted Templeman met Van Halen in 1977 and went on to produce their first five albums at Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles, 1984 at 5150 Studios, and later produced For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge at 5150. “I’ve worked with such legendary guitar players as Allan […]

Eddie Van Halen “Van Hauler” Trucks


On this day in 1993, Petersen Publishing Company gave away a Chevy C1500 red, white, and black striped project truck in a Sport Truck magazine giveaway. The truck is one of only two such beauties in existence. The other featured less stripes and was made for Edward Van Halen. Here’s a look at both “Van Halenized” […]

“I Can Sing It All!” — Michael Anthony Says He Can Sing Lead Vocals on Any Van Halen Song


Michael Anthony gave an interview last week to the “Lamont And Tonelli Show,” which airs on the Bay Area rock station 107.7 The Bone. The radio host steered the conversation into vocals, and went on to compliment Michael… Host: I’ve got to give you credit. A lot of people don’t give you enough credit, because you’re […]

VHND’s All Access Photo: Outside 5150


Alex, Michael, and Eddie happily pose with new singer Sammy Hagar, shortly before the release of 5150. This was one of the first photos ever taken of the “new” Van Halen.  Who remembers that period of time when we were all waiting to hear what the “NEW” Van Halen with Sammy Hagar would sound like?? Another […]

Eddie Van Halen “Driving Song” Instrumental from ‘The Wild Life’ Film Score (Exclusive)

Eddie Van Halen “Driving Song" Instrumental from 'The Wild Life' Film Score (Exclusive)

More music from The Wild Life! Here’s what we call “Driving Song,” a really nice guitar track from the 1984 movie The Wild Life. This has never been heard in full until now.  (This track was only played for a few seconds, about 27 minutes into the movie, as Eric Stoltzs’ character Bill was driving his truck). This piece, played on a stratocaster, reinforces the […]

Sexy Video for Van Halen’s “Honeybabysweetiedoll” (Fan-Made)


Here’s an unofficial (and sexy!) fan-made video for “Honeybabysweetiedoll,” one of the many monstrous tracks from Van Halen’s 2012 A Different Kind of Truth album. (There’s no nudity, but there’s lots of T&A, so you might not want to watch this around coworkers or your kids). Yowza!

Van Halen Tribute Band ‘Fan Halen’ Performs Live on TV


UPDATE: This has already aired, and we’re not sure if it will air again. Big thanks to AXS TV Host & Producer, Katie Daryl, for mentioning the Van Halen News Desk twice on the show! While Van Halen remains out of the limelight this year, fans might want to catch the popular VH Tribute band, […]